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    phillosmaster's Recent Comments
    May 1, 2019 5:13 pm I agree Thor's PTSD was compelling and for the most part handled well. I think his parts in Infinity War was some of the best stuff in that movie. It was shitty the way the other avengers treated him in this movie. Though that is a thing that happens unfortunately. Especially to people who we think should be able to take it like authority figures. Thor does present himself as the god of thunder. I'm very curious what this new Guardians movie will be considering everything that happened to them as a result on these last two Avengers films. I mean the Avengers were pretty much destroyed as a result of this event, but they had no upcoming movies. the Guardians were maybe less devastated since the majority of their team is intact, but it still feels like they were knocked out of their orbit so to speak.
    April 27, 2019 10:42 am In my theater I also had opinionated nerd guy behind me riffing the trailers before the movie. I had to let out a sigh as he vocalized his disapproval of the Star Wars trailer. Luckily the guy was respectful once the movie started. Well either he was or the movie was way to load for me to hear him anymore. I really enjoyed that instead of one big battle the whole 3 hours (which would have gotten tiring) the movie was a "time heist". I thought that was a fun choice to make. We still got a big battle at the climax and I thought it was long enough. Also always rewarding to see all those characters interacting in one big battle, and how do you not react when Steve wields the power of Thor. Also Steve got to dance with Peggy at the end. I think it's kinda cool that this movie bookend-ed the first Captain America movie. I know Tony should be the big gut punch moment, but we knew they were going to do that (just not how). I was curious what they were gonna do with Cap and I like how they closed his story out. I'm very curious to see how they keep this thing going without those two characters since they carried the majority of the weight through all of this so far.
    April 27, 2019 10:25 am I would have never guessed that. I'm guessing there was a cut scene somewhere.
    April 26, 2019 10:23 pm I had a thought during the all female hero charge that it felt a little self congratulatory, and I agree that it also felt a bit contrived. The "She's not alone" scene from the first Infinity War movie felt better executed to me when trying to convey the same sort of sentiment. Though while I was having this thought the woman behind me cried out in excitement and my wife next to me was digging it. I realized it was getting the intended reaction so I quickly dismissed it. I suspect the reason they animate Pegasus galloping in the air when it makes no sense is because if their legs just hung there they would look silly. I feel like there's no good pose for a horse to get into where it would look natural for it to be flying. Horses running on the other hand look awesome. Makes sense since that's what they were built to do.
    April 22, 2019 11:02 am I was very happy that The Devil You Know brought all of this back together considering for the longest time this was a very splintered story. My feeling as someone who continued to read BPRD all the way through is that it was ultimately a very nihilistic story. They created a bunch of really great characters and introduced some really fun concepts, but the story kept pushing all of that toward this slow oblivion. That wasn't always fun to read and did get quite fatiguing. Josh is exactly right to say "what is the point". I've certainly gotten to that point even though I kept reading. If BPRD was guilty of anything it was definitely guilty of taking too long to tell this sort of story. Maybe it reads better in trades. I'm glad that they finally dropped a curtain on it so to speak. If they continue from here then let it be something fresh rather than a continued jog down the same road. That all made it seem like maybe I didn't enjoy it, but looking back I still really love the book. Things like Roger the homunculus , Ted Howards and his sword, Ashley Strode and her exorcist abilities, the Oannes Society ... are all alot of fun. I mean at one point we got a scene where a head in a jar shoots a cthulian horror with a mystical cannon mounted on the top of his steampunk submarine and it felt like a natural extension of the story (and not just absurd hyperbole). Fun stuff. Pages like that one kept me reading BPRD until the end.
    April 16, 2019 3:19 pm To be fair I think if the movie was "mean spirited and cynical" then it sort of can share that critique with the comic. I think Mignola's art is fantastic and his team created some excellent characters, but the narrative does tend to drag on as it focuses on the suffering of these characters and piles on character deaths to magnify that suffer. It really creates this sense of slow inevitable defeat, which is not always enjoyable to read. I do continue to read some of the Hellboy titles in spite of that because I do enjoy the characters and their interactions, but I feel Del Toro's take which added way more levity to the formula maybe wasn't such a bad thing when you are potentially dealing with such heavy topics.
