2012 Eisner Nominatons Announced

This is comics’ Academy Awards, but they don’t get up really early to do it, so it’s fitting. The Eisner, named for Will Eisner, is the highest honor a comic book publisher or creator can achieve in the industry. The awards are given out at a lavish-ish ceremony during the San Diego Comic-Con, and today, we found out who the nominees are.

The judges added two categories for Best Publication for Early Readers and Best Educational/Academic Work. They dropped four categories, including Best New Series, Best Adaptation from Another Medium, Best Writer/Artist – Nonfiction, and Best Painter/Multimedia Artist, citing a lack of enough candidates for nomination.



Best Short Story
“A Brief History of the Art Form Known as Hortisculpture,” by Adrian Tomine, in Optic Nerve #12 (Drawn & Quarterly)
“Harvest of Fear,” by Jim Woodring, in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #17 (Bongo)
“The Phototaker,” by Guy Davis, in Metal Hurlant vol. 2 (Humanoids)
“The Seventh,” by Darwyn Cooke, in Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition (IDW)
“The Speaker,” by Brandon Graham, in Dark Horse Presents #7 (Dark Horse)

Best Single Issue (or One-Shot)
Daredevil #7, by Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel)
Ganges #4, by Kevin Huizenga (Fantagraphics)
Locke & Key: Guide to the Known Keys, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)
Princeless #3, by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin (Action Lab)
The Unwritten #24: “Stairway to Heaven” by Mike Carey, Peter Gross, and Al Davison (Vertigo/DC)

Best Continuing Series
Daredevil, by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel)
Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys, by Naoki Urasawa (VIZ Media)
Rachel Rising, by Terry Moore (Abstract Studio)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli (Marvel)
Usagi Yojimbo, by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse)

Best Limited Series
Atomic Robo and the Ghost of Station X, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener (Red 5)
Criminal: The Last of the Innocent, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Marvel Icon)
Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Vertigo/DC)
The New York Five, by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly (Vertigo/DC)
Who Is Jake Ellis? by Nathan Edmondson & Tonci Zonjic (Image)

Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 7)
Beauty and the Squat Bears, by Émile Bravo (Yen Press)
Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking, by Philippe Coudray (Candlewick/Toon Books)
Dragon Puncher Island, by James Kochalka (Top Shelf)
Nursery Rhyme Comics, edited by Chris Duffy (First Second)
Patrick in a Teddy Bear’s Picnic, by Geoffrey Hayes (Candlewick/Toon Books)

Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)
The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, by Sholly Fisch, Rick Burchett, and Dan Davis (DC)
Amelia Rules: The Meaning of Life … And Other Stuff, by Jimmy Gownley (Atheneum)
The Ferret’s a Foot, by Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue (Graphic Universe/Lerner)
Princeless, by Jeremy Whitley and M. Goodwin (Action Lab)
Snarked, by Roger Langridge (kaboom!)
Zita the Space Girl, by Ben Hatke (First Second)

Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)
Anya’s Ghost, by Vera Brosgol (First Second)
Around the World, by Matt Phelan (Candlewick)
Level Up, by Gene Yang and Thien Pham (First Second)
Life with Archie, by Paul Kupperberg, Fernando Ruiz, Pat & Tim Kennedy, Norm Breyfogle et al. (Archie)
Mystic, by G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez (Marvel)

Best Anthology
Dark Horse Presents, edited by Mike Richardson (Dark Horse)
Nelson, edited by Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix (Blank Slate)
Nursery Rhyme Comics, edited by Chris Duffy (First Second)
The Someday Funnies, edited by Michel Choquette (Abrams ComicArts)
Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular and the New Land, edited by Harvey Pekar and Paul Buhle (Abrams ComicArts)

Best Humor Publication
The Art of Doug Sneyd: A Collection of Playboy Cartoons (Dark Horse Books)
Chimichanga, by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
Coffee: It’s What’s for Dinner, by Dave Kellett (Small Fish)
Kinky & Cosy, by Nix (NBM)
Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad, by Evan Dorkin (Dark Horse Books)

Best Digital Comic
Bahrain, by Josh Neufeld, www.cartoonmovement.com/comic/24
Battlepug, by Mike Norton, www.battlepug.com
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, by Tony Cliff, www.delilahdirk.com
Outfoxed, by Dylan Meconis, www.dylanmeconis.com/outfoxed
Sarah and the Seed, by Ryan Andrews, www.ryan-a.com/comics/sarahandtheseed01.htm

