A Glimpse at The Kilpatrick Storage Unit

Lots of people have asked to see my pile of longboxes in my fabled storage unit.  So earlier this week when Josh and I drove over to pick up my air conditioners (damn you, Sun!), I snapped off a quick pic.

So there you have it, my 30 long boxes.  We actually browsed through the one all the way on the top left side for about five minutes and had a really good time because the box was 95% comics from the 80s and 90s. There were some chrome covers and more than a few unopened, poly-bagged X-books.

Oh, the shame.

It runs deep.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not pictured: The Ark of the Covenant.  

  2. That yellowed box on the bottom in the middle contains 100 copies of Secret Wars II #1

  3. Not pictured: Conor’s other 50 boxes.

  4. hmmmmmm…..a storage unit. Hey!! That’s a great idea!!

  5. Nice. Mine’s filled with hundreds of action figures/vehicles/playsets from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, TMNT, and countless forgettable 80s and 90s movies…  Total nerdness right there!

  6. You have a box labeled Christ?

  7. Also not pictured, Hunter in his cage.

  8. Conor, is it really worth the rent on that storage unit to keep things in there?  The rent really adds up over the years. I used to do that, then realized what is in the storage cost less than a few years worth of rent. Priceless sentimental value is the only exception.

  9. Conor, if I were you I would have found pictures on the net of massive storage containers, or maybe gigantic trash compactors, and spent a half-hour or so perfectly photoshopping in things that looked like the tops of a million polybagged comics, and I would have posted skewed, cropped-off images of those instead. I hate to say it, but what you posted sort of deflates the myth you’ve been building.

  10. @chlop – He’s got a big chunk of the true cross in there.

  11. It’s a weird place to build a shrine at, but whatever floats your boat.

  12. mmmhhh, the blue bag on top appears to contain large underwear with red polka dots… 🙂


  13. @chlop – Jesus was a HUGE Batman fan, so it seems like a fitting place for a shrine.

  14. Conor…only a real man would have a treasure trove like this, so congrats, you have proved to us that you are the manliest of the iFanboy posse!

     I’m guessing most of those poly-bagged X-books are X-Force #1 and X-Men #1, and that you own like 100 copies of each like alot of us.

  15. @stuclach – I guess, but it would have been nicer if the glare from all those foil covers wasn’t removed.

  16. Cough! garage sale Cough! sorry I had something in my throat. Wow, look at them boxes1

  17. Cool, so you are a fanboy after all.  A storage unit would be cool, but I’d lie awake at night that there would be a flood or something: rats, fire, whatever.  Somehow since they are stored at my house I feel like maybe I could save them in some unlikely event–crazy huh!  Such is the mindset of a collector. 

  18. Impressive.

  19. Awww, I was expecting it to be more cluttered 🙁

  20. I aspire to to one day have my own storage unit filled with comic boxes. YOU INSPIRE ME.

  21. Not pictured: The Gimp

  22. Hunter in his cage, lol… classic.

  23. Not pictured: the body of Moses

  24. ooh, ooh, I wanna play!

    uh, not pictured: Jimmy Hoffa in an oil drum, Duke Nukem 4ever, Chuck Cunningham and Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four (literally, the four actors are sitting in the opposite corner)


    this picture does make me miss ‘It came from the storage unit’

  25. @Heroville – Moses relocated to the USA after not being allowed to enter Israel? I wasted my youth reading about prophet-eating fish and spy-assisting restaurant owners.

  26. @BrowncoatJedi: At around a hundred bucks a month it’s more than worth it. As I’ve said many times before, I didn’t get the storage unit specifically for my comics and they are less than half what is in there. Not pictured is the other 75% of the storage unit with things like a bicycle, air conditioners, winter stuff in the summer, stuff sotred for friends and family. It’s actually quite a bargin.

  27. I expected to see the real Ron and Josh disheveled, screaming and locked in a cage with two empty pods in front of it but that’s me. Maybe it was hoped, not expected.

  28. Not pictured:  Steve Gutenberg’s talent

  29. @ato220 – You cannot tell me that after watching "Three Men and a Baby" you still feel that Stevie G has no talent.  The man is overflowing with talent (and body hair).  Police Academy is cinema at its finest!

  30. The polybagged books are X-men but not #1, it is the entire "Excecutioner’s Song" cross-over event!

  31. Not pictured: The Steve Gutenberg Bible!

    Very cool. My longboxes are stacked 4 high 4 across in the backroom of my parent’s house. And I have about two boxes worth of comics piled in a closet as well. Once I finally settle in a place, a storage unit it going to be my next big investment.


