Fantastic Four Family Tree

Joe Stone's work might seem familiar as it was previously featured on iFanboy in January for his X-Men Family Tree that highlighted a sleuth of incestual, bizarre, forgotten or celebrated relationships in that corner of the Marvel universe. Alas, London based graphic designer, Stone, has created another intricate image connecting the various relationships in comics, but this time with the Fantastic Four. 


(full size image here)

Stone also created an alternate version of this image – here – with the subtraction of one big-time character (contains spoilers). Furthermore, on Stone's blog he does indicate his next family tree will be based on The Avengers – which sounds amazing. 


Austin could name everyone in the X-Men family tree with ease, but is having more difficulty with this one. 


  1. I LOVE the Yancy Street sign for Thing. I got a good chuckle from that.

  2. it took me a minute to realize sue was invisible

  3. I LOL’d at the big gray lips. Now there’s a villain they need to bring back…

  4. Yes, this is super confusing. I know the obvious ones, but there’s a lot of FF history I’m not aware of. Who is Reed’s ancestor??

  5. No Aunt Petunia? Fail.

  6. I have no idea who most of these are. FF history is not my forte.

  7. its nice to look at but is not a very well executed infographic. The term at the bottom “Confused, read more comics” really sums up the intent. Its really made for uber fans more than trying to be informative to someone coming in cold, So yeah…its like an easter egg info graphic which can be fun for some, frustrating for most. 

  8. This is even more confusing then the X-Men one because I don’t know all of the characters listed here.

    I can’t wait for the Avengers family tree. It’s probably going to be the size of a sail by the time he’s done with it.

  9. @wallythegreenmonster  I think you’re WAY over thinking this bit of fun.

  10. @convoy83  Same here. At first I thought they we’re indicating a mystery/unknown person, and even when I saw the marrage line from Reed my first thought was “Wait, Reed was married to the mystery person?” Hahaha!! 

  11. Don’t get me wrong. The X-men one I could actually follow. because I was an X-men fan as a kid.

    For people who read Fantastic Four as a kid this is just as awesome.

  12. I do find it hilarious that a random street in New York is linked up to Galactus.

  13. @conor  –i did say that it was fun to look at. =) Of course i’m overthinking/critiquing it. thats just my thing.

  14. The next image after this one is just Galactus after having eaten all the other heads. 

  15. @TheNextChampion  I think the street sign represents the Yancy Street Gang, most probably. 

  16. @VitoDelsante  Agreed!  Plus where is Willie Lumpkin? Are we really so email centric nowaday that we’ve forgotten how mail use to arrive?


    Everytime you kiss Iron Man, you taste Galactus.

  18. Neat! I one made a family starting with Hank Pym, which became more of a spider-web, creating Ultron, who made the Vision, who had Wonder Man’s brain waves and married Scarlet Witch, brother of Quicksilver, who married Crystal, who once dated Johnny Storm, etc.

  19. Oh my gosh. I JUST realized that Reed is connected to no one because it’s the Invisible Woman. I am a whole ass.

  20. @VichusSmith  it happens to the best of us

  21. Everyone, including me, thought sue was missing for at least a moment

  22. @powerdad: Oh I know it’s Yancy Street. But think about it: A random street in NYC is linked to the most powerful cosmic entity in the known universe.

  23. I love the tag line: Confused? Read More Comics. PERFECT!

  24. So what’s the sideways gray thingie? I’m not getting it.

  25. @VichusSmith  Awesome Andy, innit? 

  26. Shouldn’t H.E.R.B.I.E be an offspring of Reed and have a green line to Franklin?

  27. @VichusSmith Reed’s ancestor is his dad Nathaniel Richards, who i’m guessing may be Kang’s dad or ancestor too? But i also thought Nathaniel was Kristoff’s dad, so whatever. Love the inclusion of Hyperstorm! But then shouldn’t rachel summers be in here somewhere too? And is that Wyatt Wingfoot next to Lyja? This was great!

  28. @VichusSmith  If you mean the gray flat head, it’s The Awesome Android, also sometimes known as Awesome Andy (see

    He was made by the Mad Thinker to defeat the FF or something like that, but he went roge and turned out to be a good android (perhaps simliar to the Vision).

    If I remember correctly, he has the power to duplicate other peoples powers to some degree. He can’t speak, but has a “magical”-chalkboard which can express his thoughts. (Note, I believe his chalkboard is “science-based”, but it feels a lot like magic to me.)

  29. @VichusSmith  Oh, and if you mean the grey regular head, then I believe that’s the Silver Surfer (since he’s connected to Galactus).

  30. (I was reading more about Awesome Andy online, and it appears my memory is bad OR I’m remembering things they way I want them to be I suppose.)

    Here’s another Awesome Andy link:

  31. Awesome Andy seems like he’d belong right beside Gigolo Joe, but now thanks to that link I can’t shake the image of a David E Kelley style legal drama. With robots.

  32. Andy is quite Awesome!

  33. love this! it’s brilliant!! best thing since Return of the Dapper Men.

  34. @VichusSmith  I will try to do this to the best of my abilities…left to right…top to bottom

    Puppet Master, Yancy Street Gang, Franklin Storm, Nathaniel Richards, Kang (ancestor of Nathaniel in some odd indirect fashion) 

    Alicia Masters, Thing, Reed Richards, Dr. Doom, Valeria (childhood gypsy love of Doom)

    She-Hulk, She-Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Namor, Kristoff

    Silver Surfer, Wyatt Wingfoot, Lyja the Laserfist, Nova (Frankie Raye NOT Richard Rider), Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards (named by Doom due to alternate future Reeed pretending to be Doom storyline), Namora, Annihilus??? (right design, wrong color, nemesis of Psycho-Man, and has interacted with Reed as friend and foe in many different combinations)

    Awesome Android, Super-Skrull (Kl’rt)?, Attuma, Namorita, Psycho-Man

    Mad Thinker, Hulkling??(takes name of hulk for She-Hulk connection, is daughter of Princess Annelle of the Skrull Empire who had a maybe romantic relationship with Super-Skrull involving her taking his DNA and mixing it with her own and all skrulls…), Hyperstorm, Crystal, Medusa, Black Bolt

     All heralds of Galactus: Terrax, Firelord, Red Shift, Fallen One, Air-Walker, Morg the Executioner


    This has some random connections in my opinion and forgets some people, such as Johnny Storm being a temporary Herald of Galactus, Drax being a temporary herald, and Stardust, the most recent long-term herald before Silver Surfer came back.