Best Reality-Based Work
Around the World, by Matt Phelan (Candlewick)
Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case (Dark Horse Books)
Marzi: A Memoir, by Marzena Sowa and Sylvain Savoia (Vertigo/DC)
Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly)
Vietnamerica, by GB Tran (Villard)

Best Graphic Album – New
Bubbles & Gondola, by Renaud Dillies (NBM)
Freeway, by Mark Kalesniko (Fantagraphics)
Habibi, by Craig Thompson (Pantheon)
Ivy, by Sarah Olekysk (Oni)
Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, adapted by Ramón K. Pérez (Archaia)
One Soul, by Ray Fawkes (Oni)

Best Graphic Album – Reprint
Big Questions, by Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)
The Death Ray, by Dan Clowes (Drawn & Quarterly)
Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition, by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)
WE3: The Deluxe Edition, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (Vertigo/DC)
Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil (First Second)

Best Archival Collection/Project – Strips
Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, by Alex Raymond and Don Moore, edited by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
Forgotten Fantasy: Sunday Comics 1900-1915, edited by Peter Maresca (Sunday Press)
Prince Valiant vols. 3-4, by Hal Foster, edited by Kim Thompson (Fantagraphics)
Tarpé Mills’s Miss Fury Sensational Sundays, 1944-1949, edited by Trina Robbins (IDW/Library of American Comics)
Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse vols. 1-2, by Floyd Gottfredson, edited by David Gerstein and Gary Groth (Fantagraphics)

Best Archival Collection/Project – Comic Books
Government Issue: Comics for the People: 1940s-2000s, edited by Richard L. Graham (Abrams ComicArts)
The MAD Fold-In Collection, by Al Jaffee (Chronicle)
PS Magazine: The Best of Preventive Maintenance Monthly, by Will Eisner (Abrams ComicArts)
The Sugar and Spike Archives, vol. 1, by Sheldon Mayer (DC)
Walt Simonson’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition (IDW)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material
Bubbles & Gondola, by Renaud Dillies (NBM)
Isle of 100,000 Graves, by Fabien Vehlmann and Jason (Fantagraphics)
Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot, by Jacques Tardi and Jean-Patrick Manchette (Fantagraphics)
The Manara Library,vol. 1: Indian Summer and Other Stories, by Milo Manara with Hugo Pratt (Dark Horse Books)
Night Animals: A Diptych About What Rushes Through the Bushes, by Brecht Evens (Top Shelf)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Asia
A Bride’s Story, by Kaoru Mori (Yen Press)
Drops of God, by Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto (Vertical)
Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly)
Saturn Apartments, vols. 3-4, by Hisae Iwaoka (VIZ Media)
Stargazing Dog, by Takashi Murakami (NBM)
Wandering Son, vol. 1, by Shimura Takako (Fantagraphics)

Best Writer
Cullen Bunn, The Sixth Gun (Oni)
Mike Carey, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)
Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer: A True Detective Story (Dark Horse Books)
Jeff Lemire, Animal Man, Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (DC); Sweet Tooth (Vertical/DC)
Mark Waid, Irredeemable, Incorruptible (BOOM!); Daredevil (Marvel)

Best Writer/Artist
Rick Geary, The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti (NBM)
Terry Moore, Rachel Rising (Abstract Studio)
Sarah Oleksyk, Ivy (Oni)
Craig Thompson, Habibi (Pantheon)
Jim Woodring, Congress of the Animals (Fantagraphics), “Harvest of Fear,” in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #17 (Bongo)

Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team
Michael Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC); Madman All-New Giant-Size SuperGinchy Special (Image)
Ramón K. Pérez, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
Chris Samnee, Captain America and Bucky, Ultimate Spider-Man #155 (Marvel)
Marcos Martin, Daredevil (Marvel)
Paolo Rivera/Joe Rivera, Daredevil (Marvel)

Best Cover Artist
Michael Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC)
Francesco Francavilla, Black Panther (Marvel); Lone Ranger, Lone Ranger/Zorro, Dark Shadows, Warlord of Mars (Dynamite); Archie Meets Kiss (Archie)
Victor Kalvachev, Blue Estate (Image)
Marcos Martin, Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel)
Sean Phillips, Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (Marvel Icon)
Yuko Shimizu, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)

Best Coloring
Laura Allred, iZombie (Vertigo/DC); Madman All-New Giant-Size SuperGinchy Special (Image)
Bill Crabtree, The Sixth Gun (Oni)
Ian Herring and Ramón K. Pérez, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)
Victor Kalvachev, Blue Estate (Image)
Cris Peter, Casanova: Avaritia, Casanova: Gula (Marvel Icon)

