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  1. Nope nope nope.

  2. They’re kidding, right?

  3. Hooray.

  4. (spolier) wolverine gets ripped in half

  5. I presume they’re reprinting it because the other 5 issues are actually done now. I’m kinda interested.

  6. how far did they get the first time?  two or three?

  7. Two I think.

  8. Oh also there was that dream thing in Wolverine.

  9. someone told me three, and I only had two, so I wasn’t sure

  10. I’m actually gonna pick this up (thank you sucky week).

    Is this really any good? Plus why did this take forever?

  11. The got the first two issues out originally.  Yep, it was really good.  Issue #2 was a Pick of the Week.  And then writer Damon Lindelof got caught up in executive producing LOST and the book was indefinitely put on a shelf where it has been since early 2006.

  12. I vaguely remember this being on the list of comics that were on a gigantic hiatus. I never got it first time around  and I love me some Lost…

  13. Well I for one am looking forward to this.

    It will have nothing to do with the crappy status quo of the Ultimate line (as of right now) and it’s a fight I havent seen in a long time. Which reminds me, gotta ask my LCS guy if he’ll get this.

  14. um. hello. where does this fit in continuity? before Ultimatum, i assume!!

  15. It fits in right after Ultimates 1 #13 I think… or maybe in Early Ultimates2.  Banner is not killed when the Nuke goes off and seeks higher spiritual guidance to control the Hulk.  The 1st two were good.  I will pick this up as well, hopefully the Ultimate Universe and Comics in general can get on track and stay on track and start meeting some deadlines.

  16. Yeah, the first two issues of this were fantastic, it’s a shame it became a joke after the second issue. If they can salvage it with the rest of the series….well colour me excited.

  17. just the preview marvel gave it looks like a hell of a comic

  18. So yeah, they going to finish this or just reprint it at random intervals? You’d think if it was the former Marvel would be making a big deal out of it…

  19. @projectidiot: They claim the next issue will be out this year.  I don’t think they want to make a big deal out of it because it caused them so much embarrassment in the first place.

  20. This was a great issue, I cant believe I missed this when it first came out.

    Yu’s pencils might be the best I’ve ever seen him done.

  21. shouldn’t the hulk be grey on the cover?

  22. i wasn’t into comics when this first came out so i cant reall complain about how late it is. im just gonna treat it like a new series

  23. The first two issues were great and Marvel has stated that the rest is ready to come out monthly through to the end of the series.  I enjoyed #2 more than #1 because it had some really fun moments with Bruce trying to stay calm.  And Yu’s art was simply beautiful – I hope that he was able to pick up with the same style and energy after the delay (his style looked somewhat different to me on New Avengers and Seceret Invasion).  Now I wonder if Wolverine will kill the Hulk, or vice cersa…


    I kid.

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