Conan O’Brien Returns to the DC Animation Studios

Conan O'Brien's trip through the WB Animation studios continues with some female DC character redesigns. 

In this installment, the jolly pale giant asks "What's too sexy?" 


This bit's got legs! 


  1. HAHA. Misses “Pierre Bernard, Recliner of Rage”

  2. Brilliant.

  3. That Ma Kent is so funny!

  4. That’s hilarious!

  5. that is freaking amazing

  6. I love Conan’s show. It’s awesome.

  7. OMG I’m in pain… that was hilarious!

  8. Funnier than the other skit where I felt he was taking the piss out of superheroes, which is not cool

  9. Keep bringing in Pierre. It’s always fun to watch him in segments. They need something that is similar to recliner of rage bit. As for the drawings, Pierre must have watched too much anime porn during the show’s hiatus. 

  10. oh no ma kent. LOL.

  11. Why do I have a feeling some people felt uncomfortable about Pierre discussing the DCAU love life of Batman and Wonder Woman? That felt really close home to some I’m sure.

    (including me) 

  12. Yeah I saw it on twitter.

  13. It’s pretty hilarious how they gave Gerrardi the Ma Kent.

  14. It’s probably a good job he didn’t redesign Power Girl.

  15. I loved watching Gerrardi’s reaction thru out the skit. Especially when they get to Ma Kent.

  16. Fantastic.

  17. Always nice to have laughter-induced tears before 11am.

  18. That’s pretty awesome. Is there a link to the first one? I used to work with Bruce Timm – always fun to see him on camera.