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Pick of the Week #790 – Superman: Red and Blue #5

Show Notes

With Conor locked in a closet, Josh has taken over the show all on his own, recording late at night and talking for an hour straight. You get all the same stuff you do on the regular show, but with only one point of view. That can’t be better, can it?

Running Time: 01:00:37

Pick of the Week:
00:02:02 – Superman: Red and Blue #5

00:07:43 – Moon Knight #1
00:11:44 – Superman and The Authority #1
00:15:19 – Captain Marvel #30
00:18:48 – Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2
00:25:49 – Shadecraft #5
00:27:43 – Thor Annual #1
00:30:06 – Alien #5

Patron Pick:
00:32:21 – Blue and Gold #1

Patron Thanks:
00:39:15 – Jeff
00:40:10 – Brian Mulhollon
00:40:37 – Torrey Gordan
00:41:16 – James Vallentgoed

Audience Question:
00:43:05 – Rashaad asks, like Zuul, are you a god?
00:44:37 – Matt wonders about power inconsistency.
00:48:06 – John is not happy with Josh’s response to the Black Widow movie.

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  1. I think I have finally cracked the code for Tom King’s writing style.
    Raid all the fan friction sites for a basic premise then infuse it with PTSD and a pointless tragedy.
    Supergirl goes to a planet with a different color sun so she can get drunk on her 21st birthday?
    Someone on Angelfire is really pissed right now.
    Alfred- Wally- Kyrpto?! [ He killed the dog.]
    Just- why.
    Did any of these stunts enhance the story for anyone at anytime?
    I know- I know he’s such a nice guy and everyone loves him.
    Sure- but professionally I wish he would sign an exclusive deal with Image and just work on original properties.

    I think that would just make everyone happy.

    • Well that’s all untrue. It doesn’t exactly apply to Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow when it is just True Grit in space. It’s also in continuity so expect Krypto to return later. He didn’t want to kill Alfred where that was supposed to be a fake out and Scarecrow toxin showing Damian his worst fear at that point. He said there was going to be smoke like from Scarecrow there. He has said many times that editorial made the decision to make it a real death when it was never his intention to do that. It was never supposed to be real. Making Wally a murderer wasn’t his decision either where he was just told to do it, but he executed that horribly.

      The end of the City of Bane was forced to be rewritten to account for Alfred’s death where DiDio and another editor made him switch things. Thomas Wayne was not supposed to be the ultimate villain and was supposed to be like Vader to Bane as the Emperor. He has been pretty bitter about the end of that run. Tom King gets a lot of blame for certain things outside of his control which is bizarre. I’m not defending the majority of the second half of that Batman run, but it’s important to try to be objective. It’s like people blaming him for what happened to Dick when Dick was supposed to recover very quickly. Ric was never the plan and of course editorial getting involved caused Ben Percy to quit. Strange Adventures is great right now and not in continuity at this time. That works.

  2. I’ll offer up that saying ‘Well met’ isn’t a whole lot different than ‘Good on you’

    But I agree.

  3. Finally to the person asking
    “It may be just me” in regards to whether Josh “aggressively pissed on Black Widow.
    The answer yes- listener it Was You.

    Conor is famous for being overly supportive and enthusiastic of super hero movie- animation films.
    He definitely gets high on the supply and it usually take some time to get a balanced perspective on the work.
    I for one appreciated Josh trying to put a skeptical lens on the parts that didn’t work.
    And that movie absolutely had parts that didn’t work perfectly.
    I didn’t see it as aggressive or pissing perhaps in contrast to the Black Widow Kool Aid Conor had in his cup it might have – but it wasn’t.

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