Abnett and Lanning have some HEROES FOR HIRE

iFanboy favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (and artist Brad Walker) are bringing back Heroes For Hire in a new on-going series!


Cue the cries of how can Moon Knight be on this team toooooo?!? (How? It's comics.)

I have to admit that when I first saw this e-mail from Marvel I thought that I had no interest in this book but then I saw the art and the team line-up. (Except for The Punisher. Really?) It looks like this could be a lot of fun.

Look to hire these heroes in December.



  1. Hmm, if DnA do for Marvel Street Level what they did for Marvel Cosmic I am IN.

  2. sold

  3. Why you gotta be hating on Frankie? I love when he bumps heads with other super heroes!


    Very excited for this!

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  5. And taking into acount those teasers from last week, looks like we’re getting some Falcon action in here too. I say HELL YEAH!

  6. So, I assume this is related to those other "For Hire" teases that hit the web last week. Interesting that those featured Falcon, Misty Knight, Paladin, and Elektra — only one of whom appear here. Punisher seems an ill-fit, but… I’m… curious.

  7. PS: Am I the only one super glad that Iron Fist’s new costume is now the standard, sans disco collar. Only Dick Grayson could pull off that look, and just barely.

  8. Sweet! This book looks awesome, can’t wait to actually read it!

  9. Wow, the art on that teaser is fantastic – SOLD!

  10. I’m not so sure if Punisher or Ghostrider are a good fit here but it will be interesting to see.

  11. DnA kick starting marvel’s street level heroes like they did for marvel cosmic…. buckle your seat belt kids, this is going to be something special.

  12. SOLD!

  13. Im in, but I still want Luke Cage with the fro and tiara!

  14. DnA + Brad Walker really jelled by the time GotG ended so I am definitely on board for the launch of this series. Can not wait!

  15. As I get busier and money gets tighter (stupid PhD), every month I drop more books, but stuff like this crops up and yanks me right back.

  16. How can Frank Castle be on this team if he is wanted for … nigh about everything.

  17. Where’s Luke Cage?  Or does this mean I need to still pick up New Avengers (which I am still doing happily)?

  18. Yes.  Let Abnett and Lanning do for the streets what they did for space.  Those guys could write the phonebook and I’d read at least all of the A’s.

  19. At this point I’ll take Iron Fist in anything I can get. I miss an ongoing for him like no other. Good to see Abnett and Lanning are doing this as I will definately be on board for reading this. With Heroes for Hire and the Larfleeze Christmas special I have to say I’m really looking forward to December.

  20. That is a really weird team up. The only one that plays well with others is Danny. Shouldn’t the Punisher be trying to kill Elektra? I will definitely check it out, looks like it could be good drama.

  21. The Punisher and Ghost Rider doing stuff for hire seems odd, that being said, I’m really looking forward to this, the art looks fantastic!

  22. Two reasons why I will be giving this book a better-than-normal try:

    1) I love Abnett and Lanning

    2) The Heroes for Hire in the ’90s was what got me into comics, so the name and the lineup in the art is good enough for me 

  23. I literally Freaked out in front of mixed company when I read this news. And its abnett and Lanning, Which is so awesome I cant even give it words. Oh wait yes I can, AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  24. I’m not that big a Marvel reader, but when I saw that line-up, I went wide-eyed. Colour me intruiged…

  25. Glad to see it’s these guys and not the rumoured Zeb Wells, I think I’ll have to check this out. Although I’d also have to question the character logic of the Punisher on this team..

  26. Sounds great! I don’t know how the Punisher ends up taking money to get kitties out of trees, but these guys made Jack Flag a logical member of a space team, so I’m all ears.

  27. I sincerely doubt Frank is gonna be a permanently rostered member. Maybe just a team-up once in awhile or just for the first arc.

  28. this is definitly going to be a gritty team.  thank you for keeping Ghost Rider around. 

  29. this looks awesome!!!  wish Silver Sable or Misty were on the roster as well ‘

    this has made my day!!! thanks 🙂

  30. It was clear they were giving the Heroes for Hire title another try from the recent teasers.  I didn’t care at all until I saw the team.  SO EXCITED!  DnA were great with a team of misfits in Guardians of the Galaxy.  I think they’ll breath fresh life into these guys.

    The lineup is also reminiscent of that Marvel Knights series.  I assume the other guys from the teasers will be on the roster too.

  31. Wait… Moon Knight, Iron Fist, Punisher and Ghost Rider?  Is this the Canceled Solo Series Avengers?

  32. So are Abnett and Lanning doing this as well as Guardians and Nova or… Sorry, can’t even bring myself to type it.

  33. They’re on indefinite hiatus, like Iron Fist and Ghost Rider.

  34. Holy shit

  35. hm, I read the solo series for 4 out of 5 of these characters, but I am somehow not that interested in this book. maybe I need to know more about where Shadowland is heading before I decide how interested I am.

  36. There are more teasers floating around the net with Paladin, Misty Knight, Elektra, and The Falcon in them.

  37. DnA, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Iron Fist and Moon Knight… I’m sold.  Punisher on a team? Sold.  Just don’t pull this into Events… even though, I suppose this group is probably being born for an Event.

  38. @stasisbal: Marvel Knights was an awesome series 

  39. This is a team I can get behind.

  40. This must be Marvel’s version of the A-Team. The Punisher would make a passable B.A. 🙂

  41. This is the easiest example of a writer (or in this case writers) just putting names on a dart board and randomly picking people. Nothing about this group makes sense logically and quite honestly the Marvel Universe can do itself a favor by having LESS teams at this point. Plus I’ll point this out as the continuity nerd but….What happened to Moon Knight for Secret Avengers?

