Welcome to iFanboy 3.0!

Welcome to iFanboy 3.0!

It’s the new iFanboy.com!

Veteran readers know that this was a long time coming. It’s been built, torn apart, redesigned and rebuilt again and now, finally, here we are. Quite frankly, we couldn’t be more excited about the next chapter in the world of iFanboy!

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design. The old girl needed a new coat of paint badly, and while we loved the iFanboy.com of the past, we all agreed it was definitely time for an upgrade. Hopefully things will be a little easier to find, a bit better organized, and look more like a website from this decade. One significant difference is that you’ll have an account with a username and password (and an avatar!) that you will need to use the new features.

You can have your own pull list on the site, as well as the ability to rate and review your books each week! Just go to the list of this week’s comics and start clicking. You can even print out your pull list and bring it with you to the store! After you’ve read your books, you can rate them and see how others rated them as well. Just head over to the “Your Comics” section to write a review of any of the books on your pull list! This site isn’t just about Ron, Conor, and Josh’s opinions, it’s about everyone being heard.

You love the Pick of the Week, right? Now there’s also the Book of the Month! At the beginning of every month, we’ll pick one trade paperback, graphic novel, hardcover, collection, anthology, Absolute or Omnibus as our Book of the Month. Look for a written review, and a discussion segment on the podcast for each selection. First up: Godland Celestial Edition Volume One, by Joe Casey and Tom Scioli.

But wait, that’s not all! Up until now, we’ve been doing all the writing around here and we just couldn’t keep up. So we decided to bring in some ringers. Perhaps you’ve heard of them.

Every other Wednesday iFanboy brings you “Concentric Circles”from Jonathan Hickman, the writer and artist of The Nightly News and Pax Romana, and one of the most talented new names in comics.

Then, every Thursday join us for “200 Words with Paul Dini” in which the Emmy and Eisner Award winning writer of Batman: The Animated Series, Detective Comics, and Countdown muses on whatever strikes his particular fancy that week – sometimes comic book related, often not. There are no rules, save that he must use 200 words – no more, no less.

Finally, there are some additions to the iFanboy team. You know him, you love him: Gordon the Intern has been promoted! Well no, but at least he wasn’t fired. But he will be contributing to the site on a regular basis. We also welcome Dave Wiese, whose technical wizardry helped make the site what it is. So please welcome them with open arms.

As if that’s not enough, iFanboy has even more surprises in the coming months, so stay tuned! 2008 is going to be a really great year for iFanboy, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

We want to thank all of you who made this community what it is, and we’re going to keep working at making it the best place for comic book fans on the web.

And last but not least we’d like to thank all those who made this new website possible, including Allie Delgado, Chris Eliopoulos, Lindsay Flanagan, Dave Kersting, and Jonathan Sawitsky.

It’s a new day for iFanboy and a new design. There will be some bumps that will need to be smoothed out, and there will be a few bugs to be fixed – that’s par for the course for any new website. It was five years on the old design so it’s going to take a little bit of time to reformat all the old content to the new design, but it’s all still there, we didn’t lose anything, so please bare with us. If you find anything that needs our attention, or have an idea of something you want to see, or any thoughts in general send ‘em along to contact@ifanboy.com.


  1. WarrenPeace WarrenPeace says:

    You’ve won this time iFanboy!! *shakes his fist mightily*

  2. LukeB LukeB says:

    Thanks guys, the chat and Countdown was awesome, and the site looks great! not slow, and no bugs yet!

  3. itsbecca itsbecca says:

    The beards were worth it.

  4. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking good.

  5. Luthor Luthor says:

    Tonight was great fun and the redesign is amazing.

  6. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    Thank you guys very much for the fun evening.

  7. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:


  8. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    The comments seem to cut off everything after the first period.

  9. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    @JFernandes – try hitting refresh and see if the comments appear correctly

  10. English says:

    Tonight was great, and thank you for your hard work and dedication.

  11. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    @ron, no go yet; I’ma go pass out now.

  12. Well done ifanboy, *starts a slow clap*

  13. LukeB LukeB says:

    Where do you want us to send the bugs we find?

