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Special Edition – Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

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The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest release from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line… Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One! Plus The Losers and looking forward to Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two!

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“A Long December”
Counting Crows


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  1. The Long Halloween is probably my favorite Batman comic and Part One was a huge disappointment. I thought the pacing was terrible and now the ending will be changed which is frustrating. It took about 40 minutes to get going and it happened when Joker appeared on screen. I thought the opening credits were cool until I realized those scenes from the comic wouldn’t be in the movie. Jensen Ackles also didn’t try to differentiate his Bruce and Batman voice. Josh Duhamel didn’t sound right as Harvey Dent too. I just wish it was better and hopefully Part Two is much better.

  2. Tim Sheridan who wrote it and producers stated The Long Halloween two parter would have been first to launch the new animated film universe and it was not finished because they were told that Matt Reeves was adapting The Long Halloween for his film. It was apparently 75% done when they were told to put it on hold. Then they were allowed to finish it when they were told Matt Reeves isn’t adapting The Long Halloween and one of the producers seemed really bitter about needing to wait for Reeves. So yes, that footnote on Wikipedia is accurate and it’s set in the same universe as Man of Tomorrow and JSA: WWII. It’s also why the two parts are releasing so close together since so much of the work was already done with all of the lines being recorded.

  3. I bought the collected edition, I read it and I honestly remember almost nothing about it. Flipping through it though I still really like the art. The bi-plane fight panels are all alot of fun. Not sure why but I’m definitely in the camp that this story doesn’t resonate with me. The animated version didn’t fix anything in that regard.

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