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    phillosmaster's Recent Comments
    February 18, 2019 10:30 am When I think of Conan I think of the time before Ancient Babylon and Assyria. Maybe we shouldn't take it too seriously considering if that was the correct timeline for the stories then iron would be the height of weapon technology. Yet then in the Schwarzenegger movies steel is shown as a major plot element, and who doesn't like those films? Of course, steel working is treated as a very rare and precious skill in those movies. So it's easier to forgive that by saying maybe when Conan's tribe was murdered off that was a lost bit of technology that needed to be rediscovered. My thinking places it in a much more contemporary time than many other authors like Roy Thomas for instance who seems to peg the Hyborian Age at around 10,000 BC, which might as well be disconnected altogether from our modern historical records. Really all we know is that all this stuff happens after the fall of Atlantis (a purely fictional thing), but before the rise known civilizations. So maybe Roy Thomas is correct in his impression. All that said, yeah the pirates bugged me too. I also think it is weird that they would think the market could support two Conan books. I'm almost more interested in reading an account of those sorts of conversations than I am actually reading these books. That said I like Conan so I'll give both of these titles a fair shake.
    February 5, 2019 10:58 am The Green Lantern in my opinion, but I haven't read American Carnage.
    February 1, 2019 10:51 am I think I'm about the same age as you guys, and when I think about comics this is the era I associate with a normal comic reading experience. Soap Opera plot points, thought balloons editor's notes... all of it. Say what you will about Marvel editorial at the time, but their heavy handed control over the books allowed for that interconnected feeling world. It was crazy just how consistent they managed to keep all the books. I really do miss those editor's notes. It's sounds crazy, but that was one of my favorite things about reading those old comics. Reading an editor's notes and then tracking down some back issue to hear more about a plot point was tons of fun. I was 8-10 at the time of these books and I certainly noticed the writer and when the artist changed. The inker, letterer, colorist, editor etc all were basically invisible to me. I'm not sure if I even knew what those jobs entailed at the time. I still sometimes undervalue what the editor does for a book. That all said the big difference between then and now is now I more frequently will make a purchase based on the creative team. That was certainly not true back then. Back then I followed titles and characters regardless of the creative team. For example, if John Byrne left X-Men to go do a different book I didn't follow him to that book. I kept reading the X-Men even if I didn't care for the new creative team. Nowadays I would never do that.
    January 31, 2019 10:56 am Just finished reading The Wild Storm 19. Reminds me of Planetary in the sense that I didn't understand what Planetary was really about until around the middle of the series. It took The Wild Storm 19 issues to get there. Seems like a very Ellis move to make us wait this long for the Jenny/Doctor info dump. Looking back now much of this was hinted at and seeded throughout the series, and some of this could be extrapolated from prior Wildstorm knowledge, but for a new casual reader we only just got to the point where the audience is truly up to speed. Though now I wonder just how much will be resolved in this series. Is it just going to set the stage for a new continuity that will be explored in other books? I'm curious where this is going.
    January 28, 2019 11:02 am I had the same thought as Josh on GotG. I wonder if the book is allowed to be more experimental now that the movie franchise has been a bit derailed unfortunately. I for one am happy to see where they take it. I was the least happy when the book was trying to be a carbon copy of the movies in characterization. As someone who has been a long time fan of the cosmic side of Marvel it's been frustrating to see that stuff diminished, but it seems like recently they've opened a flood gate for this stuff. I think we saw the seed of this in the Duggan run where he was playing with characterizations more and brought back a good number of the old cosmic characters. I'm gonna stick around for the Cates run. I like these characters, and I wanna see what he does with the property. On paper he should be a good fit for GotG. I 100% agree that talking Groot is a terrible idea. He's talked briefly in the past, but he works so much better as a cypher linguistically. Also taking Rocket out of the picture is brave. He's been a constant since they made the modern line up, and important to the tone of the book. Even more than Star Lord in my opinion. Star Lord was the leader and Rocket was the heart of the team. That said I definitely wanted them to shake this book up so bring it on. Let's see how this works out. I'm willing to bet he won't be gone for long.
    January 27, 2019 2:12 pm Is that was it is .. I usually walk around with only one ear bud in so I can still hear what's going on around me. I only heard Josh. I just figured the other track was missing. It never occurred to me to pop the other bud in and see if I could hear anything on that side. Also it's super weird to hear only one side of a conversation. You get a bunch of dead silence and acknowledgement sounds.
    January 25, 2019 3:20 pm I think my connection to Michael Cray is similar to Josh's experience. I remember Deathblow being this ad in the back of Image comic issues that kept appearing and then never the book never hitting the shelves. Then the book came out. I bought it. Thought it was fine, but didn't continue. So when the new Michael Cray book came out under the Wild Storm umbrella my first thought was Michael who? That actually I think must be pretty freeing for a writer. I can't imagine there were a ton of Deathblow diehards out there who would take offense at a re-imagining. I also originally was worried that it was an in continuity book., which I didn't want. I wanted this new Wild Storm stuff to just be it's own thing. Once I realized what it was going to be I really started enjoying it.
    December 17, 2018 4:49 pm Thanks for taking the time to clarify. My impression was that the movie was about Neal more than the moon landing. That's really where the focus was placed, and I think Chazelle was trying to get us to understand Neal and see the events through his eyes. As you said Neal had a particular personality, which is why he was chosen for the mission. Chazelle chose to blanket the movie in a tone sympathetic to Neal's personality. The moon landing was the climax of the film, but really the emphasis was on the psychology of Neal. I think it was an interesting choice. Yeah I agree it really isn't a triumphant movie. I can understand if you were coming in expecting Apollo 13 then it would be very disappointing. That makes sense.
    December 17, 2018 4:03 pm That is a bummer and surprising to hear. The movie just didn't grab you or did you find something about it offensive?
    December 17, 2018 10:08 am I'm so happy you guys talked about Death Of Stalin and Won't You Be My Neighbor. Both really great movie going experiences. the only other movie I saw this year and loved but you guys didn't talk about was First Man. I thought it was a really great movie and it's not really getting talked about. Well at least I don't hear people talk about it much. If anyone here hasn't seen and it they are at least mildly enthusiastic about space travel I totally recommend it.