Oh, O.M.A.C.. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Outstandingly over-the-top!
Manically mirthful!
Amazingly artful!
Cunningly conceived!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–O.M.A.C. was a book from the New 52 that was not at all on my radar… until I actually read it. (Actually, until I read the first issue a second time.) And now it’s one of my favorites.

What Dan Didio, Keith Giffen, and Scott Koblish have crafted in O.M.A.C. is an incredibly thrilling and action packed book that’s full of big Kirby-esque art. It is so much fun that these days it’s called a throwback. Call it whatever you want, just pick it up and give it a try.

O.M.A.C. #4


Kevin Kho finally makes it back home – but while trying to pull the pieces of his life back together, he inadvertently disconnects from Brother Eye!

Unfortunately, Kevin’s freedom comes with a price, because now he’s alone and forced to defend himself against Checkmate and their lethal Bio-gators!

Check out the six page preview below and try not to OMACTIVATE! from an overload of joy:


  1. Oh O.M.A.C., second guilty pleasure of the month after Daredevil and my biggest surprise of the New 52! I can’t imagine a world without O.M.A.C. now, my life would be pointless and devoid of all meaning! 0_o

  2. I can’t express how happy this book makes me. SO FUN.

  3. I just omactivated in my pants

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first three issues. I love the art. This looks like another fun issue.

  5. Man, this book is great. Totally looking forward to the next ish.

  6. Good god that looks like some fun comics. Is brother eye always this much of a dick?

  7. Bio-gators!!!!! Awesome. Biggest surprise of the relaunch. I usually shy away from titles with an old school art style but this title is a blast and absolutely fantastic.

  8. Can’t wait! I bought all three issues at once and loved it.

    Although is this the last issue involving Giffen? It’s either this or the 5th issue where Giffen is off the book.

  9. omac is great cant wait for next week

  10. Are we seeing more Koblish than Giffen’s Kirby in these pages? No matter, its still the best fun $2.99 can buy!

    @Conor stated, “…and try not to OMACTIVATE! from an overload of joy”
    I see what you did there and i like it! 😉

  11. “Omactivate damn you! OMACTIVATE!!!” — yep, this issue is sold!