The Best of the Week in Panels – 03.07.2012

All men are made of panels, do you know this? If you pierce them, the panels leak out and they die.


Action Comics #7

By Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Rick Bryant, Brad Anderson, & Patrick Brosseau

As much as I love the simple t-shirt and jeans costume of the young Superman, Morrison and Morales did a great job of showcasing in this issue why that costume is impractical for Superman.


The Manhattan Projects #1

By Jonathan Hickman, Nick Pitara, Cris Peter, & Rus Wooton

Albert Einstein is not trapped in there with you. You are trapped in there with Albert Einstein.


Fairest #1

By Bill Willingham, Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, Andrew Dalhouse, & Todd Klein

Well that is impressive.


Swamp Thing #7

By Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, & Travis Lanham

In an issue full of crazy organic plant layouts, this simple full page shot was the dramatic payoff.


Winter Soldier #3

By Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice, Stefano Guadiano with Brian Thies, Bettie Breitweiser with Jordie Bellaire, & Joe Caramagna

Rorschach/”Hurm” references are a favorite around the iFanboy offices and this one made me laugh.


Animal Man #7

By Jeff Lemire, Steve Pugh, Lovern Kindzierski, & Jared K. Fletcher

Bar none, this was my favorite moment in comics this week.


  1. Oooh. . . maybe I should have gotten Fairest.

  2. man…i’ve been one of the biggest fans of the jeans and t-shirt look for supes. but, the boot coming apart at the seams is the perfect example of why it’s unrealistic.
    i can’t help but hate that realization.
    i might need therapy

  3. Wow, that Fariest layout is really something.
    You can never get enough DoctorDoom siting in a chair.
    Animal man sounds like I really interesting character, and I was unaware he had a kid!

    • ANIMAL MAN is pretty much a family adventure/horror book. It’s all about him, his wife, and their two kids.

    • Thanks Conor, how do his powers work exactly?

    • He accesses the Morphogenic Field (also called The Red) which enables him to mimic the strength and abilities of whatever animals he chooses. I think.

    • So if Animal Man mimics the flight of birds, does he have to flap his arms? Or can he just fly like Superman? (I initially meant this as a joke, but now I’m actually curious.)

    • @lifesend: He just flies like Superman. (Look at the picture.)

    • True, his hands are pretty full. But he could be mimicking the ability of a frog and taking a huge leap.

    • I’m loving the whole family part of Animal Man. I only started reading it because it ties to swamp thing, but turns out I look forward to reading both equally.

    • If Buddy accesses the Morphogenic Field and chooses “human” – what special powers would pop up? Also, can he shrink real tiny by choosing some microbe? These are questions I have at 5:25am.

    • @Bionic Dave: If Buddy were to to choose ‘human,’ I think he would adapt the best (we hope) attributes of a human [or all humans] within his Sphere of Influence. A great plot twist somewhere down the line.

      …And if he can’t shrink tiny, he could probably operate (read: perform) on a micro level. I smell a team up with the All New, All Different Mighty ATOM!

  4. i hate greg land but the panels with namor sexing up the tapeworm creature and hopes reaction were pretty funny

  5. Buddy Baker has to be the coolest dad in comics. He sees his son trying to impress some girls and what does he do? He strikes the superhero pose, says that the Justice League needs them both and flies him away. Beat that Bruce Wayne!

    • I bet Bruce does much the same thing within the next 15 months. Different circumstances and approach, same effect. It’s another touchstone to the new, younger Bruce Wane.

  6. I’m gonna miss the working-class hero Superman outfit really badly.

  7. I loved that whole sequence in Animal Man. It makes me want a comic dealing with the normal children of superheroes, not powered ones as in FF.

  8. How did a comic with Samurai Robots from Japan, controlled by Psychic Buddhists not be up there?

  9. The Fariest was a stunning piece of artwork all around, however the storyline was something else all together.

  10. Love that Action Comics panel. Makes me wanna run out and buy it.

    Best panel for me had to be the smooch over in Children’s Crusade.

  11. This was a fun week. The last few pages of Swamp Thing are why I read comics.

  12. Every page in Swamp Thing needs to be on here! That was the most beautiful comic I believe I have ever read. Great picks though. I loved the Animal Man panel!

  13. I knew Animal Man was going to make the cut. It was just a matter of which panel.

    And I was trying to hold off buying Fairest because I already spend too much…. but the more I see and hear, the more my resolve is breaking….

  14. That panel from Fairest is excellent. That alone may get me to try and pick it up somewhere.

  15. Great selection, Conor. And for all of you still fence-sitting over Fairest – I felt exactly the same, bought it, & was completely won over.

  16. Great choices. Loved thpse moment in Action Comics and Animal Man, that spread in Fairest was the best part of the issue. Jimenez is a master.

  17. Great week for panels. Excellent choices. Couldn’t agree more.

  18. I was really hoping to find Hulkling & Wiccan’s kiss/proposal here this week

  19. Page 2 Panel 2 of Action Comics was great it made you relize that theres a reason superheros wear costumes cause normal clothing fibers can’t move as fast as Sups or The Flash or take as much beating without ripping

  20. Phil Jimenez, Andy Lanning, Andrew Dalhouse, & Todd Klein – Outstanding piece of art in Fairest #1 …wow…

  21. Interesting the footwear panel was chosen. When I first saw the comic I thought it was a clever focal point. I just think it was a bit week that Superman could run up a ramp so perfectally that he could go directly to the ship/station. I guess super-targeting is a new power in the New 52

  22. Every issue in this panels of the week was in my pull except Action Comics, haven’t read any of these yet, having only read Hell Yeah The Last Generation of Heroes (fun quick read, I likey) but man am I glad I grabbed Fairest on a whim, that cityscape destruction detail is amazing.