Introducing the MAKING COMICS Podcast with Andy Schmidt

As regular visitors and listeners will know, I am particularly interested in the craft of comics, making them, and breaking into the industry. I’ve produced prior shows on these topics whenever possible, and always like to share what I’ve learned in my time working at iFanboy, as well as making comics myself.

I got together with Andy Schmidt, former editor from Marvel and IDW, and the head of Comics Experience, to start a new podcast series of weekly shows based on the idea of making comics. We’ll be talking about many aspects of the art and industry, lending all the experience and knowledge we (mostly him) can come up with.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, writer/artist, colorist, or just someone who appreciates the craft, we hope there will be something for you, and if your dream is to make comics, that you find yourself one step closer to it.

The first show is live now, and available on the regular iFanboy podcast feed. We’ll have a new 10-15 minute show every week. Episode #1 is “Start Writing”.


The Book I Write


  1. Fantastic idea.

  2. Saw this and immediately subscribed.

  3. Is it not on iTunes, or am I doing something wrong looking for it?

    • It’ll be in our main podcast feed soon, but it’s not quite there yet. You can listen on the flash player here on the site, or you can download it directly from the episode page in the meantime.

  4. Great idea, Josh. Looking forward to each new discussion.

  5. This sounds really cool! I really did enjoy and appreciate your previous podcasts on the subject, and I remember Andy being a really good guest from past podcasts. Totally excited for this.

  6. Great news! I can’t wait to listen to this later today!

    I am oh-so excited for this, not just because I’m looking forward to learning the craft, but also because shows like this help comics overall.

    I know a lot of pros & pundits joke about the percentage of comic readers who want to break in (I’ve heard these conversations first hand). In an industry this small I’m sure the oddballs with terrible ideas/skills are a dime a dozen. But the more advice we give to aspiring creators, the more successful writers and artists we’ll see. The more successes mean more comics being published. The more comics being created, the greater the chance that something will break through to the mainstream. Mainstream attention brings in more readers, and that makes for a happy comic book world.

    Thank you Andy and Josh. You guys (and all of us!) will surely be rewarded for your efforts.

  7. I love this idea and I can’t wait to give it a listen. I’m about halfway through my scripts and any tips or advice would be awesome.

    Great idea.

  8. Thanks for the show, really looking forward to more great advice in the weeks to come!

  9. Great podcast. This is just what iFanboy needed. Not just a place to celebrate comics, but a source for people who’d like to create. Thanks for this.

  10. Great stuff. And at just under 15 minutes in length these little tidbits of knowledge are just the right size for wolfing down with lunch.

  11. Loved the podcast! Thanks for a great interview. Will stay tuned for more.

  12. In searching the iTunes podcast directory for this (before realizing the article says it’ll show up in the iFanboy feed), it looks like there’s already a podcast called “Making Comics” by Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske.

    Not that anyone is making enough bucks off podcasting to take legal action against anyone for using the same name, but it might cause some confusion.

    • Yeah but this is iFanboy’s Making Comics!

      Because Makesplode sounds dumb.

    • Fair enough. I listened to the preview episode of that other show — it had kind of a snooty tone that I didn’t care for.

      And I agree, Makesplode doesn’t work. How about Makepocalypse? Creategasm?

      (the correct answer is: no.)

    • I listened to that other making comics podcast…they had an interview with Scottie Young that was pretty interesting.

    • @wally: In fairness, I only listened to the 10 minute first episode. But there was a pretty distinct “monthly superhero comics are beneath us” kind of vibe. They may be right, but I spend too much time listening to podcasts as it is, so it was an easy point to dismiss it on.

    • @ken–yeah i’m sure thats possible. Really though when dealing with opinions about passionate subjects you can get into the snobbery zone. As much as i love the main podcast here, there are tinges of that every so often when certain characters or titles are brought up. Its all good..just opinions y’know? Grain of Salt and all that.

    • Hey guys! I noticed a few people talking about my Making Comics podcast here since it has the same name. Sorry if some of you felt like it had a snooty tone. That was not our intention. None of us are trying to look down on any one doing superhero comics. It’s just that our show is more about making creator owned comics rather than trying to get a job with the big boys. I admire anyone who can get a job drawing or writing for Marvel or DC as much as the next guy. We have several Marvel and DC guests on the show and many more to come.

      I like what your doing here with this podcast though! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing more.

  13. Can’t tell you how excited I am for this. I’ve flirted with jumping back into art, but whether or not I follow through, it’s good to get the education here on how it works.

  14. Just heard the show, thanks for putting it together! I love the idea of a weekly nugget of inspirational discussions about comics and the creative process, so I’ll definitely be following it. The only criticism I have is that when Josh brought up the subject of analyzing story structure in movies and television, I wish the discussion got more into how ti identify what a core story is ( i.e. what does a character want and what gets in his/her way?) rather than anecdotes about growing up as a film buff. I’m not sure if the show is going to be more in the “tips on writing” direction or a more general discussion of making comics, but as a listener I just love hearing specific tools about that kind of thing (plot, structure, what goes into really making a story and a comic). Otherwise, great episode, and I’m looking forward to more on the way.

  15. Has anyone in the iFanbase taken a Comic Experience course?

    • Not yet, but I’m hoping to do one in the spring.

    • Yeah, I’ve been considering the coloring class that starts in a few weeks (when I was first getting into comics at age 7 or 8 I wanted to be a colorist because I thought it was the easiest job, haha). I’ll likely sign up no matter what, but a good word from someone around here would give me a little more peace of mind regarding the cost.

  16. This was a really fun podcast. I like the format too…short focused episodes. Hope it gets to iTunes soon.

    The being too critical of everything can become a sickness…i was that guy for a little bit. Back when i only wanted to watch indie movies and bitch about them in coffee houses with my friends. Looking back i was really a miserable person then. I got no joy from anything. “Oooh it was ok, but i had so many problems with the blah blah blah”

    Once i realized its ok to have fun and enjoy things for what they are my critical thinking when looking at any type of art has really expanded and gotten better, and my overall enjoyment of life increased. I recommend it!

    • I agree with you completely on the way that being over critical can ruin entire experiences.Not liking something is different than hating something you ‘enjoy’. It really is like a sickness that Infects your entire life if allowed to get out of hand.

  17. I think there are many people who are super excited about this idea. Thanks for bringing it to all of us. Can’t wait to listen. Right after The Joe Rogan Experience

  18. Thanks for another fine feature, gents!

  19. Awesome idea can’t wait to listen to the first episode!

  20. This is an excellent feature. I also am the armchair quarterback of tv shows, movies etc. and its beyond annoying to those around me and I’m tired of it myself. Much thanks ifanboy!

  21. Josh! Thanks for this.