Best Lettering
Deron Bennett, Billy Fog, Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Mr. Murder Is Dead (Archaia); Helldorado, Puss N Boots,Richie Rich (APE Entertainment)
Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules! The Meaning of Life … And Other Stuff (Atheneum)
Laura Lee Gulledge, Page by Paige (Amulet Books/Abrams)
Tom Orzechowski, Manara Library, with L. Lois Buholis(Dark Horse); Manga Man (Houghton Mifflin); Savage Dragon (Image)
Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo (Dark Horse)

Best Comics-Related Journalism
The AV Club Comics Panel, by Noel Murray, Oliver Sava et al., www.avclub.com/features/comics-panel/
The Beat, produced by Heidi MacDonald et al., www.comicsbeat.com
The Comics Journal, edited by Gary Groth, and The Comics Journal website, www.tcj.com, edited by Timothy Hodler and Dan Nadel (Fantagraphics)
The Comics Reporter, produced by Tom Spurgeon, www.comicsreporter.com
TwoMorrows Publications: Alter Ego edited by Roy Thomas, Back Issue edited by Michael Eury, Draw edited by Mike Manley, and Jack Kirby Collector edited by John Morrow

Best Educational/Academic Work
Alan Moore: Conversations, ed. by Eric Berlatsky (University Press of Mississippi)
Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice, by Ivan Brunetti (Yale University Press)
Critical Approaches to Comics: Theories and Methods, edited by Matthew J. Smith and Randy Duncan (Routledge)
Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby, by Charles Hatfield (University Press of Mississippi)
Projections: Comics and the History of 21st Century Storytelling, by Jared Gardner (Stanford University Press)

Best Comics-Related Book
Archie: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Teenagers, edited by Craig Yoe (IDW/Yoe Books)
Caniff: A Visual Biography, edited by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
Drawing Power: A Compendium of Cartoon Advertising, edited by Rick Marschall and Warren Bernard (Fantagraphics/Marschall Books)
Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
MetaMaus, by Art Spiegelman (Pantheon)

Best Publication Design
Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)
Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, designed by Eric Skillman (Archaia)
Kinky & Cosy, designed by Nix (NBM)
The MAD Fold-In Collection, designed by Michael Morris (Chronicle)
Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition, designed by Darwyn Cooke (IDW)

There is, of course, a whole lot of information there, and I’ll pick out some of the notable stuff I noticed.

  • Mark Waid and co.’s Daredevil got 6 nominations, and is very likely the most critically acclaimed mainstream comic of the year.
  • My personal favorite book of the last year, Tale of Sand, is up for 5 awards, and if there is justice, it’ll sweep most of them.
  • The Limited Series category is tough, with a big surprise nom for Who is Jake Ellis?.
  • Our main man Mike Norton is up for an Eisner for Battlepug.
  • Dave Stewart was NOT nominated as best colorist.
  • The best writer category is very mainstream based, but it’s also a heck of a good eclectic mix.
  • Jock wasn’t nominated for best cover artist, which is absurd.
  • DC Comics’ Relaunch was almost entirely snubbed from top to bottom.

The judges are a unique panel of people from across the comics industry, and this year they are:

Reviewer Brigid Alverson (Graphic Novel Reporter, CBR, Robot 6)
Retailer Calum Johnston (Strange Adventures, Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Librarian Jesse Karp (LREI, New York)
Cartoonist Larry Marder (Beanworld)
Comics historian Benjamin Saunders (University of Oregon)
Comic-Con board of director Mary Sturhann.

For more on the Eisners, click here.


  1. Scott Snyder not nominated? That is horse shit!

    • Pure horse shit. Happy about Lemire though.

    • Agreed. How can Scott Snyders Batman not be on here! !!!

    • That was my first reaction upon seeing this list as well. Of course, I’d have a hard time figuring out which nominee to kick off the list, but I thought for sure he’d be a shoo-in.

    • I was also shocked that Snyder was not listed for all the great work he did in Detective. If not for American Vampire, which is also great. However, I would expect him to be in next year’s list for his current amazing run on Batman.

      It was nice to see some nods for iZombie. Glad Cullen Bunn got recognition too, I don’t think he gets enough. Super nice guy and a great writer.

    • I totally agree with you guys. Batman should be nominated.

    • yea what the hell, between him and Mark Waid they have been producing the two golden gems of main stream comics

    • You warm my twisted heart 🙂

    • Scott, you were robbed.

    • If there were categories for “Most Long-Winded, Barely Relevant Anecdotes” or “Mr. Congeniality On Twitter”, then Scott would have gone 2 for 2.

