Top 5: Comics Starring Old Comedians

5. Sgt. Bilko

Sgt. Bilko is one of the best old sitcoms that nobody talks about anymore. Phil Silvers is one of my favorites.


4. Laurel and Hardy

The real question is “What did Hardy do to piss off Superman so much?”


3. The Three Stooges

It’s not surprising that there was a Three Stooges comic. There was a time when there was a three stooges everything, movies, cartoons, I am still waiting on a Three Stooges iPad app, Angry Birds style.


2. Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis had a long run at DC Comics and they seemed to like mixing and matching him with the superheroes. I would definitely read a Jerry Lewis/Hawkman team up/nightclub act.

1. Bob Hope

Bob Hope and a really long run with DC Comics as well. Based on the covers, the majority of the plots were based on Bob chasing women. Then the second half of the book’s life had Hope teaming up with some Groovy Ghoulie-ish characters. I love Bob Hope. Of all these comics, this is one that I would love to actually revisit.




  1. The Honeymooners comic was pretty good actually. Good art, funny-ish jokes.

    • The old DC Honeymooners comic, I mean.
      One story with the Kramdens, then a story for each of Gleason’s other major sketch-show characters (Joe the Bartender, The Poor Soul, etc).

  2. stuclach stuclach says:

    Cool list. That Bob Hope cover is actually pretty interesting. I want to know if Bob could hold his breath long enough.

  3. BrentCorey BrentCorey says:

    Good article. Could have used more Goody Rickles.

  4. If you think nobody talks about Sgt. bilko anymore, you obviously haven’t been talking to my father :)

  5. You know what comic should have made this list? The Honeymooners comic from the 80s. That on was great!

  6. Timmy Wood Timmy Wood (@TimmyWood) says:

    I did think a lot about the Honeymooners. Went back and forth between it and Bilko. Both great.

  7. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I would love to read the comics where Jerry Lewis met the DCU heroes.

  8. cabinboy454 says:

    Unfortunately, we’ll never know what did Hardy do to piss off Superman so much because issue #2 of Laurel and Hardy was never released!

  9. adrianrigter adrianrigter says:

    Honorable Mention to Don Rickles in Kirby’s Jimmy Olsen run:)

  10. Phil Silvers is the best thing about ‘It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World’. His scene with Don Knotts is more than enough proof of how funny he is. That and Jonathan Winters out for his blood is a great runner too.