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Mediasplode #15 – Mythic Quest, Season 2 and Star Wars Novels

Show Notes

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Running Time: 00:58:47

This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are joined by their original co-host Ron Richards to discuss…

What We’ve Been Enjoying:
00:01:23 – Conor is watching the final season of Schitt’s Creek, and watched In the Heights, The Friends Reunion, and Below Deck: Sailing Yacht.
00:09:17 – Josh is rewatching Justified, and has found himself suddenly obsessed with the NBA playoffs.
00:16:34 – Ron has been watching I’ll Be Gone in the Dark and 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything.

00:25:36 – Mythic Quest, Season Two

Listener Mail:
00:42:08 – Eric S. from Sweden is thinking about reading some Star Wars novels and wants to know which are the best.


What’s a Mediasplode? It’s a monthly special edition show in which we talk about what we are enjoying in media outside of the realm of comic books. It’s like our All Media Year End Round-Up but in a shorter, monthly format.

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  1. My favorite part of this episode was Conor’s disillusionment with wikipedia for taking a side on an issue. So much sympathy Conor. I’ve given up being surprised by that sort of betrayal in general. This one is so comedic considering it’s so bold faced and ultimately

  2. There is one great Star Wars novel since Disney bought Star Wars which is Lost Stars. Anyone upset with Chewie’s death in Vector Prime while praising TFA with the awful Han death is a hypocrite. That is not lost on me where Chewie went out saving the people he loved and couldn’t be saved. People certainly had it both ways there. George Lucas said the people off limits to be killed were Luke, R2, and C-3PO so they decided on Chewie. Someone had to die in Vector Prime to establish the stakes. Lucas also made them kill off Anakin Solo instead of Jacen Solo in the New Jedi Order series. The best Star Wars novels are the Thrawn Trilogy, Darth Plageuis, Shadows of the Empire, Shatterpoint, Traitor, the novelization of ROTS, the X-Wing novels, and I, Jedi.

    There are plenty of great Star Wars books and people speak about Darth Plageuis with the same reverence as the Thrawn Trilogy. The Darth Bane trilogy was very good. I liked the Jedi Academy trilogy even though it was ridiculous when Gantoris and Luke could walk across lava. George Lucas said he would have made Shadows of the Empire into a movie if he could have which was promoted like a movie with that multimedia project Ron referenced. Darth Plageuis was also promoted as a canonical novel in 2012 that George Lucas approved of where he was involved along with Howard Rothman. The EU was never just fan fiction as everything was being written. Now the Republic comic series along with Legacy were fantastic. Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison and the first Crimson Empire mini-series are great too. The quality of the comics and books dropping so much truly sucks.

  3. Mythic Quest Season 2 is good – def good not great.
    It’s problem is it doesn’t feel like it should repeat season one again and is afraid to be something different for an actual season 2.
    So it straddles the line between and ends up being a very good impression of season one.
    Side character development is the real enjoyment here and the main relationship between Poppy and Ian is almost a joke.

    Also- there is zero chance that mega woke manic pixie knows how to drive a stick.

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