  14. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    Not 100% sure where to post bugs, but I thought you’d want to know it’s not letting me upload an avatar.

  15. English says:

    *Clap clap*

  16. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Send them to contact@ifanboy.com

  17. supermanfan supermanfan says:

    New site looks awesome, good work guys.

  18. gordon gordon says:

    We’re working on it…

  19. LukeB LukeB says:

    HA, just proves we either didn’t read or didn’t take in the post we are talking in ;)

  20. WarrenPeace WarrenPeace says:

    I love the pull list!!!! Great idea.

  21. KahunaBlair KahunaBlair says:

    Excellent work, gents. Looking forward to all the new goodness. Thanks!

  22. Labor Labor says:

    Such a great redesign. The pull list feature is sweet. But I need a weekly bonus question.

    Where am I to get such deep philosophical insight as to whether I would help a loved one bury a body- no questione asked- if not at iFanboy?

    Where, indeed.

  23. leland222 leland222 says:

    Gah I can’t believe after all the anticipation that’s been building in my head the last week was actually totally paid off.

  24. LukeB LukeB says:

    ;) nothing wrong with a good payoff every now and then

  25. LukeB LukeB says:

    Interesting, my last comment had the last few lines cut off, I did a few ‘enters’ and it didn’t get posted

  26. English says:

    I don’t know if i want to have kids after reading the Terms of use i agreed to.

  27. LukeB LukeB says:

    Anyway, I’m guessing the ‘pull’ system is like the ‘digg’ system, we ‘pull’ the comics we really want or are going to get in order to show their overall popularity, kind of like a rating system without the actual rankings, then we can give a review if we want

  28. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    yikes Luke – we’re looking into the these comments problems!

  29. LukeB LukeB says:

    You, say, send, Bugs, Me, send, Bugs *smacks chest* (Say in head like Tarzan)

  30. LukeB LukeB says:

    Bug – The contact@ifanboy.com link at the bottom of the article is pointing to Malto not Mailto

  31. adrian adrian says:

    Even better than expected!

  32. Rooney Rooney says:

    Hmmmm, web 2.0.

  33. Hm, very nice, all very nice. (Stands and claps a bit)

  34. MikeHaseloff says:

    Looks good, but damn the effort! Another password to remember!
    The formality makes me feel like I should have something important to say, instead of pissing around.

    Year One is a giant montage.

  35. TehDave TehDave says:

    wow…just wow.

  36. Neb Neb says:

    Hey guy, nicely done!

  37. cacheop says:

    Great job guys. Looks really good! I’m proud if you Ron.

  38. aaronjscott says:

    Well played, gentleman. I just finished reading TNN last night and was thinking to myself,

  39. Caroline says:

    Oh, pretty. . .

    Nice job, guys.

  40. davegraham davegraham says:

    Way to go guys. I did the new look. Most impressive.

  41. Dan Dan says:

    Looks amazing, people. Great job, even if you were up way too late to get it done.

  42. RaceMcCloud RaceMcCloud says:

    Hey, where’d the video feeds go?

  43. fred fred says:

    way to go dudes!

  44. azcbguy azcbguy says:

    Huge improvement!

  45. kalle says:

    Looks great! Keep it up guys.

  46. Julian Julian says:

    friggen awesome!!!

  47. gene gene says:

    I love white people. You get good stuff done. Plus you make the flowers grow. But that’s a Biblical discussion. Congrats!

  48. esophagus esophagus says:

    So much fun last night, and there’s nothing better than waking up to iFanboy 3.0. Good stuff. Can’t wait to use the site a bit more, it looks like a lot of fun.

  49. SixGun SixGun says:

    I love white people. You get good stuff done. Plus you make the flowers grow. But that’s a Biblical discussion. Congrats!

  50. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    Were you guys really up until 4:00?? I went to bed earlier than that, and I have a newborn. But then, I guess, so do you.

    To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed, but all the new features look great. I can’t wait to take a crack at this pull list.

  51. SixGun SixGun says:

    My last post was supposed to be a quote of gene’s post along with a question about what he meant, but only the quote got posted. :(

  52. Reckers Reckers says:

    Awesome stuff, guys. Well done.

