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Pick of the Week #778 – Beta Ray Bill #2

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It helps to have good friends. Like this show, and like Bill and Skurge. And there’s more talk about characters eating foods in comics, and what seminal hardcore band is Captain Marvel into? Then there’s a big diversion of inkers and inking and digital production. Spoiler: we’re big fans of inkers.

Running Time: 01:18:43

Pick of the Week:
00:01:40 – Beta Ray Bill #2

00:14:08 – The Marvels #1
00:22:07 – Fantastic Four #31
00:26:08 – Batman/Superman #17
00:38:47 – Savage Avengers #20
00:40:43 – Black Widow #6
00:42:54 – Shadecraft #2
00:44:11 – The Comic Book History of Animation #5

Patron Pick:
00:46:12 – Robin #1

Patron Thanks:
00:57:40 – Steve Sousa
00:58:26 – Steven Schmelling
00:59:45 – Matt Pfaff
01:01:07 – Rachel Cutler

Audience Question:
01:04:48 – Dan wants to know if the high concept style of story themes is hurting the quality of comics.

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“Once Again (Here to Kick One For You)”
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  1. I guess I don’t really understand what’s so odd about the Minor Threat shirt. Probably one of the closest examples of a timeless hardcore band that has reached beyond just people within the hardcore/punk scene. Just behind Black Flag I suppose. I’ve definitely seen just as many “normies”, for lack of a better term, of all ages wearing Minor Threat and Black Flag shirts in the wild. Often they might have little knowledge and awareness of anything related to hardcore other than the bands they’ve been exposed to and like. Which is really cool to me because it means a handful of these bands really did make an impact outside of their own echo chamber and really have stood the test of time. Minor Threat shirts are something you can buy in any American shopping mall. Am I missing something? Does it have to do with Carol?

    PS -I still go to shows/ play in hardcore bands of my own and see the youngest of kids going off for a Minor Threat cover song or when I’ve seen old favorites still playing like Gorilla Biscuits, Agbostic Front, etc. The kids in hardcore are pretty true/ respectful to the roots and that’s something that can’t be said about other sub-cultures. Aside from the presence of iPhones, a (good) hardcore show is the one place I can be at where I still feel like I’m in a past decade.

  2. As someone who works in marketing/advertising
    You Always try to operate from the place that you have something someone wants and you just need to find the reason why.
    You never assume they don’t want to buy your product.

    If i read a book where Steve Rogers says “it’s been a minute” I will drop that book like it’s on fire.

    Waiting to hear about the Trust on Justice Society WWII.

    It was Very good.

    • I also don’t like the idea of Damian, but his co-starring role in Super Sons has been a delight, seriously, try an issue. He was also good with Jon in last week’s Action Comics (fancy you lads ignoring an eating scene!).

  3. Damian was said to be 10 when he first debuted and then in Rebirth was said to be 13. I know that Conor doesn’t think that Damian is that popular and well liked, but unfortunately for him, that is not true. Tim Drake isn’t as popular as Damian now which started with the New 52 and not using Tim well at all. It took until the first arc of Tynion’s Detective Comics to treat Tim with respect again before he was gone for a long time in that series. I’ve seen too many lists ranking Damian as the best Robin over everyone else.

    I’m not against Damian existing where he has been at his best when with Jon Kent since they work incredibly well together as friends. I am the opposite of Conor where I do like seeing characters change since having the same type of status quo gets stagnant and I’m fine with super heroes having children. It’s why I wasn’t against a timeline for DC honestly.

  4. On the topic of how comic art has changed with the diminished roll of inkers and the rise of digital art I totally agree. It’s not that modern art is bad, but it’s very different and there is a flatness to it that’s hard to articulate for someone like me who does doesn’t have the vocabulary build up. I think alot of it falls onto the missing craft that the inker brought to the process.

    On the subject of the lava lamps I wonder if Josh’s problem is they probably don’t let them run as hot as they did in the past for some sort of safety reason. I still have an old lava lamp from the 90s and it gets so hot that it’s crazy. I think it rivals my space heater.

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