1. edward says:

    I get the feeling you may not get so many comments on this one, Josh, so just me me say HANK PYM to start that up again

  2. thered thered says:

    you could probably do a top 5 superheroes that SHOULD have lightning bolt logos, like storm and thor.

  3. KillTheG1mp KillTheG1mp says:

    Pfffft Flash over Shazam all the way for me! Barry Allen WAS lightning once! ;)

  4. Josh Flanagan Josh Flanagan (@jaflanagan) says:

    Honorable mention:!

    • THAT’S the one I was trying to remember. Loved Zot.

    • John42 John42 says:

      The complete Zot! is of my favorite books. If you only know Scott McCloud from his non-fiction, you should really check it out. Emotionally resonant and deceivingly complex. And he writes an awesome essay about each issue, so it’s great if you’re into process. And he wears a Zot shirt in understanding comics, so maybe he should be on the list.

  5. Mickey Mickey (@GeeksOfChrist) says:

    I’d give the top three spots to the Flash: Wally West, Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick!

  6. James696 says:
  7. ctrosejr ctrosejr says:

    I’ll give an honorable mention to DC’s Live Wire.

    Apparently, there is also a villain in the Marvel Universe called Live Wire. ( Who knew?

  8. thered thered says:

    i just realized that this is missing quicksilver and black lightning. quicksilver i can forgive because you have the flash and they’re pretty similar. you don’t want too many speedsters on the list. but black lightning? i mean, it’s in the guy’s name!

  9. Djinn says:
  10. Josh Flanagan Josh Flanagan (@jaflanagan) says:

    Yes, there are a lot.

  11. Grandturk says:

    The best use of the ‘bolt logo are those that point to the hero’s “business.”

  12. The fastest man alive who is perpetually wrapped in the speed force has the smallest logo…its pretty obvious everyone else is just compensating… =)

  13. Smasher says:

    On first read I scoffed at this but then I realized lightning bolts are on a lot of people’s costumes.

    Which is more prevalent, bolts or stars?

  14. In my opinion, Flash is better and more recognizable then Shazam/Captain Marvel

    • WheelHands WheelHands says:

      “Better” is debatable. Flash may be a deeper, more fleshed-out, and more relatable character. If we’re talking about who would win in a fight, I’m pretty sure CM would waste Barry if he could catch him. More recognizable? Probably. Though I’m sure some old-timers would argue that.

  15. Rhymer Rhymer says:

    Just curious: Was MAGE an interesting book? I personally like all things Arthurian.

  16. When I saw this article, before I even clicked on it, i said “Please let Kevin matchstick be on here!” And my wish was granted. Huzzah!

  17. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Does Skeeter from Doug count?

  18. bonigala says:

    Excellent collection! Here is another article that lists the top 10 super hero logos and the thinking behind each of them:

  19. zacal says:

    Let’s give credit where it is due: The origin of the lightning bolt symbol was Douglas Fairbanks’ Robin Hood.(1922) As the Earl of Huntingdon in the film’s opening, Fairbanks wore a LIGHTNING BOLT symbol on his chest. (The influence of movies on Golden Age comics is well known.) The popular film has, sadly, deteriorated but you can still make out his lightning bolt symbol. Here’s a link to a pic: