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    phillosmaster's Recent Comments
    November 4, 2018 8:19 pm I also am not a fan of the Stark family shake up they did a while ago. It really killed my enthusiasm for Iron Man comics. I'm all for taking risks and shaking up the status quo, but it feels like they screwed with the character too much that time. I liked the Josh distilled Booster down to a D&D alignment. It always warms my heart when someone says Chaotic Neutral.
    October 26, 2018 11:24 am As one of those guys who is not a Venom fan (and is less excited about this movie because it removes Spider-Man from the equation) I am finding it pretty hard to work up enough excitement to go see this in the theatre. The fact that you guys are saying it's "fine" doesn't really spark any flames in me though it's nice to know the movie isn't actually a dumpster fire. I'll probably check it out when it hits digital in some form.
    September 13, 2018 9:37 am I could totally understand what Josh was going through. If he was watching his kids by himself the next day then that man needs to be in bed. He was setting himself up for a hellish day if he was going into it without a good night's sleep.
    August 20, 2018 3:15 pm The Infinity War event is a continuation of the Duggen GotG run. That's the only reason I'm reading it. They canceled that book to instead tell this story. Honestly I'd rather they just keep telling it in the GotG book then break it out into an "Event" like this, but I understand the marketing (as you guys point out in the episode). That all said it's fun, and seems to be catering to people who loved the old Marvel Cosmic stuff that was around before the Marvel Now events, which pushed that stuff into the background or tried to remove it from relevance. So they are certainly catering to people like me with both GotG and this event. The question is should they be doing that? I'm a middle aged man who buys maybe a half dozen comics in a month and most of those titles aren't Marvel. I question the wisdom of them catering to me, but I appreciate it none the less. Also I'm totally in Conor's camp with the X-Men. I liked them as a kid. I check in every now and again because I like those characters and would like to be excited about it again. The problem is nothing has ever really pulled me back in (not even the young X-Men stuff Bendis did). Other comic titles from my youth have had more staying power for me. I can still pick up and enjoy a Batman or Captain America issue. I wonder what the difference is ... I clearly still have an affection for it. I'm not raging at anything in particular about the current stuff. It's more a sort of apathy toward the newer stuff.
    August 13, 2018 10:26 am Those covers for Hey Kids! Comics! are definitely a weird decision.
    July 23, 2018 1:03 pm I think there is a tendency for comic book fans to not wish to appear ignorant of influential comic books runs, but it's so impossible to read everything. I was very happy to hear you guys read that question and bring up stuff on your "not read" list. Myself I've never read Preacher. I know it's good, but my list of stuff to read is so huge. Also I'd love to go back and read the old Lee/Ditko Doctor Strange stories.
    July 20, 2018 4:29 pm I feel like a comparable read to Planetary would be Grant Morrison's Invisibles, which overlapped with this book's release around the turn of the century. They feel of the same time. Though Morrison's Invisibles is quite a dense read (especially the Arcadia arc) and that omnibus must weigh a ton since the comic ran for about 60 issues. Certainly not as breezy a reread as Planetary. I liked it a lot and even I have trouble initiating a reread of The Invisibles. Though if anyone reading liked Morrison's themes he had running from Animal Man to Doom Patrol to Flex Mentallo to the Filth ... then The Invisibles is his opus in that respect.
    July 20, 2018 12:48 pm For a while Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis were the only writers I was reading (especially in this period). I was a huge Warren Ellis fan back in the day, and while I still read him (I'm current on The Wild Storm) it does feel different from these old classic Ellis creations. That said Planetary came out (as you mention) in what was for me a huge drought of comics that would hold my interest. So it was easy for it to make a huge impression on me. I love Planetary. Its a toss up which I look back on more fondly Planetary or Transmetropolitan. Transmetropolitan felt like the more interesting work at the time, but Planetary has a lot to say as well (as a meta commentary on the nature of popular fiction). Also Planetary is just a fun book to revisit. I remember being really surprised and genuinely a bit emotional about the final issue of Planetary coming out. There was something attractive about that story still being out there going on, and while there was no way that last issue could satisfy the build up I remember really liking elements of it as a conclusion for fans. I remember John Cassaday being my favorite comic artist for a long time based mostly on his performance in this book. I agree something has changed over time with his style and I wonder what exactly brought on the change in style. Some of those pages are amazing in Planetary. I remember at the time it was part of the sales pitch for Planetary in the advertising that the book would show you strange and wonderful vistas. I think it delivered in that respect. The Stormwatch/Authority stuff I really enjoyed at the time, but as time has gone on I have found that my appreciation for it has fallen off a bit. It's a bit more one note in what it's trying to say. It's still really pretty to look at Hitch's art though. I dropped Authority as soon as Warren Ellis left the book. I just didn't like the Millar/Quitely take on the series. It quickly fell flat for me. I never bothered to read any of the follow ups since.
    July 3, 2018 10:51 am That original Peter David run of X-Factor was my favorite marvel book at the time. Around the Image boom I was burning out on the x-titles but I kept reading X-Factor while Peter was still attached. Then when he came back to those characters for the X-Factor Investigations stories that book was one of the few titles I was still collecting at the time. I love Peter's take on Jamie Madrox. He really elevated the guy form C-list X-personality to one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe. I wasn't gonna pick it up because I'm so ignorant currently to what's going on in the x-title that I figured I would be lost. Though you guys are recommending it and it seems you are in the same boat.
    June 11, 2018 11:06 am I think what Josh is touching on at the end with his discussion about the Vertigo books being too on the nose in their pitches is also something I've been thinking about a lot. It is about the nature of art as really a platform for communication. People don't like to be lectured to and when you stand on a soap box and shout your point of view at people you'll only appeal to people who share your opinion. Everyone else is just going to get annoyed. I think art has the ability to change a persons mind, but the recipient still has to get there themselves somehow. Art needs to show them something formative. Not an easy task, but if the artist can manage to replicate the event that formed that opinion or emotion in their audience's mind then they are successful. In my mind that's what elevates a thing above craft and into an art. Of course I have no formally training as an artist so I'm just talkin' from a place of no experience on the artist's end.