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Name: Matt

Bio: Geeky east coast guy, living with my husband and a 3-legged dog (and a few cats). Lifelong comic reader recently converted to the joys of digital comics to minimize the need for additional storage space (and to help preserve my husband's sanity).****************************** LIKES: - Anything by Scott Snyder, Nicholas Spencer, Brian K. Vaughn, Phil Jiminez, Oliver Coipel, Sara Pichelli - The original Crisis on Infinite Earths - John Byrne's Superman reboot in the 80s - Geoff Johns' original JSA run - The first 50 or so issues of The Walking Dead (it feels like it's kind of been treading water since the Governor) - The "Archie" Legion - The idea (if not necessarily the execution) of Ben Reilly and the Clone Saga. Don't judge me too harshly - Ultimate Spider-Man (both Peter Parker and Miles Morales) ************************************ DISLIKES: - Dissolving marriages via a deal with the devil or an editorial mandate thanks to continuity reboots - Anything by Rob Liefeld (sorry, Rob!) - Rabid, angry fanboys and fangirls - People who epitomize a real life "Comic Book Guy" in terms of their attitudes towards others ************************************** Favorite comics right now: Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, Invincible, Batman, American Vampire, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Chew, Fables, Stuff of Legend, Wonder Woman, Saga, Mind the Gap, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, X-O Manowar


Skruff's Recent Comments
August 27, 2013 7:44 am I bought everything that week except the JLA special and Venom vs. Carnage. Oof... seeing that We3 cover, though, is still a bit of a punch to the stomach to this animal lover: "I gud? I gud dog?" *sniffle*
August 27, 2013 7:40 am Things I like: - Ultimate Comics Spider-Man... Still miss Ultimate Peter, but I love Miles Morales, too, and I hope he (and at least some of the USM supporting cast) survives whatever happens in Hunger and Cataclysm. I would actually start picking up Amazing Spider-Man again if they put him in as THE Spider-Man in the 616 'verse, - The concept of the New 52, if not the execution -- While I wish the New 52 was less micromanaged and had a lot more cohesion and long-term planning established in the beginning, I appreciate the concept of rebooting the DC line. It reinvigorated my interest in comics, and although my DC numbers have dropped, I find myself enjoying the titles I do read a lot more. - While we're on the New 52, I like Batman for the first time in years. I'm also enjoying Animal Man and Swamp Thing, two characters I've only minimally cared about in the past. I really liked I, Vampire and Demon Knights, too... - That being said, I like how my DC deflation has spurred me to check out other comics that I never would have before, mostly outside of the Big 2. - I like just about every new Image comic I try. I'm currently reading through Revival, and it's amazing so far! I'm also loving Chew, Morning Glories, Saga, Invincible, and Mind The Gap - I like the Valiant reboot! Having missed out on the original line twenty years ago, I'm loving meeting these characters for the first time, and I look forward to each new issue! - I love digital comics. Yes, you can make the case against them because of DRM, and it just might bite me in the butt some day, but the fact that I can try new series without eating up valuable physical storage space is a major boon for me. Now that I'm all digital, and with $0.99 sales on older titles so prevalent, I'm free to try series that I passed up before!
August 13, 2013 11:34 am I loved City of Heroes. No other superhero MMO has been as fun for me as that game was, and I think a huge part of it was the awesome community that had formed. And I echo the call to include Freedom Force on this list.... Honorable mention, perhaps? :D
August 12, 2013 2:12 pm Wow, that was a busy week for me... Other than Tommysaurus Rex and Captain America, I picked up all of those titles. I'll admit it, I really liked the Emma Frost comic!
July 12, 2013 1:15 pm I guess I find myself somewhere in the middle. Like you, Ross and Land (especially Land) leave me cold when I see their work these days. On the other hand, the highly stylized artists don't appeal to me either unless it's for a comic that is suited to their style. For example, people rave over Mike Allred and John Romita, Jr. They're both exceptionally talented artists who have had amazing, admirable careers... but if I see their art in a comic, odds are I won't personally like it. Or for another example, back in the 90s -- Kelley Jones on the Batman: Red Rain Elseworlds GN: Brilliant! Kelley Jones as the regular Batman artist during Knightfall: Hated it!! Artists like George Perez, Phil Jiminez, Sara Pichelli, and Greg Capullo all seem to hit the sweet spot for me visually these days. They're realistic enough that it doesn't draw me out of the story, but they're not so realistic that they seem flat. I love seeing their work in any comic I pick up!
June 7, 2013 12:45 pm The picture on the left is entirely too hopeful, happy and not 90s edgy enough.... duh!
May 15, 2013 12:40 pm We're a lot alike in our buying habits.... Right now, I'm buying ONE Marvel comic at full price (and a $3.99 one at that): Ultimate Spider-Man. Otherwise, I just wait, usually for the inevitable Marvel $0.99 sales on Comixology for the rest of my Marvel purchases. Like you, I feel like I pretty much know these characters already, so I don't feel like I'm really missing out on some ground-breaking story that I can't pick up on sale a year or three down the road. I'm even kind of drifting away from a lot of my DC books, even though I was perfectly happy to pick them up after their $1 price drop just last year. The New 52 hasn't been a compelling enough change for most of the characters where I feel compelled to keep up with their adventures month in and month out.
May 9, 2013 6:39 am And let's not forget Powers on F/X (or is that still being worked on?), Aquaman on CW and Fables on ABC (which got replaced with the "oddly" similar and infinitely inferior Once Upon A Time). And wasn't HBO considering Preacher at one point, or was that just a rumor?
May 2, 2013 10:40 am Earth 2 Dick Grayson, perhaps? Even though he wasn't Robin there, it could happen...
May 2, 2013 10:04 am *squeee* I had no idea this was happening! This made my little geek heart burst with glee (fortunately, like any good geek heart, it has a mutant healing factor, so I'm still alive)!