    April 16, 2019 3:09 pm As a Hellboy fan I feel a bit embarrassed to say I haven't gone out to see the movie yet. Something about the trailers and promotional material really took the wind out of my sails and with young kids it takes significant effort to go out and see a movie. I listened anyway because I was hoping Josh would say something to inspire me to take that extra effort. There's something about the look and feel of those trailers that felt off. I think Josh might be touching on what it was exactly. It didn't look offensive. It just looked unexciting and maybe unnecessary if its just a retelling of one of the comic book stories. At least the Del Toro stuff have a sort of odd electricity to them. Ultimately I will see it, but I'll probably wait for it to go to streaming. That seems pretty bad consider I should be in the core demo for the movie. I also love Ian Mcshane. Totally excited that there is a new Deadwood movie coming in about a month. He seems like a weird pick for Bruttenholm though.
    April 1, 2019 10:24 am As a lapsed X-Men reader I agree with Conor. I think AvX was the nail in the coffin for me. I'm not sure any creative team could convince me to read X-Men religiously again if they keep with the status quo. I find I'm bored with it. There have been some bright spots, but mostly nothing manages to rekindle that flame. Morrisson might have been the last one. Like Conor, I feel they just keep telling the same stories and also they tend to be overburdened by the weight of their continuity. Picking up an X-Book now after being lapsed is like tuning into a random episode of a long running soap opera. When they try and turn up the melodrama dial, and it's not connecting, it feels super awkward to me. The movies to me feel like they are in the same place. I totally am not looking forward to another poor adaptation of the Dark Phoenix saga. I hope they surprise me, but I'm going in with super low expectations. What's interesting to me is I'm excited to see what Marvel does with FF now, but I don't know how to feel about X-Men coming into the MCU continuity potentially in the future. It's nice now that they get a whole archives of mythology to explore that was previously locked to them (thus giving the MCU a potential new lease on life when their older properties age out), but while it's new to the MCU the X-Men mythology is not a new thing to movie going audiences. They'd need to find some way to come at it from a very different angle compared to the Fox approach to make it feel fresh. Are audiences really gonna want to sit through Charles and Erik crying each other's names for the entire movie again?. As great as their relationship was in First Class and X2 it seems almost comical now going into the seventh iteration. Very similar experience to the comics for me.
    March 29, 2019 11:16 am Morrison had very particular ideas that he was exploring in most of his books and he finally got over it when he finished The Invisibles. While I enjoyed all Morrison's work in the era (Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Flex and the Invisibles in particular are all fantastic) I feel like this run was where I finally appreciated just how strong a comic writer he was really. He gave one of the most incredible JLA runs while still playing by all the rules. I feel like if you didn't know this was Morrison you'd not guess it was him right away. Not all creators can switch their voice like that and still deliver so strong.
    March 20, 2019 3:54 pm I was wondering if anyone at iFanboy was still reading the BPRD stuff (and looks like the answer is no). I still am, but I think the pacing of the Hell Of Earth story was way too slow, and it was problematic that for much of it the main Hellboy personalities were absent. It was basically a long story of the BPRD losing a war of attrition and it went on for close to a decade. I think it started in 2010 and we only just started The Devil You Know last year. What a strange choice considering it did start to feel aimless and hopeless(a sentiment echoed by characters inside the arc). I stuck through it, but I have to imagine most people fell off. To compare it to another long running horror comic series, I think Kirkman did a better in the Walking Dead by changing the nature of the threats each arc. The Governor is different from the Saviors. Who are different from the Whisperers. Who are different from the Commonwealth etc. In BPRD up until this point it felt like one big battle against more or less the same unknowable alien threat. At least now with The Devil You Know they corrected a lot of that and gave us a new threat to consider. So its gotten much better in recent history.