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Talksplode #47 – Making and Drawing Comics with Kevin Mellon and Declan Shalvey

Show Notes

After our last Talksplode episode about making comics with Blair Butler and Charles Soule from the writer’s perspective, we’re coming at it from the drawing table. Joining Josh Flanagan are Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts, Northlanders) and Kevin Mellon (Heart, Gearhead). The conversation is long and ranges through many aspects of being an artist in today’s comic book industry. We’ll talk about the origins and breaking in stories, as well as the highs and lows of the industry. We talk about some of the challenges a comic book artist faces, and how writer and artist collaborate.

There’s a lot of information to be gained, learning from people who’ve been there, and are still working at climbing their ladder, whatever that ladder may be. If you have any interest in making comics, either as an artist, writer, or whatever, this is an invaluable conversation.

Running Time: 01:39:20

For more on this episode’s guests, you can visit Kevin Mellon’s website, or Declan Shalvey’s website. You can also follow Kevin and Declan on Twitter.


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  1. This was a really great and informative podcast. Please do more like this.

    The “Don’t quit your day job” is one of the most important lessons for any creative professional. I’ve seen so many of my talented colleges think that just because they’ve been able to get a few freelance gigs, they should quit their job and start their own freelance business….the appeal of working from starbucks and making your own hours taints their reasoning… and then they run into almost immediate financial problems. Going full time freelance is starting a business, and you know what the odds are on that.

    And of course once you quit and been out of the game for a bit, its a lot harder to get that day job back, especially if there is any sort of career component to it.

  2. Fantastic talkisplode once again Josh. These have been brilliant to listen to recently, my favourite podcast on the site. Dare I say maybe more than pick of the week.


    P.S.one quick question: how big (in pixels I mean) must be a page when submitting to and editorial (i.e. IMAGE)?

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