  53. JonSamuelson JonSamuelson says:

    Looks pretty cool, fellas.

  54. s1lentslayer s1lentslayer says:

    Love the new look and features!

  55. JD JD says:

    Love the look and feel… but, if I can make some minor critiques:

  56. JD JD says:

    Yeah… my whole post didnt get posted!?!?

  57. Threshold Threshold says:

    Guys, the site looks great.

  58. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    JD and Six Gun – the comments are a little buggy right now – so bear with us

    Six Gun – Quotes will be coming

    JD – please send ny critiques to contact AT ifanboy DOT com

  59. chunkydrunky chunkydrunky says:

    Well played iFanboy, well played.

  60. AndrewAL AndrewAL says:

    WOW guys. This is incredible. You guys have really come a long way. Congratulations!!

  61. gene gene says:

    Hey! What happened to my post?!! BUG!

    I was trying to answer Sixgun.

  62. Diabhol Diabhol says:

    Love it!

    Always good to know when one’s faith is placed properly. :)

  63. Joshua Joshua says:

    holy f’n cow this was worth every sleepless night of wonder!!!

  64. gene gene says:

    Check my profile, sixgun.

  65. PV PV says:

    Love the new design and features, guys – so much so, that I’ve been moved to post for the first time in who-knows – look forward to the ratings and reviews, should be fun.

  66. AlexG AlexG says:

    Awesome site…just awesome

  67. AlexG AlexG says:

    gene…I read your profile too…dude…eww…it’s not 1952 anymore…

  68. daveashton daveashton says:

    Nice update guys. Loving the pull feature and looking forward to Dini, Hickman and of course Gordon!

  69. gene gene says:

    Is that why my rotary phone’s not working?

  70. spydermon spydermon says:

    I love that you can print the pull list. Now I can give that to the wife and she won’t skip books any more when its her turn to go to the comic store.

  71. mistersizzle mistersizzle says:

    Love the revamp and the fact that it loads faster on my iPhone than the previous version.

  72. Benjamin Simpson Simps (@simps) says:

    Great work guys!

  73. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    where are ya’ll getting your avatar pics from? how do you do it?

  74. I like it here.

  75. Andrew Andrew says:

    I just want to see my new avatar.

  76. I feel like people can understand me better because I’m no longer bogged down with my Revision 3 Continuity.

  77. gene gene says:

    Just go to your profile and upload an image.

  78. Raider9055 Raider9055 says:

    Looks great guys, I love the new pull list

  79. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    yea I tryed and it’s saying it needs a jpg, the file i’m using IS a Jpg.

  80. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    do they need to be a specific size?

  81. bigyanks bigyanks says:

    Great Job

  82. gene gene says:

    That might be it.

  83. gene gene says:

    My av is like 400×400 at 47 kb.

  84. Flounder Flounder says:

    I went to the site forgetting that the update was imminent.

  85. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    While it’s still a little buggy (and we will have this worked out soon), try either appending .jpg to the end of the file name.

  86. Having a little trouble with my comments being cut off.

  87. This is forcing me to be succinct and I’m having a hard time with it.

  88. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    no dice, oh well, I’ll just try later. thanks

  89. brianmaru brianmaru says:

    New place looks stellar guys. Much congrats to the new look and features. Big time.

  90. LukeB LukeB says:

    Wow….. almost 100 comments, I think this is probably the most I’ve ever seen in one Thread! On the site. Joy! Avatars are working now

  91. hbkhumanity hbkhumanity says:

    Nice job on the site guys, the blue is a nice contrast to the institutional white.

  92. Nice little place you got here fellas.

  93. All you need now is a swim

  94. Timmy Wood TimmyWood (@TimmyWood) says:

    Love the new site but I am also having a hard time with the avatar. It might just be my computer idiocy though.

  95. …weird, half my messages keep disappearing.