      He’s an okay writer, but I find all of the writer nominees to be more worthy of the award. VERY glad to see Bunn, Lemire and Waid up there. I’m actually glad to see that all of the Batman hype, fun as it is, didn’t distracted the Eisners from looking at unsung high-quality books.

    • froggulper, I’m glad you post on iFanboy. Your thoughts are much needed here and I always check for your comments and reviews.

      However, in the last six months or so you have become increasingly disguntled and it is a bit of a bummer that one of my favorite users can be that much of a dick . . .

    • Gotta say Scott Snyder deserves to be on that list as much as anyone. Dave Stewart’s probably always nominated for best colorist and one of the few talents in the biz to get recognition beyond the inner sanctum for it, but his coloring is phenomenal. Him and J.H. Williams lll better return to form with Batwoman cause together they were putting out fine art.

    • froggulper/Ann Fuller – ouch! I’ll take Mr. congeniality, though 🙂 S

    • Snyder deserves to be on there

      Hope Waid wins though

    • They never nominate any DC. F the awards.

    • Snyder AND Capullo were both robbed!

  2. Wow, no mentions to Journey into Mystery or Jock? Tt.

  3. That Daredevil book is pretty good, so I hear

  4. I have to imagine the Best Graphic Album category will come down to Tale of Sand and Habibi, which makes for an interesting category. Two difficult books to compare. The biggest shocker, of course, is Scott Snyder not nominated for Best Writer, but that category is pretty strong otherwise.

    And, as Josh pointed out, the Limited Series category is really stacked.

  5. Jock wasn’t nominated for best cover artist, which is absurd.


  6. Flashpoint: Knight of Vengeance is the only DC proper thing nominated at all.

    That being said, the Penciler/Inker category fucking rules

  7. Maybe Greg Capullo will get nominated next year? Cause isn’t there a time limit to these awards? (Like any awards in general; like how the Oscars only nominate films before a certain date)

    Scott Snyder not being nominated is horse shit. Also, no Hickman or Warren Ellis or any of the artists work on Secret Avengers.

    I like most of these nominations but those specific three irks me the most.

    • I am intrigued by they’re choices and agree with many who weren’t nominated but that doesn’t mean they’re work isn’t appreciated and maybe it’ll inspire great talents to be even greater, good luck to all who were nominated and there’s always next year for those who weren’t. (Unless the world ends)

  8. A pathetic bunch of nominees when you look at the huge amount of deserving people who were omitted. This seems to get worse every year.

    iFanboy definitely deserves a nod in the journalism category. Miles better than the crap that’s been nominated.

  9. Wow, a lot of these are really great.

    Like everyone, I have my picks. I can live with my favorites not being nominated, but god damn, no Dean White nomination for best colorist just seems crazy. I must not read enough.

  10. Seeing the Educational/Academic award reminded me the time I did an Alan Moore paper in college. It was about his fascination with time and in time travel with his stories….I recall getting a C- on it so clearly it was not good.

  11. No Breitweiser for coloring? Gross oversight. Seriously.

    • I agree. I didn’t even think about the work of a colorist till Breitweiser and White came along and blew my mind. Mostly because I’m an idiot, but that still says something about the quality of their work.

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      I’ll be the naysayer on this one. I think she’s overrated. I don’t hate her, but I have had real difficulty reading a few of her books. Case in point: the first issue of Winter Soldier was a colorist’s disaster. Many others also complained about it on these boards at the time. You can go back and check if you like. I’ve never read a Dave Stewart colored book that I had that kind of problem with, for instance. I have read other things she’s done that were great. But, perhaps she’s not consistent.

    • I could see that reaction to Winter Soldier. I read the first couple issues and they didn’t have me checking the credits to see who did the colors. Like you said though, there have been other books by her that have elicited that reaction.

    • Hulk and Atlas and Cap and Bucky = Solid Gold.

  12. Severed gets no love for best limited series? F*@#^% Travesty!!!

    • I had forgotten about Severed in that category. But Severed started in 2011 and finished in 2012, right? Maybe it can’t be nominated until next year since it wasn’t complete? I don’t know if the Eisners follow the Jan-Dec calendar year or what. So a lot of Snyder’s more recent excellent work might not be elligible until the next round of nominations.

      I do think they grossly overlooked his Detective run, along with Francesco Francavilla and Jock, and that completed in 2011. Shame…

    • @kennyg You might be on to something there. I don’t know how the nomination process works in this category.
      Still, F*@#^% Travesty!!!

  13. My friend Richard L. Graham edited a book called Government Issue: Comics for the People: 1940s-2000s that was nominated!

