WonderCon 2012: The Lizard Returns to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, The PUNISHER goes to SPACE!

Time for some Marvel Comics news from Anaheim!

Just in time for his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man flick, the Lizard returns to the pages of…The Amazing Spider-Man. Can Morbius cure Curt Connors of what ails him, or is the Living Vampire just adding insult to infamy?

June 2012
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

How’s about a preview of Giuseppe Camuncoli’s pages from ASM #688? I know we had a preview around here, somewh–there it is!


Meanwhile, Frank Castle is headed to outer space. Because that’s the only way you can name something…Space: Punisher! What could astronauts possibly have done to tick off Frank?

Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Mark Texeira
July 2012



  1. punisher in space? sounds lame.
    it’s like when horror movies take their villain to space. examples:

    hellraiser bloodline
    jason x
    leprechaun 4
    dracula 3000
    critters 4

    just to name a few. critters are even aliens from space and it’s still lame to have the movie setting there instead of on earth. there are good horror movies in space (alien) just not that many for my tastes.

  2. It’s good to see Camuncoli getting work on a big title, but I won’t buy another ASM until Slott is gone.

  3. Mark Texeira sure is a talented guy. In 2011 he drew a comic series about space punishing all while hitting .248 for the New York Yankees!

  4. I think you mean that preview is from #686, not #668.

    I don’t get the Slott-dissing. He writes a great ASM.

  5. You know Marvel, the more you do things like ‘Punisher in Space’ the more Robert Kirkman smugness grows.

  6. The thing of it is, the Punisher’s already been to space. I had this one-shot graphic novel thingy years ago. It was called Punisher: G Force. I don’t remember it being very good.

  7. Punisher in Space would be lame if Mark Texeira weren’t drawing it.

  8. I don’t know. I liked Frankencastle. Maybe it won’t be as bad as it sounds. I am probably wrong though cuz it sounds pretty bad.

  9. I am all about Space: Punisher. LOVE THAT TITLE.

    I hope we get Space: Shang-Chi next.

  10. Dan Slott is a phenomenal ASM writer and having The Lizard in there is only going to be a good thing. Can’t wait! 🙂

  11. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    The Punisher in space seems very out of character to me.

  12. Camumcoli’s art looks great! I might actually pick this up because the last ASM I read was the Shred storyline a couple years ago, and I dug the hell out of that.

  13. What a coincidence! Lizard is coming back in June, just before the movie.

    The thing is, was the lizard ever gone recently? He was just missing, I guess.

  14. I was worried Rucka was off Punisher for a sec there, then saw it was a mini. Whew, panic attack averted!

  15. I think “Space: Punisher” sounds like a hoot and I love Mark Texeira’s work. Definitely checking this out.

  16. Camuncoli’s art is fantastic no complaints about it and as for Slott, I find his writing ok, but I would prefer Waid on it instead.

  17. Can I say, I love that Lizard cover!

  18. Slott is a terrible writer. I’ve read every ASM since the low 300’s and Slott is one of the worst i’ve seen on the title. The last ASM story with them in space wasn’t readable.