  96. LukeB LukeB says:

    When posting, don’t make a new paragraph, it voids the words you type in that line, sometimes the entire post

  97. CAM CAM says:

    I’ll echo the

  98. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    @DickieThickWhistle – We’re aware there are some bugs with the comments – we’re sorry for the issue and ask that you be patient while we work the bug out

    If anyone has a problem with comments, please email us at contact AT ifanboy DOT com – subject line COMMENTS – and let us know what happened – the more specific the better – thanks

  99. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    EVERYONE – we think we found the bug, but before we can get it fixed, here’s how you can avoid getting your comments cut off:

    DON’T HIT ENTER/RETURN Twice – if you have 2 line breaks – it cuts off everything after the second line break (as LukeB mentioned) – you can hit Enter/Return once – that seems ot be ok, but twice causes the bug – we’ll advise when its fixed

  100. HBD HBD says:

    Freakin’ sweet.

  101. Firevine Firevine says:


  102. Firevine Firevine says:

    Hrrm comment got cut off after a double space between sentences.I guess check that too.Anyway, was saying

  103. HBD HBD says:

    And another bug: don’t use double-spaces between sentences. lol. The joys of new sites. :D I love how fast it is now, though. Now for the third time, I’m off to get Godland!

  104. LukeB LukeB says:

    Send the Bugs to contact@ifanboy.com otherwise they’ll get lost in the comments :)

  105. Tad Tad says:

    The new site design manages to be easy to use, professional looking and still friendly. The features you thought to include, especially the pull list, show that you’re thinking of the fans. Will there be more onscreen chats with you guys? That was a fun thing to stumble on.

  106. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    We’ll definitely be looking to do that again in the future.

  107. Great job. Now to figure out this avatar.

  108. Joppe Joppe says:


    Please bring back the ustream feeds sometime.

  109. Joppe Joppe says:

    I just found the digguesqe pull list feature.

    Very well done lads, very well done.

  110. Love the new look and fucking ADORE the pull list.

  111. baggo says:


    Awesome redesign! the pull list feature looks promising!

  112. its hilarious that hitting enter twice breaks ifanboy.

  113. deezer deezer says:

    bravo! bravo! 100 times bravo iFanboys!

  114. I’m gonna be here all day now.

  115. SixGun SixGun says:

    What exactly did Chris Eliopolus do? All the snazzy fonts?

  116. Amazing guys! simpleing anazing! Did Gordon get any sleep?

  117. Benjamin Simpson Simps (@simps) says:

    The Pull List will be great to have on my iPhone when I’m at the store.

  118. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:


  119. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:


  120. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    there’s a lot of us who are having problems with the avatar. what are ya’ll (the ones who’ve figured it out) doing differently?

  121. Rofo Rofo says:

    I absolutely love the pull list printing feature. I used to scribble out a list by hand from ifanboy every week, but no more!

  122. mp says:

    Congrats – love the new look, and the pull list feature is super useful!

  123. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    The avatar issue may be related to some caching on our side – for the non technical – if you load an avatar, try logging out, closing your browser and logging back in – if that fails, hold down shift and press refresh to see if it comes through.

  124. gordon gordon says:

    @SkinnyJ – try loading the avatar from a different browser. I did mine in Firefox because I hate IE.

  125. RedwoodSilva RedwoodSilva says:

    Love the new look guys! I am greatly anticipating the new content, too.

  126. PatK says:

    Holy crap guys! Totally blew away any expectations I had about the forthcoming redesign! AMAZING JOB! I love how the layout for forthcoming podcasts.

  127. SteveM SteveM says:

    The new site looks good and I like the few features I’ve been able to check out so far.

  128. GungaDin GungaDin says:

    Damn you all for making this site so cool. It’s bad enough I spend so much time on the internet as it is, and now this site will prolly add another… four hours a day. So many new features I don’t even know where to start! It’s freakin’ sw33t guys… It’s freakin sw33t.

  129. Neb Neb says:

    Have the posting issues been fixed yet–how soon until I can use punctuation in my posts :)

  130. Marbles Marbles says:

    Just hoping the old rss feeds still work…

    Otherwise good job guys!


  131. esophagus esophagus says:

    This definitely beats anything I had in mind. A Digg-esque pull list is gonig to be a ton of fun. One more reasonn for me to head to the shop more. For now I’m just pulling everything I want to read, or am reading in trade.

