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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Spooky Spooky says:

    Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through. Gotta stick through.

  2. PraxJarvin PraxJarvin says:

    I want my Old Bishop back!

  3. Who are those creatures Olivetti drew in the background?


    Oh there people…..oh okay…couldnt really tell the difference between people and monsters with his pencils.

  4. Noto Noto says:

    @TNC: Looks like "Magnetoseid"

    I’ll pick this book up since it’s just a mini-series and I already started it. This will be the most lacking book in the pile though (and it’s a BIG pile this week)

  5. Noto Noto says:

    Holy Hell this art sucks!

    It’s pretty sad I want to drop a three issue mini after book #2.

  6. voodoomama voodoomama says:

    I really wanted to like this. I dont think the story is half bad but thea art is so distracting it doesnt matter


  7. mikeandzod21 mikeandzod21 says:

    how the hell does larry stroman still get work?  this is terrible, and not even in  an ashley wood "it looks like rust ontop of gray" way.  the shitty little doodles i do in the margins of my notebooks are better than this.  i feel bad for Swierzcynski, Sibal (or Farmer, whoever the inker was) and Matt Milla for have to have worked with this.  i could barely follow the story with this.

  8. Spooky Spooky says:

    On some panels the art looks okay, but as soon it gets undetailed it looks horrible.

  9. rwpos rwpos says:

    The story was okay, and as long as I stuck to the text boxes it was a fair read.  Unfortunately, from time to time my eyes would drift to the artwork and then I just felt sad.  Seriously, the rendering of people by Stroman is just plain weird, and from a story telling standpoint I can’t tell who’s who most of the time.  I think that a more capable artist could have made this an interesting comicbook series rather than a chore to read.  If I wasn’t so interested in Messiah War I would never have started this series at all.

  10. HBD HBD says:

    I feel as though my eyes have been raped.  Larry Stroman should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

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