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I was never around for the hoopla of this original printing. I know how much of a joke it was that Lindeloff literally took years off from this title so he can focus on Lost. But can you blame him? Lost is a time consuming job in itself, so maybe he should’ve thought twice before he decided to do a comic book.

Well I’m gald he has time to redo this series, and even if this is a new printing for issue one….I loved every minute of this book. The characterizations are all there from Wolverine, to Jennifer Walters, to Nick Fury (I actually miss this Fury because of this title). I mean all of this is just set-up for the next issue, but with that two page spread of the infamous split of Logan, it just hooks you into the issue itself.

The art, oh my god, how gorgeous is the art? Obviously Yu is a much bigger name now, but before NA and SI I dont think he got much deserved attention. The art in this rivals that of any of his work now, this could be the best Yu pencil’s I’ve ever seen. The faces are gorgeous to look at, his crowd scenes are marvelous, his Hulk is the best Hulk I’ve seen in ages….I guess this got him noticed by Bendis cause this is just flawless work.

So who knows what’s going to happen with this title. Will it finally get finished, and will Yu’s art hold from so many years ago? Artist styles changes over the years so it’ll be interesting to see how drastic of a change his new issues are going to be. But I urge everyone to give this a try, or a second chance. Cause this is what the Ultimate line should be; good comics week in and week out.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I TOTALLY agree about Yu’s art and about Lindelof’s grasp of the characters.  If the series had been terrible then the delay might have gone unnoticed, but with the art and the story being so compelling, when it just vanished it was extremely sad.  I’m glad that they’re finally finishing the story, even with the delay.

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