  132. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    Regarding the avatar issue: I was unable to upload an avatar to my profile using either of my two PCs.

  133. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    When I uploaded the avatar using my Mac (Safari), it worked perfectly. So it may be an Internet Explorer issue on PCs.

  134. JD JD says:

    I keep having te relogin despite checking

  135. esophagus esophagus says:

    So, does tomorrow mark our first Hickman column? Or is the one of the other every-other-Wednesdays?

  136. Jan Jan says:

    Cue the awesome!

  137. electricyoda electricyoda says:

    Here’s my two cents. I love the new website. Rope (Rad Dope).

  138. Hey i can’t find my1 post! And i keep trying to post my avater that use @ the forums but won’t work. I know it has jpg,gif, and png and stuff. can sombody help me?

  139. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    superfriend82: try using Safari as your web browser, it worked for me. Internet Explorer kept kicking out the file format error.

  140. ChrisGo ChrisGo says:

    Love the new site, it has a great look. Love the pull list option. And last night’s live chat was oodles of fun. Keep it up.

  141. Man all i have is inernet explorer. NO fair! and isn’t safari for macs all i have is IBMs. I have

  142. PimpToxie PimpToxie says:

    superfriend82: no, you can get Safari for your PC right from Apple’s website. Enjoy!

  143. Mike Romo mikeromo (@rikemomo) says:

    nice work, guys!

  144. Eyun Eyun says:

    This new look is fantastic! And absolutely dripping with cool content (I literally spent about an hour just looking through all the cool new stuff). Great work, guys, you’ve done us proud and it was certainly worth the wait!

  145. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    HOLY CRAP, I finally got it to work. I was trying to use a pic I had downloaded but that didn’t work in IE or even after I downloaded Safari. the only way it works id if you use a pic’s target on the internet.

  146. JimFromLima JimFromLima says:

    The Promised Land at long last! And it didn’t even take 40 years of wandering… Great work on the site, Gents.

  147. Jesus fucking christ this page looks good.

  148. gene gene says:

    I don’t recognize your av, SkinnyJ. What’s that image from?

  149. iSteve iSteve says:

    This new 3.0 site rocks hard, dudes.

  150. iSteve iSteve says:

    What happened to the rest of my comments?

  151. I hope you guys remember us when you shoot off into the Big-Time…

  152. cable77 cable77 says:

    Awesome updates to the site!

  153. iSteve iSteve says:

    Glad to see Gordon the Intern getting his righteous do.

  154. iSteve iSteve says:

    One thing I do miss – the old iFanboy logo with Jack Kirby art – please bring it back!

  155. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    it’s the new Guardians of the Galaxy for issue #1. I know its hard to see but its Star-lord, Wraith, Rocket Racoon, Queersar, and the one chick who was banging Nova in Annihilation. here’s the link. http://comics.ign.com/articles/851/851643p1.html

  156. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    I think I’ll have to change it, there’s to much for such a small square

  157. piscespaul piscespaul says:

    Excellent Job Gentlemen …excellent!

  158. nroa nroa says:

    I was a little jarred at first.

  159. Lewis Lewis says:

    You utter and total bastards…How could you do this.

  160. JD JD says:


  161. JD JD says:

    This new site doesnt work very well

  162. apoptosis81 apoptosis81 says:

    Gotta say that I love the new site guys.

  163. dave dave says:






  164. Animalvader1 Animalvader1 says:

    Dude, the new pull list option is awesome! Well worth the wait, and I’m very glad it WASN’T Galactus after all.

  165. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    hasd anyone figured out to print my personal pull list or do I need to print out the whole thing?

  166. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    @SkinnyJ – under the iFanboy logo, there is a link to "Your Comics" – click that – and then that will show you the comics you pulled this week – then on the upper right (above the ad), there is a link to Print Your Pulllist – that should open a pop up with your pull list and trigger the print option and then you can print it out!  good luck and let us know if you have any problems

  167. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    oh, ok. well that’s not working for me, I’ll check if it works on safari. appreciate it.

