A New and Sinewy GREEN LANTERN Movie Poster and WonderCon Footage?

Well, this ought to Dew the trick. 

Here's a sinewy new Green Lantern poster from the movie's official Facebook page, though this one's a larger version from the Daily Blam. It's labeled "Hal Jordan," so we're looking at a line of character posters similar to what Marvel's doing with Thor and Friends. That said, the ratio of Green Lantern to Thor posters is still hovering around 1:1400. 


We are also told that exclusive scenes from WonderCon will be available on Apple's iTunes movie trailer site. The option seems to be available on the west coast, but not for us here at iFanboy HQ. Keep checking back throughout the day to see if the option is available. Currently we can only seem to access the original movie trailer. 



UPDATE: Okay, the footage is now available here in Philly, so check that link if you were having trouble before. If you still can't view the footage, here are some screen caps of the very, very impressive visuals. This looks much more interesting than the original trailer, perhaps because the focus is on Oa and the Corps. 




Green Lantern rockets into theaters on June 17th. 


  1. Kinds reminds me a of the ‘Spawn’ movie costume

  2. the mask is so weird!

  3. Well, it is certainly better looking now than it was when we first saw it.

  4. from the footage im way more looking forward to this movie now 

  5. ‘Footage will be available…’

    ‘…from Apple itunes trailer sites.’

  6. My only problem with the mask is that it is completely ineffectual AS a mask. I know that’s kinda true of all superhero “domino-style” face accessories, but in this case it’s a little worse because there is no way I would look at this be-masked face and not know it’s Ryan/Hal. If “the ring will create a mask for him if he chooses to conceal his identity” (paraphrasing), you’d think it would try to be a bit more…concealing.

  7. That said, to keep things positive, I am one Marvel Zombie who is *not* scoffing at DC’s attempt to bring this character to the big screen. Green Lantern fans have got to be really stoked, and I hope it lives up to their expectations. 🙂

  8. Oooh! I’m hoping this footage eventually crawls its way across the Atlantic.

  9. Damn west coast … with your … beaches and … stuff.

    Lookin forward to seeing this.

  10. I just watched it and I’m in NC. Looks a lot better than the first trailer. Still not totally sold on costume/mask buy I like clean simple designs for the most part. Really pulling for this movie to be huge. GL is my new favorite hero and the one that got me reading DC books.

  11. That’s fantastic.  Some sleeper superheroes look to be getting righteous films this summer.  I think “Captain America” looks great, but… from the early footage, I think “X-Men”, “Thor”, and “Green Lantern” might look better.

  12. Mask needs work. Other than that…EXCITED!

  13. Looks. Awesome.

  14. Much better! Very happy now. Also, I notice Geoffrey Rush’s voice has made it to the footage. The mask varies in quality from decent to bad in the footage shown. I don’t mind the CGI costume though. Makes the “It’s a construct” thing work better, but I think a Practical mask with CG on/off and augmenting might have made it look a little more polished. That said, I’m now very hopeful my favorite super hero won’t look a ponce on the screen. (More Oa, less Earth would be a good direction for the film, I think)

  15. Holy shit! Look at all those lanterns! I just had a tiny orgasm.

    What the hell is going on in that last cap? Is that Hammond?

  16. That’s more like it!

  17. For some reason, I’m getting an Emerald Dawn vibe from the footage of Oa and the enemy, more than a Secret Origin vibe. 

  18. congratulations @janoscd you have denied the hate in the Internet’s heart. You are well on your way to becoming a Jedi….

  19. I hate that poster aesthetic. So generic, all photo-chop effects, no design, thought or sophistication put into it…there are a few million typefaces in the world, you don’t have to continually use Bank Gothic for every action movie. 

    The film clips/trailer look pretty cool.  I’m still very optimistic for this movie. I think it will be fun. 

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Added more screen caps. Saved the best for last. 

  21. Sweeeeet!!!

  22. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m guessing the big yellowish entity is Paralax? It’s the thing that fatally wounds Abin Sur, and it eventually ends up on Earth. 

  23. I’m an easy sell on movie trailers especially superhero ones, but that does not look good. It seems suprisingly ugly visually. I’m sad, there is going to be a film about one of my favorite characters and i may not even go see it.

  24. Awesome. Can’t wait to get home from work and check this footage out. I’ve been achin for some Sinestro footage.

    Oa looks a lot darker than we’re used to seeing. A little scary too. Not a complaint. Just an observation.

  25. is that monster parralax?