  14. I think its hard to nominate everyone that deserves to be nominated in a time when comics is going through such a great time of creativity. Obviously, there’s people that I think should be on here just like everyone else. What makes me happy is to see so much DIVERSITY in the nominations. There’s just a good mix of talented folks making awesome comics at lots of different publishers. That’s great to see, and doesn’t diminish in any way any of the other folks who weren’t nominated.

    Think of how ridiculous the Best Picture category has become for the Oscars because people felt like too many movies were being snubbed. They nominate like 20 movies now, which is crazy. I think its good that they keep the categories from being too overwhelmed.

  15. Ahhhhh They didn’t nominate Snyder!…..Let’s tear this place apart!

    And Habibi all the way!

    • I think people should protest by having a demonstration at SDCC and all dress up as Scott Snyder. Or Batman or related.

  16. Whoa! I just noticed John Layman, Rob Guillory, or Chew in general didn’t get any nominations.

    I mean no offense to Chris Samnee but….his Captain America work was better then Guillory’s Chew? That’s bullshit. (And I like Samnee)

  17. Rachel Rising, 20th Century & Daredevil all strongly deserve best continuing. With the last issue RR has become my favourite ongoing right now, really impressive stuff.

  18. How the fuck was Scott Snyder not nominated for best writer? Team Batman in general got gypped. I echo that that is horseshit. Although I’d still probably vote for Daredevil, Batman should be in the running for best ongoing.

  19. I’m pleased as punch that Atomic Robo, Life With Archie and Usagi Yojimbo were all nominated. The fact that these books are so often ignored is absolutely criminal.

  20. Hey Guys,
    What are the Eisner Awards? Do you have some sort of 20 to 30 minute format where you could define them and give me a brief history them? All the while having a small round-table discussion of their relevance.


  21. iFanboy shoulda been nominated for comics journalism….you guys do great stuff every week. You’re actually thinking about the medium and industry.

    Scotty Snyder on Detective/Batman….how did that not happen?

  22. Scott Snyder is (currently) the best writer in mainstream comics! No one produced such high quality work this year (that does not even account for the sheer amount of quality books this guy wrote – AV, Survival of the Fittest, ‘Tec, Batman, Swamp Thing, Severed). What else do you have to do? High profile creator-owned work + Batman!). I guess the people who decided it are like that minority around the internets who say “snyder wRitEs 2 much wordds & why he got to begin each issue with narration/introspection” — I don’t know it is probably because he comes from a literary fiction background!

    Oh well, at least Lemire is nominated in the same category….but then again what about Jason Aaron!?!?!!

    • Please. Don’t pretend that those who don’t think Snyder is God are illiterate. I’ve never seen a poorly written negative Snyder review, though some of the five-star reviews tend to have spelling errors in them. (I’m not saying “Guys you like Snyder are stupid”, which is what you seem to be saying in reverse. But facts are facts.)

      If anything, the notable comics reviewers who have given Snyder less than glowing reviews–Chad Nevett, Mindless Ones, Tim Callahan–are among the most literate in the field. It’s not that we think Snyder is bad, we just don’t see all that much innovation there, and while we enjoy all of the familiar tropes he uses, we’re just not infinitely impressed by them.

    • And obviously I meant “Guys WHO like Snyder” not “Guys you like Snyder”.

      Feel free to think I’m an illiterate idiot. But when you’re done doing that, take a look at the twisting logistics of the dead guy at the end of Batman #1, and ask yourself why that character would even care about leaving Bruce Wayne a message in the way he did, or how he would know about Bruce’s danger, or the Owls’ time-table, or anything. Then ask yourself how, in Batman #7, Bruce would know a) which of Dick’s teeth hid the owl device, and b) how exactly to punch him in order to knock the tooth clean out. The most dismaying part of it is that the super-fans don’t even seem to notice the absurd logistical leaps that Snyder takes. For level-headed readers who actually examine what’s on the page, it’s clear that this is all silly, shock-value stuff that isn’t Eisner worthy. It’s still decent enough, though, I guess.

    • I guess it may have come across like that, but I was more expressing my confusion over Snyder not receiving a nomination. I have actually read on Comics forums around the web that Snyder needs a co-writer or something. I would consider myself a “level-headed reader,” and I had absolutely no problem with him punching Dick’s owl tooth out in precisely one jab. I would also argue that his writing is not “silly, shock value” like you claim. Thanks for implying that I am stupid, too, for “not examining what’s on the page.” I would challenge you to examine what is not on the page. Snyder challenges characters emotionally (not just physically). He puts Batman in a position of weakness in the Court of Owls storyline (something that does not often happen to Batman). I would challenge you to examine what is not on the page.