  168. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    yea, it’s saying

  169. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    unable to select comics

  170. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    looks like you don’t have any comics selected – go to ifanboy.com/comics – and if you see a comic you like, click the PULL button – that will add it to your personal comics list and the button will change to PULLED – then check YOUR COMICS – you should see them there

  171. ShiNY!

  172. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    yea, I mean i did all that.

  173. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    i’ve got like 12 books with pulled next to them.

  174. JD JD says:

    Can it really be fixed?!?! K… just a few nitpicks, the fonts are too small and the I cannot stay logged in, even if I check "Remember Me."  Site looks damned good… please bring back the video chat for when you record the Podcasts.

  175. SPB SPB says:

    Love the update, the site is awsome.  I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleves.

  176. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    but when I click on the your comics link it’s not picking them up

  177. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Is it just me, or does the store lack a link to buy an Intern shirt?

  178. Ron Richards ron (@ronxo) says:

    @SkinnyJ – ok – hang in there – we’re going to investigate to see what’s up – email us at contact AT ifanboy DOT com – subject "SkinnyJ comics" and we’ll follow up with you over email

    @JFernandes – OMG you’e right! we’ll get that back in there ASAP

    @JD – We’re working on Remember Me, so bare with us – and maybe we’ll do more live video and chat soon – stay tuned!

  179. astyak astyak says:

    Looking Good. Love the look looking forward to the new features.

  180. PymSlap PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This is but another part of the Skrulls grand design.

  181. acbg acbg says:

    Great job guys! I love the pull list feature. I’m loving the new look. :)

  182. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    I’ve lived with it for a day now, and it’s great, but there is so much stuff going on on the home page I can barely wrap my head around it. This may take some adjustment.

  183. Blindrift Blindrift says:

    Love the new design. Great job. The pull lists are very cool im very excited about these new features. =)

  184. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    It’s Wednesday in EST and what does that mean?  Well it means that if you check out your pulled comics you will see that a star rating system has appeared next to each comic book.  You can now give each book you pull an overall star rating after you’ve read them!  This is a different rating than the story/art rating in the review section – it’s an overall rating. 

    Enjoy!  I can’t wait to see what the iFanbase thinks of their books. 

  185. chelsea chelsea says:

    This is really cool, not that it wasn’t awesome to begin with. I love it,huge improvement.  Can’t wait to use the new rating system!

  186. LukeB LukeB says:

    Awesome! All the stuff I hoped for in the What’s coming forum came true….. the serious guesses that is, can’t wait to read my books so I can rate/review them…. also Paul Dini and Jonathan Hickman Articles every week! THAT’S FREAKIN AMAZING! Thanks guys!

  187. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @LukeB – You freaked us out with your prediction.  It was quite funny.  "We’ve got a leak!"

    Also, Hickman is every other week; Dini is every week. 

  188. LukeB LukeB says:

    @conor – lol, Great minds think alike eh ;)

  189. Andrew Andrew says:

    I do second iSteve in already missing the old logo. Any chance you guys can fit it in somewhere on the site?

  190. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    The three of us had been staring at that logo for about 8 years, so we were feeling need for a full change.  Our nod to the old site is still sitting right there at the bottom left of every page.


    But we appreciate the nostalgia.  I hope the new stuff makes up for the slight loss. 

  191. Andrew Andrew says:

    Fair enough. We’ll just have to come up reasons for Conor to post on the forums even more.

  192. Simon Simon says:

    Yeyyyy!!! Nobody stole my username…

    This is great Guys, of course old Ifanboy will be missed, and I expect to the picture of the three kirby guys podcasting somewhere on Itunes or whatever, but this is such a great step for the Ifanboy project.

    My sincerest congratulations  

  193. TheGreatAlex TheGreatAlex says:

    Um, I still can’t get an avatar to load. I tried one saved on my computer and another that I saved to my computer from the internet (and all I got was a strange grey box). The file extension names are correct. I’m not very tech savvy, so there could be something I’m doing wrong. Just checking in to see if anyone else is still having issues getting a picture loaded.