    Part of me wants to get entertained by this series. Because when you put Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, and Punisher in a team together then it’s music to my ears. But I left the cosmic side of Marvel because I felt Abnett/Lanning lost their magic overtime. (Plus since this is a non-cosmic team I’m a little hesitant to read it) Add that to the puzzling mix of characters and this also has the smell of trade wait all over it. 

  42. @CaseyJUstice : i LOVE Danny’s old school costume! it’s CLASSIC.

  43. @ Conor : when i say the image for the book, first thing i DID think was " dammit! Now MoonKnight is going to be on every team?!?!?! " lol

  44. wasn’t there a heroes for hire with Punisher & Ghost Rider during the days of Marvel Knights…oh wait, it was called Marvel Knights. ok.

  45. @TheNextChampion: They picked those characters because it’s an interesting team of people which will be fun to read and sell books.

    It’s not like these characters actually have to get on or anything. who even knows if it will be a formal team or just a situation where the characters are thrown together. Righto? 

  46. OH HELL YEAH!!

  47. @TNC: Simple: because these characters rock, the writers rock, and a book detailing their adventures together will rock.

  48. As in Kev Walker? I. Just. Came. Tears.

  49. No. Brad Walker

  50. This looks pretty damn interesting to me. Why is everybody assuming Punisher is officially on the team? Am i the only one who remembers the old Marvel knights comic? Punisher was in every issue, he fought with them at times, and was a focal point of the plot, but he was far from a member of the team. In fact, they spent a lot of time hunting him. How do we know the team isn’t hired to take down Castle? 

  51. Is that Franken-Castle?

  52. I don’t know why everyone thinks The Punisher is so out of place on this team. I don’t know enough about Iron Fist to know, but pretty much all of the rest of these guys are killers (Elektra, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Paladin). Although, him doing this for money would be weird. They’ll probably arrest him and force him to do it, like in Ultimate Avengers.

  53. Ah crap. Marvel’s got me on another monthly now. This could be pretty great.

  54. Between seeing Abnett/Lanning on the book and the amazing art for the teaser image, consider me SOLD!

  55. If they throw the fro and tiara on Frank Castle, I’m sold….

  56. Yay.

    The impression I got from the interview is that the lineup hasn’t been fully set, yet, or at least that they’re not announcing it yet.  

  57. To all the "Why they pick this or that character?!?!" Responses

    Isn’t half the fun of reading team books seeing how the writers use the characters and letting them bounce off each other? I wonder if people reacted the same way when Iron Fist and Luke Cage first teamed up. 

  58. It’s not Kev Walker. It’s Brad Walker, who did Guardians a bunch.

  59. I might be the only one, but I actually prefer Brad Walker to Kev Walker.

  60. This is gonna be A W E S O M E….I hope.

  61. @edward/comicbookchris/timmywood: I’m not saying that this team can’t be fun in the long run. I’m just saying that the mix of the team really doesn’t seem to make much sense. I guess the first issue will (hopefully) explain that…..Unlike Bendis’s Avengers where he just throws people in and never explain anything.

  62. @TNC  So did you start reading Bendis books again?

  63. so TNC is back on the bendis books. THAT’S VERY INTERESTING! 

    but, seriously, did he say he was going to drop them but never did? that’s our TNC!  

  64. @TNC: You always throw out the "this doesn’t make sense, and therefore is bad!!!" line whenever this type of thing is announced. You did it when the new Avengers books and the Chaos War tie ins were announced. For once…can you not play into your own stereotype and wait for titles to debut and play out and NOT judge things solely based on a single page and multi-sentence premise?

  65. @ohcaroline/edward: I read the first issue of THE Avengers and New Avengers and it was the same droll I read from Bendis last time I read him. I got more entertainment out of Brubaker’s Avengers and Parker’s Thunderbolts then what Bendis tried to offer. Which is the exact same thing like 2009.

    @comicbookchris: You must have not read my original post. I never said the comic would be bad because of the bizarre mix of teammates. I have a right to say that the selected team members are confusing and on the surface makes no sense. I said in my last post that I need to read the first issue to see if it made any sense.

  66. @TNC "Add that to the puzzling mix of characters and this also has the smell of trade wait all over it."

    Your words.

  67. @comicbookchris: I said trade wait, not ‘bad’ or ‘worst thing ever’.

    Just because I might wait for trade doesn’t mean I say it’s bad. 

  68. @TNC Don’t try that silly semantics argument. We know you too well, and your negative connotation lingo. Case in point:


    "So yeah I really hope this series can get itself back to being interesting soon. Otherwise a trade wait might be in order after this arc."


    Your words from a recent Flash review. Trade wait = series not interesting for you. 

  69. Can someone clarify the Franken-Castle thing for me?  Franken-Castle is a Monster!!!

  70. @spiderphilman-There is nothing to be cleared up yet.  Likely, it is to be cleared up at the end of Remender’s run.

  71. @comicbookchris: Okay that means the series isn’t interesting to me. I didn’t say Flash was bad, that’s why I’m waiting for trade. Hell why would I wait for trade if I thought anything was bad?

    I read Irredeemable in trade, mostly because it is a slow burn of a comic and in issues (like Flash) it would be boring to read. Last time I check that doesn’t make it bad; just that the alternative to read it is better.

  72. Thanks MisterJ!!!

  73. Wolverine – Moon Knight Team Up!  The most used team characters of all time come together for a comic that can show zero character growth as both play major roles in over 4 books!