    • Oops. I accidentally posted the same sentence twice. Maybe Snyder’s Batman is not for you, perhaps you should try American Vampire. I guess I am just a fan of how Snyder incorporates Horror concepts into his work. I particularly enjoy his narration/introspection, I think it makes his comics somehow more literary or something.

  23. Only nomination I saw that made me happy was Atomic Robo. Everything else was just me noticing people who were not nominated while being better than some that were.

  24. Capullo & Eisner don’t sound quite right together unfortunately. Thankfully there are quite a few welcome surprises on this years list. It’s hard to complain as there is pretty much nothing bad on the list.

  25. Did Todd Klein not letter anything this year or are they just tired of always giving it to him?

  26. Honestly, it is a bit perplexing to me that Waid/Daredevil got the lion’s share of the mainstream superhero nominations. I would have thought things like Hickman/FF or Remender/X-Force or Aaron/anything would have got some nominations too. I guess I can see how Waid/Daredevil might be seen as a cut above the rest from an Eisner perspective. But honestly as far as mainstream superhero comics went in 2011, Remender’s X-Force was leagues above Waid’s DD in terms of innovation.

    • Hey flapjaxx – no one should beat up on you for not liking Batman. Or my writing, in particular! To be honest, I’m still learning, and while I love trying new things, but admittedly, I’m more of a straight story guy when it comes to innovation. What I love is trying to tell a long, big story with lots of room and layer things in, I guess, themes and ideas and different levels of character conflict… That’s where I am now – thanks for checking the stuff out, either way. S

    • The Eisner’s are always for what came out the year previous. All of those books you mentioned will still have a chance to be nominated next year because they’ve all been putting out great content in 2012.

  27. I thought for sure Petrograd would get nominated.

    Good to see Atomic Robo on the list.

  28. I’m literally shocked to not see Dean White on this list. Just consider the amount of critical acclaim he’s recieved for his work on Uncanny X-Force…I mean how often do you even hear reviews mention the coloring especially with a name attached to it?

  29. I’m shocked that Snyder wasn’t nominated! I might have to vote for Him as a write-in.

    On a positive note, I like that they broke out the Early Readers into its own category. Maybe the juv/YA books will get more attention from schools and libraries.

  30. I thought Petrograd would be nominated for sure. No Snyder and no Jock is crazy. Did they have their eyes closed at all of the Dave Johnson covers. To be fair I do have to say that I’m pleased as punch to see Cullen Bunn and the Atomic Robo team on the list. Definitely more cheers than jeers for the list as a whole.

  31. 2 new categories for young readers and no Reed Gunther? That’s the real crime.

  32. Can anyone explain why Remender and Hickman were completely ignored…?

  33. Lets not forget Severed by Snyder. That book was beautiful, touching, and scared the shit out of me all at the same time. You got robbed Scott!

  34. Man, there really isn’t much for me too root for hear.

  35. I would have hoped Uncanny X-Force would have gotten just one nomination in there somewhere. Dean White for coloring, Opena for pencilling, Ribic for covers, maybe even Remender for writing, or maybe even a continuing series nom. Dean White is the true snub here imo. His work on X-Force and Ultimates is truly breathtaking and above the level of near anything else I’ve seen. While, I do like all the other nominations, it seems the nominations went to book that were more “colorful” rather than the best at true “coloring.”

  36. After a quick once over, the things I love about the list:

    1. Atomic Robo getting a nomination in any category, that’s the most fun book on the shelves.
    2. Seeing so much Daredevil, easily one of my top two or three favorite series of the year.
    3. Samnee and Francavilla both getting nods, I’m absolutely in love with both their styles.
    4. Simonson’s Thor Artists Edition getting some love. I don’t have the funds to buy any of the artists editions, but I love the idea and think that they are wonderful.
    5. Jeff Lemire knocked everything he wrote out of the park this year.

    Things I don’t love about the list (thankfully I don’t have to make the actual decisions, because I’m not sure who I would remove to add these folks):

    1. Scott Snyder and Rick Remender are the only two comic writers writing right now who I would literally give anything they wrote a shot. If either of them wrote a cookbook I’d probably buy it and assume that it would be the awesomest cookbook I’d ever read (honestly, it would be a pretty short list though).
    2. David Aja’s covers for Red Skull Incarnate were the best covers I’ve seen in years, not just last year, in years.
    3. Dean White’s, doing the colors for Uncanny X-Force, was my colorist of the year.
    4. I would have given Rocketeer Adventures a nomination in best anthology.