  194. SkinnyJ SkinnyJ says:

    I had to DL safari from apples website then, find the picture I wanted, then right clicked on it, went to properties, copied the adress to the pic then pasted it into the website, hope this helps

  195. 52878org 52878org says:

    OMG I love the new site also I made my profile and I think this is going to ROCK.. I love how there is a book of the month. I LOOOOOOOOVE the new features and the pull list makes my life so easy. I can’t wait to read Paul Dini’s 200 words blog. and  I can’t wait to see the rest of the new ifanboy.



  196. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    Maybe, the grey box can be your thing?

  197. HBD HBD says:

    When the Great Grey Box speaks, we listen. @_@

  198. Dom Dom says:

    The new site is BEE-U-TEE-FUL! Well done.

  199. TheGreatAlex TheGreatAlex says:

    Well, it is a nice shade of grey (maybe I should go buy myself a grey guitar and play. *musical flourish* Mr. Jones and me…oh … sorry, got a little sidetracked). Forgot to mention that the site is gorgeous! I really really love how you have the podcast and videocast posted on the front page. Everything is so neat and tidy and wonderfully, well, graphic!

  200. When dones Gorndon get to do something?

  201. nroa nroa says:

    Well my original comment got cutoff after one sentence somehow…but the site is great!  Love the pull comics system and the ability to comment on individual issues, plus review them later. 

    Next step in the site evolution should be to have a comic collection …collector.  Something like Comicdb…but maybe simplier and more of a focus on checking out others collection rather than completely documenting yours.  Not sure how that would work, but the new site was a huge step, so maybe the next huge step could include this.

    Keep up the great work on this and the ‘cast

  202. Simon Simon says:

    Just dropped by to say again how wonderful this new site is… Great Job.

    I can’t wait for Ifanboy 4.0…No, I’m Kidding. 

  203. patio patio says:

    Wow. I kind of forgot something was coming and I was jarred awake after I clicked through to the site. It looks good so far. I can’t wait for more.

  204. mistersizzle mistersizzle says:

    After having a day or two now to work with the site, I gotta say nice work.  The pull lists are awesome and 5 star rating system is a very nice touch.  My only complaint is that the comment system doesn’t work on my iPhone, other than that it’s pretty fookin’ cool.

  205. mistersizzle mistersizzle says:

    I’ve found a work around for the comments problem on the iPhone.  If you tap the comment box before the page fully loads you can launch the keyboard and type till your hearts content. 

  206. preacher95 says:

    congratulations for the new baby

    wonderful job



     cheers from france

    keep on 

  207. Jazzlawyer Jazzlawyer says:

    Wow, this was a change.  I like the review writing feature.  I too am having issues with the avatar loading, but I’m on shitty work PCs so I’ll retry this at home on my Powerbook later.

    But congrats on the site. 

  208. Cotton Cotton (@LogFlume) says:

    Well done, guys. I really like the new look and am looking forward to the new features. good show!

  209. edward says:

    good job boys

  210. Jazzlawyer Jazzlawyer says:

    After wasting a day on the site the only negative I can find (other than mentioned avatar uploading issue which hopefully will be fixed by using a better computer) is that it would be nice if you could see if someone commented on a review.  I mean I wrote a few today, but the only way I can figure out to check is to actually go read the review itself.

     I’m sure it’s one of those things that takes more work than it’s worth, but it’s just something I’ve noticed.

    Once again, great revamp.

  211. dave dave says:

    @Jazzlawyer – that’s a good idea, i’ll see what I can do

  212. Orionthx Orionthx says:

    Love the redesign and all the new content.  I am eagerly awaiting the chance to read my books so I can review them on the site!  Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks of their books too.

  213. OddsBodkins OddsBodkins says:

    Yay innernets!  Site looks fab!

  214. Josue Josue says:

     Awesome job on the site, guys! I’ve been lurking for a year & the site makeover inspired me to finally start posting. Looking forward to whatver else you have up your sleeves!

  215. Dez Dez says:

    AWESOME!! Congratulations on the update.  Hopefully you’ll see a huge jump in user participation.  You’ve made it a lot easier and more fun to interact. Saw-WEET!!

  216. mistersizzle mistersizzle says:

    Damn you iFanboy, not since my very first porn site have I spent so much time in one place on the internets.  I can’t get over how bad ass the site is.