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Pick of the Week #794 – Kang The Conqueror #1

Show Notes

Kang is Kang, which is how Kang should be, for he is Kang, now and forever, as he wills it to be so. Some strong G.O.S.H.*, and good feelings about comics leave us with a nice, tight show, and we even get to some great emails. It’s smiles all around.

*Good Ol’ Super-Heroes

Running Time: 01:10:04

Pick of the Week:
00:01:21 – Kang the Conqueror #1

00:13:48 – Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #3
00:18:23 – Nightwing #83
00:23:33 – Superman and The Authority #2
00:27:34 – Lazarus Risen #6
00:35:40 – Serial #6
00:37:48 – Time Before Time #4
00:40:11 – Superman: Red and Blue #6

Patron Pick:
00:43:41 – Kang The Conqueror #1

Patron Thanks:
00:44:21 – Chandler Cook
00:45:10 – Robert Blackley
00:45:29 – Tharanga Basnayake
00:47:12 – Tristan Walsh

Listener Mail:
00:49:13 – Joe P. wants to know why comics are not sold much more ubiquitously.
00:56:35 – Zach C. wants to know why Conor doesn’t like some replacement characters, but is okay with others.

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“Divide and Conquer”
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  1. So- I get the GOSH aspect and I share that belief.
    But- if there isn’t some kind of structure or logic- yes even comic book logic, how do you even begin to believe?
    And yes you have to believe in these worlds and constructs.
    If there isn’t a certain in-house logic your story won’t be able to stand on it’s own.
    Without it everything might as well be:
    “Hero is the best and beats villain against all odds but does it anyway.”
    Beginning-Middle-End of story.

    It’s the details- it’s the characterization that makes ‘sense’ the gets us and keeps us involved in the story.
    It’s subtle but it Has to be there or the story is just a pile of bland jell-o.

    • I would have said candy without substance, but bland Jell-O works. I don’t even think it’s that subtle and I’ve noticed with quite a few GOSH comics that Josh and Conor talk about where they feel like empty calories. They’re fun, but ultimately not memorable. They really liked War of the Realms, however, there was no emotional depth until the second to last issue where it was too little too late for a lot of people. The Thunderbolts: King in Black mini-series was fun as another example of that, but didn’t have much depth. If a story doesn’t have emotional depth with the characters, I don’t care in the long run. Being fun isn’t enough for me. The details and characterization matters most.

  2. sniff…so long comment section. you served us well.

    • ??

    • oh…ya know…just thought someone should say something when the comment section we all used for over a decade has been removed from the website unceremoniously…but alas I’m the lone old sentimental one here…

      …or wait, is this all just a Kang-ian challenge from iFanboy to enter the time-stream and randomly post comments-from-the-future into old pick of the week comment sections in a bid for comment section dominance culminating in an out-of-control trend which forces the total destruction of comment section throughout all time?

      Challenge Accepted!

      Hmm? What’s that? It’s not a Kang-ian challenge?
      People are all just busy, lazy or indifferent?
      Oh well.
      Fun while it lasted.
      Time to go pet a cat instead.

    • At first I thought it was just me, like maybe something was broken in my browser or something. Then, I’m seeing that every post has zero comments on it going back months. My next thought is, that seems strange. No one has anything to say? Followed by, maybe it’s broken on their end and maybe they don’t know it. No, that couldn’t be. So, I traveled back here and saw your post. So, I guess this was intentional. Did they say anything about the comment feature going away or did it just disappear? And, strange that I can still comment here, but not on anything current.