  32. This does make me miss ‘It came from the storage unit!’…cause look how long he could’ve done this!

    Wait conor….you stuff your friends and family!? You monster!! 🙂

  33. @TheNextChampion – you can always sign up for one-hundred memberships, record yourself guessing what the comics is about, and uploading it to youtube.

  34. Ha, awesome, thanks for sharing!

  35. Oh for the days when I only had 30 long boxes.

  36. @  stuclach :  From my research Moses was a the Batman fan,  But Christ did have nearly a full run of Nightwing

  37. Do you have those comics catalauged?  I don’t know how to spell

  38. Not pictured: The razor that is going to shave off Ron’s sideburns, and Josh’s love of fun. 

  39. Do I see part of the Hulk Hogan home gym in the corner?

  40. @JohnV: Heh, you just see a ball of yellow glow in the corner. It’s screaming ‘I got caught when I saw Episode I! I should be telling josh it was a good film!’

  41. My storage unit is ONLY for my 40+ longboxes.  Alas, I have every comic I have ever purchased since 1974 and have no plans to sell them any time soon.  Call me sentimental and stupid.  My biggest fear is that some snafu will occur with my billing and they will accidentally sell them all off on me. 

    Oh god I need to make a visit soon to make sure my babies are OK!  Besides I have 12 more boxes to bring over.

  42. Wow, and i thought i had a collection… i think i’ve just been geek served.

    And Not Pictured:  The Giant Penny, T-Rex, Costume Shrine, and the faithful English Butler who keeps them tidy. 


  43. @selftitled

    LMAO at the giant penny! 

  44. Hurm…

    It must suck @$$ to go trudging through that mess for certain Comics. EVEN if you know exactly where to look.

  45. My question is, as the door slide closed did you whisper "Goodnight, Longboxes." "Goodnight, Winter clothers." "Goodnight, Christmas box?"

  46. "There were some chrome covers and more than a few unopened, poly-bagged X-books."

    Unopened? Man, those things have got to be worth a fortune by now, huh? 😉

    @skrulldave: I sometimes think about that too, what if there was a fire or flood or something and I had to save my comics. I’ve actually been going through the long arduous process of sorting and reorganizing my comics lately (long and arduous mostly because it seems like I spend more time flipping through them and rereading them than organizing them) and one thought I had was to keep all my most precious and valuable comics (in terms of sentimental value to me personally, not monetary value) in one short box that I could grab and run out of the house quickly if I had to. Stuff like Flex Mentallo, Bulleteer, Adam Warren’s Gen13 and like that. Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I sometimes think about.

  47. Are we actually talking about Conor’s storage unit?

  48. uh-mah-zing

  49. @Edward

    The iFanbase is so amazing, we can talk about anything. ANYTHING! 

  50. Not pictured: Indiana Jones breaking a hip running from the Soviets and Steven Spielberg cashing a paycheck to recoup lost Madoff losses.

  51. can we see your bathroom next, conor?

  52. Not pictured: The karaoke machine.

  53. How do you keep mice out of those things?

    Not pictured a red leather chair, table with reading lamp, smoking jacket, pipe, and bottle of brandy.  I mean where else is Conor going to read his old 80s/90s chromium cover comics?

  54. One day you should open those long boxes up, dump all your comics into a pool and start swimming in them, cackling manically.

  55. @ Conor… Thank you, simply…WOW, 30 long boxes, I don’t think my LCS from my childhood had 30 total….." WAVE YOUR FREAK FLAG HIGH "

     Also I love the string of comments….priceless…

    Not pictured: Olivia Newton John’s Lets get Physical work out VHS and neon head band and legwarmers

    @NJBaritone ooh, ohh I got to see your 40 boxes (pics please)

  56. LOL wow sounds vaguely dirty!  I’ll get right on it 😉

  57. How funny it will be in the future when Conor picks up a comic in these longboxes and they disintegrate.

  58. Not Picture: The Long Lost Lyrics to the song Louie Louie.

  59. Not pictured: The futon and the crossed lines signaling how many days it took him to alphabetize.

  60. At least conor has a place to crash during the end of the world.

  61. would it be easier to swim through a storage of comics, or a bin of gold coins representing your cartoon wealth?

  62. @spongebat – the coins since it’s not worth much, and swimming through all those variant covers is like swimming through dashed hope and lost youth.