X-Men RegensisX-Men Regenesis is coming!

With the big X-Men event, Schism, winding down, we’ve been hotly anticipating what Marvel Comics has dubbed Regenesis, as the teams shuffle and take sides along Cyclops or Wolverine.

This October, Marvel Comics is releasing a one-shot titled X-Men Regenesis, which promises to kick things off. ¬†We got our hands on some exclusive art from that one shot, which you can see below, and as you can tell, they’re not messing around!


X-Men Regenesis is available in comic shops on October 12, 2011 for $3.99, coming in at 40 pages and is written by Kieron Gillen, with art by Billy Tan and a cover by Chris Bachalo

X-Men Regenesis Sneak Peek


  1. That cover looks great! I wish I could see Bachalo’s entire composition, though, instead of having characters pushed to the sides for the “schism.”

  2. I was a big fan of the X-Men when I was a kid and would like to get back into it. Is this a good starting point? I wasn’t aware that Professor X died and that Magneto became a good guy again. Where is a good starting point to read these books again?

    On a similar note, the relaunch for DC’s 52 is why I am able to start reading these monthly books again. I wish Marvel could do something like this too.

    • Marvel has kind of been slowly relaunching some titles with #1s over the past year or so, such as Thor, and Captain America, with Incredible Hulk and Uncanny X-Men just around the corner. In a way I think the gradual approach might be better, or if the Regenesis works, do that with other sections of the greater Marvel U. But Marvel has been giving their individual characters ongoings on and off for years.

    • This should be an exceptionally good place to jump back into the X-Men. New number ones, some new creators, and what seems to be a new status quo for the mutants. If you want to jump back a little further, I’d say get into the current Schism mini-series, track down Uncanny 534.1 for details on Magneto’s current frame of mind, and then if you’re still on board, you might want to check out the Messiah Complex and Second Coming trades to get a good handle on what’s been happening since Scarlet Witch said “no more mutants.”

      I’m excited for Regenesis. I am NOT excited for $3.99 books with only 20 story pages.

    • I haven’t read X-Men regularly in years until I picked up Schism on a whim. It’s a great jumping on point and has gotten be excited, albeit a mild excitement, for Regenesis.

  3. Professor X gets cut in half!!! The King Solomon proposition was made, and neither side buckled.

  4. I haven’t been reading Generation Hope, so I’m not all too familiar with naked blue girl in this picture. But does she really have to be naked? Why can’t she wear clothes of some sort. Something, anything to differentiate her from Mystique.

    • I think I’ve seen her wear clothes every once in a while. I think she’s just more comfortable in her new skin.

    • Comfortable or not, she really really really looks like movie-mystique. Just seems like a poor character design choice to have her sooooo visually similarmto a pre-exsisting X-character. That being said, I haven’t read Generation Hope and the character could be great.

    • All the Generation Hope character designs are terrible.

  5. you don’t cover the stripes of a tiger

  6. Man do I love Bachalo’s Iceman! It’s just so fuckin’ wacky. Like a killer Jack Frost. Awesome.

  7. sweet

  8. Thank God it’s a one shot! I was afraid there’d be another mini-series with two to three members choosing sides each issue. Thank you Marvel for not being cheap.

  9. I’ll pick this up out of curiosity. I just read House of M trade, so I think maybe Marvel is going to do better with this than
    Fear Itself.