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Talksplode #46 – Making Comics with Blair Butler and Charles Soule

Show Notes

This is a very cool episode of Talksplode. We’ve got Blair Butler of G4’s Attack of the Show and writer of the upcoming Image series, Heart, and Charles Soule, writer of 27, also from Image Comics, but we’re not just going to be plugging books. Along with Josh Flanagan, also a comic book writer looking to get published, the discussion is all about making comics, breaking in, getting started, finding artists, and the real things involved in the process. From marketing to design to scripting to page layout, we cover a lot of ground in this lengthy and diverse discussion about what’s it’s like to make professional, independent comics today.

Running Time: 01:44:14

Part of the discussion was based on this piece, Making Comics: Why I’ve Failed So Far.

Make sure to follow Blair and Charles on Twitter for updates on their comic book adventures. You can also go to Blair’s website and Charles’ blog. To read some of Josh’s comic work, you can find that here.

Look for Heart from Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon in November, and read 27: The Second Set, in shops now, both from Image.

You can also read the first issue of Dixon’s Notch, written by Josh Flanagan on Graphicly.

“For Beginners”
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  1. Thanks a lot for this, great stuff.

  2. Great listen. Some good points here.

  3. This was an incredible podcast. Really informative. As an aspiring creator myself i’m going to be keeping this one around and listening to it again from time to time. So thanks for doing it. Really awesome episode. More like this please.

    One thing i wanted to discuss. The part about personal branding and Hickman. I simultaneously agree and disagree with the conversation about going the Hickman route for self branding. I think creating a brand or an imprint is very important, but i think its a mistake to design every book you make to look kinda the same as your others, aka the current Hickman style. Graphic design is all about subject appropriateness…just like pencils, inks, colors etc. A book about Galactic Space Cops is different than a book about an Aztec Zombie Love Triangle and requires a different design concept. Thats my designer take on that idea.

    lastly, CONFEDERATES! is indeed an awesome word.

  4. Loved the podcast, I liked that everyone had something to say, no one really dominated the discussion.

  5. No joke on how long this stuff takes. Especially when your coloring pages. Great show. Nice to know everyone endures the same difficulties.

  6. Awesome podcast. I’m developing a comic book as well, and it’s been taking about six years to get together. I’m writing and drawing and lettering all myself, and it’s tough to find the time. Plus, I was never really happy with my idea, so I had to keep reworking it and tooling with it, until I came up with something I’m happy with.

    That brings me to a question, when any of you out there are writing, when do you know when to stop? Especially when you don’t have looming things like deadlines, or budgets or movie tie ins?

    Gonna check out your artist Talksplode now. Thanks Josh! Keep up the stunning work!


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