    • Oh my God, I totally forgot about Aja’s covers for Red Skull. Yeah that’s a major omission. A friend and I were just talking about those covers being a sure nomination last week and I still forgot.

  37. Snyder snub is absolutely rediculous. Don’t get me started.

    Also, ifanboy continues to be snubbed.

    That’s some bullshit

  38. Just two comments:

    1) I’m not sure I get Terry Moore. I realize I’m totally in the minority here and maybe someone could help. I’ve read the first 6 issues of Rachel Rising. It is beautiful and the characters are mostly believable but it just leaves me kind of cold [yes I appreciate the irony of that statement given what the book is about]. I love both indie books and books about female protagonists so I don’t think thats it. Am I missing something?

    2) I rarely make comic book predictions but I did a cartwheel when I saw Unwritten #24 nominated for best single issue. I’ve talked this one up before but if you get a chance read it. I would go so far as to say one of the five best single issues I’ve ever read period. Which is kind of a mixed blessing since with the exception of the issue about Madame Rausch I feel the rest of the series hasn’t quite hit that height.

  39. I’m not a complainer. I’m really not. But this year’s list is just off. There is really something wrong here. Aside from all the reasons given here already, did you know that Guy Davis (who I am a huge fan of) was given a nod in the short story cat. for work that is reprinted? Seriously, it was published in 2002. I used to be a big fan of of Eisners, but this is simply embarrassing. Wow.

  40. ‘Tale of Sand’ arrived on my doorstep today. I’m very excited!

  41. i’ve read and re-read habibi and tale of sand many many times. they’re both great book, but i think habibi affected me a little bit more deeply. the other race i think would be tough to decide is lemire vs waid. lemire’s got a lot of irons in the fire, and they’re all awesome. waid does too, though… maybe i’d go with mark waid on that one. in all, i’d say that there are a lot of great nominations (but i don’t know how snyder isn’t on the list)

  42. Not really getting the hate here. I think everyone on the list (whom I know that is) is worthy. I think Mike Carey is LONG overdue for writing award. Regarding Snyder, I’ve only read American Vampire. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t blow my mind. Also I know he’s been prolific but is’nt he relatively new to the field? Maybe tenure contributes to the nomination process. Does anyone have a link to a document that describes the criteria for each category?

  43. I’ve read almost everything nominated. Even though I enjoyed Tale of Sand, HABIBI blew me away. It was amazing and easily the best graphic novel (in my opinion) in the past several years.

  44. A lot of this stuff, I have no idea what it is. And much like the Oscars nominees, I really don’t care.

    But I don’t know how DHP got nominated, when it looks lackluster at best, and Rocketeer Adventures got ignored. Aw well, really who cares.

    Glad to see TwoMorrows got nominated, they do great stuff.

  45. No Remender, Aaron, or Snyder?

    No Jock? His run of Detective covers were amazing.

    Oh well. I don’t need my favorite creators to win anything for my love of their work to be validated.

  46. Too bad Reed Gunther didn’t make it. But Who is Jake Ellis? is in. Well deserved.

  47. Gotta agree with everybody on Snyder. Also have to mention that Opena’s pencils and White’s colours produced what is probably the best artwork I’ve ever seen in a comic book; even if I’ve only been reading in earnest since 2008. So those were ones I was surprised not to see. Daredevil was beautiful (especially the 1st issue), but I think “The Dark Angel Sage” was even better visually. They can’t please everybody but i’m just expressing my opinion too…thanks to iFanboy (Cheap POP!)

  48. Bit of a nonsensical list considering some of the obvious candidates that have missed out.

    Also, seems a rather arbitrary list of people who are responsible for the nominations – seems to lack a bit of credibility.

  49. The artist nominations are as if I did them myself. Allred, Samnee, Perez, Martin, Moore, Francavilla, and Rivera. All you need is Darwyn Cook, Francis Manapul, and Rob Guillory, and you’d have most of my favorite current artists. Great job.

    And yes, Daredevil deserves every ounce of praise it’s getting.

  50. No Scott snyder? I don’t wanna name names but Snyder is more deserving than some others nominated. insane that he isn’t recognized on this list. His books have been consistently brilliant, he is a comics wunderkind.

    That said, Tales of Sand should sweep

  51. now that,folks, is called comics mafia.DC and scott snyder in particular got “blackballed”.that makes me lose faith on the award-giving body.

