EXCLUSIVE: Set Photos From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’! Is this the Bat-Copter?

You’ve probably already heard that The Dark Knight Rises, the latest in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, is currently filming in New York City. Today, as in right now, they are filming on the rooftop of a building in Lower Manhattan that I happen to work in. One of the employees who also works here was able to grab a couple pictures of what we’ll call the Bat-Copter.




  1. Looks like some kind of VTOL hovering aircraft. Which is bad ass!

  2. Nice intrepid reporter skills, Ali!

  3. Where does he get those wonderful toys?!

    • BOOM! I cant believe I was the first person to get to say that! Suck it everyone else who thought immediately after seeing the headline to this article!

  4. Transformer in disguise?

  5. It’s manhattan? Surely he’s gonna get a ticket parking there?

  6. Wow, this is late man! lol

  7. I’m assuming that this is just a physical section of what will be a larger CGI vehicle, allowing for close-ups of Batman in the cockpit or climbing in & out of the copter/Batwing.

  8. They bought it from the Chinese who bought it from the guys who looted the crashed copter from Osama’s compound after the seal team 6 raid. DUH. =)

  9. Pretty mean-looking. When that tracking shot leaked a few months back I thought it may eject off the Tumbler like the Batpod. Now I’m not so sure.

    Ya gotta love the design of these vehicles. Nolan really tapped into something special with the original Tumbler design. It’s not easy to make something look usable and “real” while still managing to make it look badass and otherworldly.

  10. man, all the nerds on the internet are going to spoil the heck out of that movie for themselves. i can’t help myself, i bet you can’t either

  11. This looks sweet.

    Funny, with Arkham City being in my life the last month this movie has completely dropped from my radar. It’ll change once the next trailer for this comes out in about a month or so.

  12. Can we avoid having this kind of stuff on the main page? I’m sure there are many like myself who are trying to stay away from spoilers like this, and it’d e nice if it were something we had to click on to see, rather than have it be the first thing that pops up when we visit the site ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree here, and on top of that, I’d rather iFanboy NOT become the TMZ of comics journalism like another few sites I frequent *he says pointing emphatically at the bright red banner of SHH*. I go there for that when the urge hits me, but I come here for something different, something more…pure in it’s appreciation of the medium?
      It’s possible that I am not expressing my opinion succinctly, but whatever you take from this, I hope you don’t think I’m leveling any specific attack on anyone who contributes to this site. You ladies and gentlemen are IMO the best in the business, and I just want you to stay that way.
      Best Regards! ~S!

    • The pic doesn’t spoil anything about the film or the integrity of this site.

      Don’t be such a Drama Llama.

    • Seeing a photo of a vehicle in an upcoming movie spoiled the movie for you guys? That’s sad.

    • Hm. I’m not speaking for the original commenter, but I couldn’t care less about leaked images for this movie in particular, and I’m not sensitive to spoilers in general <—though I am trying somewhat to block out Avengers stuff, for funzies). That was SO not the point of my post.
      Also, deriding someone for their thoughtful opinion or friendly suggestion is something that runs rampant on those other sites, but not here. It's unbecoming of the iFanbase, which is the best comics-related community I know of. Let's keep it so.

  13. I love these movies and comics but… sometimes knowing too much is just silly. I think I gots “spoiler fatigue”. Not that it spoils anything, just kinda takes the surprise of seeing cool shit happen without expecting it. Mind, my curiosity does get the better of me when I see these headlines. Looks cool I guess.

  14. “Seeing a photo of a vehicle in an upcoming movie spoiled the movie for you guys? Thatโ€™s sad.”

    Not just this image, but there are many that are floating around out there. As janoscd mentioned, there are other sites that do that dort of thing, such as Superherohype (a site I’ve been avoiding because I don’t want spoilers). When these “spoiler images” start to add up, it can cause one to begin to infer the plot, scenes, etc. When that happens, expectations begin to form. Personally, I want to go into this movie with the most objective view that I can.

    So, I was simply respectfully asking that such images not make their way to the main page of a site that I frequent on a daily basis (as an iFanboy member). I’m not asking them to change their content, just for the choice to “spoil” things for myself, rather than make it unavoidable.

    It may be silly to some of you, but everyone on this site takes seriously something that others/most find silly. If you don’t worry about spoilers, congrats. I wish I was able to do the same. You probably have a lower stress level than I do ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I wonder if the iFanboys might take a moment to consider a suggestion based on some people’s aversion to being smacked in the face by movie spoiler content on this site: What if you added an “Upcoming Movies” section where you could organize concept art, production stills, cast and creator interviews, and the like? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that for me, it would *completely* eliminate any desire to visit those other sites I alluded to before. If I think this, others must be thinking it too, so I can’t help but believe it would grow your readership by some margin.
    Keep in mind that I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but in my head this seems like a pragmatic solution, albeit to a minor issue.