  26. You can tell in the scene with Tomar Re that the mask and Hal’s costume aren’t finished yet. Tomar is much more detailed, so they are probably still working on it. Plus Mark Strong is already great as Sinestro and we’ve only scene one talking scene.

  27. Yep. That’s parallax.

  28. OK, I’m going to say something that wont be popular, but I swear its true. That mask needs to be more substantial. It shouldn’t conform to every nook and cranny of his face. It looks like makeup. Dare I say, he needs a Kyle Raynor-esque style mask.

  29. The mask seems to dip down a little too far between the brows, if they’d raise it just a bit to level it out, it might actually look better.

  30. Love that machine gun shot!

  31. This looks terrible.

  32. no guardians, carol, or kilowog dialog on on the negatives but i am much more confident in the film now.

    ryan’s oath reads were spot on and salak looked cool in design

  33. i actually like the costume design, bar the mask of course. But i think the shots look quite cartoony

  34. Think I’m going to skip this, but the poster looks AWESOME!

  35. Super Bad ass!!!

    I can’t wait for this.

    the Tiki 

  36. Green Lantern is one of my favorite characters, and I know a lot of talented people have worked on this – but this looks horrible.

    well in the sense that costume looks just bad- and like creepy human anatamoy exhibit.

    Plus Reynolds looks very uncomfortable in every shot.

    I am hoping that when you see it all together it pulls itself into working.


  37. Viewable in Colorado! 🙂

    Pardon what I’m sure some may consider a vulgar analogy, but this Green Lantern film will be the Iron Man of 2012. That was SWEET! … at least as good as what has been released so far of the Thor and Captain America films. The mask looks so much better in video.

  38. The mainstream audience won’t give a crap. But maybe kids will like it.

  39. Hmm.  I want this to be good soo badly.  But the CG just looks really cheesy to me.  Reeeallly cheesy.  

  40. The designs and the CGI look excllent to me. I’m also getting more comfortable with Ryan Reynolds as Hal. I smirked when he tried saying the oath.

  41. Hell to the yah! That looks sweet! 

  42. Thatlooksfugginawesome

  43. @wallythegreenmonster I agree. I am tyring to think of the last good superhero movie poster… Spider-Man’s was ok but the backgrounds were all super gold and weird. HULK? 

    I guess XMen was kind of myseterious with the silhouettes behind the cerebro door. You’d think being such a graphic medium and covers being so iconic and important to the form that One Sheets would be a no brainer and they’d knock it out of the park.

  44. Wow. This may not be a huge trainwreck after all. Let us rejoice together!

  45. It looks like we finally have something to rejoyce with this movie. Although the costume, to me anyways, still looks pretty bad. If we’re so close to the release date and it still looks this unfinished, then that has to be a big problem.

  46. I remember putting a band of “plubber,” a sort of clear Silly Putty, around my finger and a little piece of broken mirror to fashion my own Green Lantern ring.   That’s right, in my days we had to walk through the snow and uphill both ways and make our own tie in merchandise.

    I’ve never had a problem with this costume since there’ve been so many variations in the comics.  I like the energy effects pulsing throughout.  This looks absolutely awesome.  What a monster superhero summer we have coming. 

  47. You know what? Im not a super fan but, I will watch this movie with an open mind and try to enjoy it. So what if the FX may be a bit “shiny”, cheesy and what not. Im not into super perfection, Im into having a good time. Thats all I expect out this movie. Thats just me, maybe. Chill bro’s!

  48. I’ve got chills, they’re myltiplyin’ and I’m losin’ self control. Cause the power this movie’s supplying is electrfyin.

    Ive only looked at the stills (obstaining from trailer till I see the movie. I am so sold.

    I hope there is a scene where Killawog and Hal go for ice cream. 

  49. Just watched it. How any comic fan can not be excited by this is beyond my understanding. I have a feeling come summer I’m going to wish I could personally feed all the naysayers their feet.

  50. I’ll admit that the Oa & Corps stuff makes this trailer make the movie itself seem more interesting. Especially compared to the first trailer of Reynolds goofing around with the suit. So that’s a plus.

    But I’m sorry. The costume effects look really bad. I’m flabbergasted that there are people on here saying they think it looks good. That last screen cap that Paul posted looks like it’s fan made. And as neat as the Oa scenes are, they look like video game cut scenes. Here’s hoping they aren’t finished with the cgi.

  51. I’m sorry but I honestly don’t know the answer to this:

    Are the Guardians in this film? Cause judging Sinestro addressing the crowd it certainly makes it looks like he is the leader. 