  52. Going with what was given by the Eisner Board, here are my picks…

    Best Short Story
    “The Seventh,” by Darwyn Cooke, in Richard Stark’s Parker: The Martini Edition (IDW)

    Best Single Issue (or One-Shot)
    Daredevil #7,

    Best Continuing Series
    Daredevil, by Mark Waid, Marcos Martin, Paolo Rivera, and Joe Rivera (Marvel)

    Best Limited Series
    Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso (Vertigo/DC)

    Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 7)
    Dragon Puncher Island, by James Kochalka (Top Shelf)

    Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12)
    Snarked, by Roger Langridge (kaboom!)

    Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17)
    Anya’s Ghost, by Vera Brosgol (First Second)

    Best Anthology
    Dark Horse Presents, edited by Mike Richardson (Dark Horse)

    Best Humor Publication
    Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad, by Evan Dorkin (Dark Horse Books)

    Best Digital Comic
    Battlepug, by Mike Norton, http://www.battlepug.com

    Best Reality-Based Work
    Green River Killer: A True Detective Story, by Jeff Jensen and Jonathan Case (Dark Horse Books)

    Best Graphic Album – New (tie)
    Habibi, by Craig Thompson (Pantheon)
    Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, adapted by Ramón K. Pérez (Archaia)

    Best Graphic Album – Reprint
    The Death Ray, by Dan Clowes (Drawn & Quarterly)

    Best Archival Collection/Project – Strips
    Prince Valiant vols. 3-4, by Hal Foster, edited by Kim Thompson (Fantagraphics)

    Best Archival Collection/Project – Comic Books
    Government Issue: Comics for the People: 1940s-2000s, edited by Richard L. Graham (Abrams ComicArts)

    Best U.S. Edition of International Material
    Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot, by Jacques Tardi and Jean-Patrick Manchette (Fantagraphics)

    Best U.S. Edition of International Material – Asia
    Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly)

    Best Writer
    Mike Carey, The Unwritten (Vertigo/DC)

    Best Writer/Artist
    Terry Moore, Rachel Rising (Abstract Studio)

    Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team
    Ramón K. Pérez, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Archaia)

    Best Cover Artist
    Francesco Francavilla, Black Panther (Marvel); Lone Ranger, Lone Ranger/Zorro, Dark Shadows, Warlord of Mars (Dynamite); Archie Meets Kiss (Archie)

    Best Coloring
    Victor Kalvachev, Blue Estate (Image)

    Best Lettering
    Deron Bennett, Billy Fog, Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Mr. Murder Is Dead (Archaia);

    Best Comics-Related Journalism
    The Comics Reporter, produced by Tom Spurgeon, http://www.comicsreporter.com

    Best Educational/Academic Work
    Cartooning: Philosophy & Practice, by Ivan Brunetti (Yale University Press)

    Best Comics-Related Book
    Genius Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth, designed by Dean Mullaney (IDW/Library of American Comics)

    Best Publication Design
    Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, designed by Eric Skillman (Archaia)

  53. What Waid has done with Daredevil and Bendis with Ultimate Spider-Man have been genuine fresh takes on the characters. I’m glad that’s been recognized.

  54. Anyone remember the Jonah Hex (issue #69 i think) that was written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray and illustrated by Jeff Lemire. What a great story. Was kinda surprised that one was left off for Best Single Issue (One-Shot).

  55. I am very impressed by the quality of the works in the archival, academic/educational and about comics categories. And there were many great contenders in these categories that didn’t get picked as well. I don’t think there are ever been a better time for the history and critical analysis of comics.

  56. Not surprised by Who Is Jake Ellis? at all.

    Next year I predict a nom or 2 for Kurtis J Wiebe.

    Glad Rachel Rising has got some love already. Totally deserved.

  57. I’ll add to the shock of no nomination for Snyder, I’ve loved all of Tec, Batman, Severed, Swamp Thing and AV.
    I’d have a few different pencillers, colourists and writers but I can see a case for everyone nominated.
    Also I love you Ifanboy even if the Eisner’s don’t.

  58. I really really hope Unwritten wins everything it’s nominated for – love that book so much.

  59. really nice to see stan sakai get some love. Also would love to see DHP get best anthology

  60. Where’s Snyder, Remender and Hickman? Still, the public don’t lie. We all know how much heart you put into your work.

  61. Omitting Best New Series from the list is just absurd. How many great new series have been produced by DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse recently? This is the first time I’m beginning to doubt the Eisner Awards.

  62. I was hoping Jason Aaron would get some recognition for Scalped. That series has been too good.

  63. No love for Batman or Uncanny X-Force? I also wonder if they’ve heard of a little book called Fantastic Four.