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August 14, 2013 1:30 pm I also want feathered dinosaurs to be the norm in works of fiction, if only because it's such a dramatic change and I have no idea how it will play out to the masses
June 10, 2013 2:21 pm Great! Are they reprinting all the TPBs?! Some of the earlier ones are really hard to find.
May 23, 2013 8:52 pm After seeing the trailer I must say the animation is not doing it for me, there's something off about it. I'll check out the first episode when it airs, but I have my reservations.
May 14, 2013 5:12 pm There are no words to express the level of excitement I have for this
May 14, 2013 12:54 pm now I will never be satisfied until Aunt May dons the armor in the movies
May 9, 2013 1:42 pm I have no idea what this is, but I guess I'll check it out just for the WTF factor
May 2, 2013 10:32 pm I think this might be my favorite Iron Man movie, but I've only watched it twice, so I need to watch it a couple more times for a more objective review
May 2, 2013 11:07 am Hair in old comics is one of the best things ever