  52. Wow.  I wasn’t too excited for this film until seeing the new trailer.  It really looks great! 

    I’ll be there opening weekend.

  53. @ResurrectionFlan  –well from personal experience i can tell you that its all designed by committee with all the interesting ideas distilled down to the lowest common denominator. The end result is the same recycled formulaic, kitschy photoshop collage stuff with one of 3 fonts. They just give the general public no credit for interpreting anything sophisticated or original. The entire positioning strategy is based lateral genre comparisons to films people have already seen. In my opinion the only real interesting poster design in the movie biz happens with the smaller indie films.

  54. I’ve never been a fan of Mountain Dew.

  55. nobody complain. it looks goods. just enjoy it.

  56. Looks like a ton of fun to me! Can’t wait!

  57. i don’t think image 10 is parallax. it bears an odd resemblance to hector hammond.
    and if it is parallax, well, i’m devoed.

  58. OK, I had some major concerns about this movie from what we had seen so far. But this footage goes a long way to allaying those concerns. The Corps looking amazing, Mark Strong’s Sinestro is AWESOME, and I actually buy Reynolds as Hal. Still not so hip on the organic elements of the costume and lantern, but I can live with it. I guess it makes sense in a way. As a long-time GL fan, I am much more excited!

  59. Looks good to me..Have no problem with the effects..Kilowog looks awesome

  60. This looks great.  I’m amazed they are making a Green Lantern movie of this scope.  Seeing Oa and the entire Corps and Sinestro… they’re really going all out.  Hopefully the whole thing comes together well.

    Sure, the CGI still looks rough but they are also still working on it.  For me it already looks good enough that I could suspend my disbelief and enjoy the movie.

  61. I got chills

  62. The Guardians DO make an appearance at 2:45.  Hall seems to be standing on a podium atop a tower surrounded by 8 smaller towers, atop which sit little blue guys with long red robes.  Like the Jedi Council, but on Oa.

    Love this so much.  So psyched.

  63. As for the Corps, who’s there?  I spotted Salaak, Isamot Kol, Stel and the big rocky dude whose name escapes me.

  64. By the by, this footage is now allova YouTube for those who cannot access it on Apple. And it is awesome!

  65. Some effects are better, some CGI needs work, some wire work needs attention.  All in all, I think this is the best trailer so far, BUT…

    … I’m still not sold on Ryan Reynolds.  From the comics I always got that Hal Jordan was a pilot with a James Bond kind of attitud.  Funny but not a clown.  Here, well, we obviously get the usual Ryan Reynolds as we always get in every single movie.

  66. @Lexavi80  Agree. Distinct lack of rogueishness.

  67. Look at the cold, dispassionate look in Hal’s eyes in the gattling gun picture. It’s like he walked ino the Green Lantern breakroom, opened the fridge, found that someone had eaten his sandwich — AGAIN — and finally snapped.

  68. some of it’s a bit TOO cgi and i still don’t like the look of the mask, but apart from that, WOW! incredibly impressed by this, got me insanely excited for the movie! didn’t realise parallax was onde of the villains, looks like a pretty cool interpretation of the entity! cannot wait!

  69. @Selfstyler  the ‘big rocky dude’ is hannu, looks less bad-ass in the footage, but i’m glad he’s been included in the film, cause apart from guy; he’s the most bad-ass green lantern!

  70. … all right, I’m in

  71. Looks good.  So excited for movie.

  72. This looks Ghost-Rider-bad. I get a kick out of seeing all the other lanterns and everything, but… the second the started showing Hector Hammond, they lose me completely. The other lanterns are cool, but we know they won’t be featured in any major way, they’re just fan service eye candy.

    Also, it’s a pretty big warning sign when there are multiple trailers that feature different aspects of the movie. Usually it means they don’t know how to market it. Is it a superhero action flick, or a Ryan Reynolds action comedy?

  73. @ActualButt  Hopefully both.

  74. @ActualButt:  You’re right about the Hammond part.  Once his scenes come in the trailer I kind of lose interest, and the “Ferris Aircraft” crashing a sing (or whatever it is), and the lab where Abin-Sur is looks kind of cheap.

    I hope it’s an action flick.  I’m kind of sick of Reynolds action comedy, or romantic comedy, or super-hero comedy, or comedy comedy.  He was good in Buried.  He should do more of those.

    I still think his look (besides his acting) is what hurt him the most.  He looks like any other day Ryan Reynolds.  I don’t see the charater.

  75. Looks awesome!

  76. As expected:  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/green_lantern/


    Let’s see how it goes for next week.