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    April 7, 2021 4:53 pm LIke Empyre of not what were the lasting Universe wide changes? Hulkling? I'm guessing you weren't reading what Ewing was doing in the various sub Avengers books and Guardians after Secret Wars or you would get what I am saying. He did some subtle rebuilding from the 'blank slate' Hickman left. Not glamorous work maybe- but needed. I myself am not impressed with Immortal Hulk but there is an argument to be made that all Ewing has done is bring the character back to it's original roots. I disagree with that direction, but it can still be said that the monster who comes out at night is nothing new for the Hulk. I don't care who killed the Watcher- Hickman killed Fate- Entropy- Oblivion- Eternity- Infinity itself and every other fundamental force in existence. Do you get my point? He didn't just score the most points in a game he made sure he scored all points possible. He infinity-ied x Infinity. I bet his dad is also stronger than every other kids' dads. Sure he reset the universe -albeit on one page at the end of the series with a lame last 5 minutes of sitcom wrap up with the FF basically talking over organ music and a laugh track. Franklin just needs to go through the entire universe and recreate all life one Wham-O blow bubble at a time right? I wasn't huge into Death Metal but I think you missed the Entire point of the series. Where as Hickman's story was to knock it all down for the fireworks of it. Death Metal's whole reason was to make All stories matter to to re-enable the Multiverse. To enable other writers to have the freedom and tools to create whatever story they wanted to, any character they wanted to. Again this isn't about personal preference, whether you liked it or not, it's about the design and purpose of the story. Aaron's Avenegers has been sub-par. But it's not a good example of a writer trying to re-define everything to make Their mark over service to the characters. It's just a book that isn't that spectacular. A better example would be Spencer's Run of Captain America on an on-going title. What should have been a What IF or limited series was almost two years of political masturbation And you raise a good point about the X-men. I will say it's impressive how Hickman manages to make those books both Arrogant And Dull. There isn't a single individual voice in any of those characters and the self importance that oozes off every page is gross.
    April 5, 2021 10:51 am Vacur005, That's a lot of assumptions about why I took exception with those runs. And not what I was talking about. Although you make some good points about further things that went wrong there. Maybe those were editorial ideas but it was writer execution. No- what I was referring to was Hickman's need to change Everything. He wrote a story in which every single cosmic entity was killed, he killed the Whole universe. He negated every cosmic higher force, anything that held consequence. What was the point of anything anymore in Marvel what did the struggle matter- the victory? Think about that, all so as you say he could tie the whole universe to His FF story and then he dropped the mic. Yeah- no ego involved at all. And then it was up to every other writer to make sense of it. Thank goodness for writers like Al Ewing who are 'smart' as Hickman but recognise the importance of continuity in GOSH comics, in the Marvel universe. It was largely Ewing who was tasked with taking what Hickman did and making it work in a way that gradually distanced the current universe from that story bc that's what you would have to do in order to use this universe again. It's not a story one writes for the health of the whole it's a story one writes to say- Yeah I did that. As for Tom King it was his idea to make Wally a crazy killer. And it was his idea to take a character like Batman and make him an insecure, PTSD riddled, second guessing victim and then turn the book into a romance novel. Listen- nuance in characters is great and to a certain degree of course even Batman would have doubts. In fact some exploration of that could only serve to strengthen his resolve. But is 'some' what we got with that run? Or is fu*k ton a more accurate unit of measure for that? And for the record I don't think of Dan Didio and his choices as a good example of strong artistic editorial top down decision making. I appreciate this debate.
    April 4, 2021 5:42 pm Skeet- Skeet-Skeetz! I think Conor is exactly right about one of the major causes of the industry 'ennui' Lack of direction from the top. Lee- Kirby- Schwarts-Quesada- Johns- even Beevort. With ought a talented and artistic strong editor cohesiveness flounders. Top down inpsiration is often key to a big two's success in a run. Maybe you get one or two standout books on individual talent alone but the big two are largely a universe wide effort. When it works that 'synergy' makes the whole and it's parts better. We've been in an era now that maybe over celebrates the writer. Yes the writer is important and deserves to tell their story the way they need to but, over powering them leads to fracture. Most writers given the chance are going to want to make Their Mark on the character, they just can't help it. The job at the big two is to innovate from within and most writer's egos want to recreate in their image. Hickman with Secret Wars- Gillen with Iron man- Bendis with Superman and what unspeakable things Tom King did to Batman and The Flash. This kind of work disables the meshed gears of the machine. It's awesome when a creator can add to the mythos- flesh out the character in a meaningful way. It's hubris and dangerous when they try to take the whole car apart in their drive way and rebuild from scratch thinking they are going to build it better than the engineers who made it. And inevitably add neon ground efffetcs and a louder muffler.
    March 28, 2021 1:24 pm Justice League Odyssey by Dan Abnett was a recent series that featured Darkseid and it was excellent. Completely slept on by iFanboy.
    March 26, 2021 11:59 am Disney+ needs to quit it with this one epsiode a week bullsh*t. I totally see the value in creating suspense by not dumping all the episodes at once but this isn't broadcast tv. Streaming needs a few eps to binge, it doesn't have to be all of them - Amazon- even Sony got it right with 2-3 episode drops. And with Disney raising prices , surely not the last price increase to happen in the near future, they need to fix their UI and realize that they still don't have enough to offer with original programming than trying to manipulate them into an ongoing subscription just yet. Disney+ is a month to month service at best right now.
    March 26, 2021 9:00 am David Tennant and Michael Sheen on the importance of levity in lockdown via a skit about the London plague of 1592.
    February 13, 2021 9:29 am Agreed, this was pretty great. In other news have you heard about the new epic cross over Ko-Mahndi and the Green Lantern Corpse team up to help defend an attack on Ass-Guard? What is it about some comic book people and the difficulty to learn and remember how to pronounce words and names properly for the books they read. We have definitive easily accessible sources in creator interviews, movies- media- it's not just how you read it in 1989 in your head anymore. Its just so rampant across the community. And it's a phenomenon that seems especially stuck here. For example in other media: Ka-mah-la Harris. For a long time the general public and the media pronounced her name as Kah- mall- ah which is incorrect until she finally made a point to educate everyone and within days we all learned how to do it and it stuck. It's like we need flash cards or something for the comic book community. If one more comic book person says Dark-seed - I swear...
    January 31, 2021 12:58 pm Patrons bought up all the Savage Avengers STONKS! Its been a very good book. I wouldn't have thought I would enjoy it either but I picked up the first issue and I've stuck with it since for good reasons. It's not perfect and some issues are better than others but it's worth it.
    January 31, 2021 12:48 pm I could use come complex but inspirational stories - where sometimes the good guy actually wins and isn't secretly an evil as*hole.
    January 31, 2021 12:47 pm "A lot of King's story have an element of PTSD" Yeah- just a few. I don't know about anyone else right now, but at the moment the last thing I need right now a story that says Batman can't really save anyone, or hearing that Ben is going to murder Reed because Reed doesn't something s horrible he deserves it. Enough. Read the room. Stop trying to reduce super-Heroes to the same inadequacies and failures of the slumpy sad sack average man. First off it doesn't add complexity by deconstruction - it just makes them simple. Tragedy isn't the only way to add weight to the story it's just the easiest. And I personally have had enough.