PREVIEW: Who is the New Batman of EARTH 2?

Alright, my Baker Street Irregulars. Let’s crack this puzzle before May 29th when the Earth 2 Annual hits the shops. Just who, WHO I ask you, is the new Batman of the Earth 2 reality? As you may recall, the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman of that troubled dimension perished in a war with Apokolips just prior to the events of the series, leaving a new generation of heroes to take up arms against the last remnants of Darkseid’s loathsome invasion force. Now, as the Atom rallies another team of heroes, an enigmatic figure takes on the mantle of the Bat.

DC offers this preview from the upcoming Annual, written by James Robinson with art by Yildiray Cinar, CAFU and Julius Gopez.




Our best guess? Bat-Mite on an aggressive course of human growth hormone. Alternatively, we wouldn’t put it past Earth 2 Bruce Wayne to fake his own death only to resurface for a series Annual.




  1. Earth 2 Dick Grayson, perhaps? Even though he wasn’t Robin there, it could happen…

  2. Thomas Wayne Jr?

  3. Yeah my guesses are Thomas and Dick.

    Could be Jason maybe. Or someone totally unrelated

  4. I gotta go with Grayson. At first glance, it seems like the obvious choice, until you consider that the original Earth 2 Grayson chose not to pick up the mantle, and instead preferred to go on fighting the fight as Robin. I don’t recall any mention of Grayson or his law firm in the current Earth 2. Obviously we’ve seen Helena Wayne in the role as Bruce’s partner/daughter. Earth 2 Grayson may not even exist in the New 52, but that could make for a nice surprise.

    The costume resembling Thomas Wayne’s Flashpoint costume seems a little too obvious to me. Especially considering that Earth 2 Bruce was old enough to have a teenage daughter, and this appears to be a younger man.

  5. Please let it be Jim Gordon

    • That would be awesome. Now I’ll be disappointed if it’s not.

      It would be even more awesome if he kept the ‘stache under the cowl. Of course, people would recognize him instantly, but it would flow nicely with his chosen color scheme.

    • Yeah that’s the most interesting and cool choice I’ve seen yet but I don’t care who it is really, at this point it’s the most interesting and exciting thing going on at DC for me. This and Grant Morrison & Paquette doing Wonder Woman Earth One.

  6. Come on. We all know it’s Alfred!

  7. Ra’s al Ghul’s skills are similar to Batman’s. As well as being wealthy. It could make for an interesting character.

  8. Obviously this isn’t going to be Joe Blow from down the street. It needs to be someone famous. Let’s make a list of all the people it could be:

    – Dick Grayson
    – Jason Todd
    – Tim Drake
    – Damian Wayne…?
    – John-Paul Valley
    – Alfred Pennyworth
    – Jim Gordon
    – Harvey Bullock
    – Thomas Wayne
    – Thomas Wayne Jr.
    – Ra’s Al Ghul
    – The Joker

    Those are all the characters I can think of off the top of my head. Of these, pretty much any of them save Grayson, Todd, Drake and Bullock would make a big splash in the comics news-o-sphere.

  9. I’ll throw out some wildcards to keep things interesting:

    Damian Wayne?

    Edward Nigma?

    Harvey Bullock?

    John Robin Blake?

    Vic Sage?

    Booster Gold?

    Wally West?

    A new character named Stephen Brown?


    • John Robin Blake. That would be bold but a good way to introduce the character into the comics and explore a “What if…?” scenario started in the Nolan-verse trilogy!

      Well thought of sir!

  10. Nathan Fillion.

  11. Terry McGuinness?

  12. I hope it’s Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne displaced in time and space. Costume is similar. I like the idea of an older, thicker DKR style of Batman who isn’t afraid to get his hands REALLY dirty.
    Is it me or does it appear he shoots the bad guy in one of the panels above with something?

    • It looks like he zaps Freeze’s arms with something to blow the freezeguns. He runs off and then Bats jumps on him. He’s fine.

    • Could be. I would like that.

    • @WheelHands
      Ah, I can see it now.
      How strange to see Freeze’s head not encased in some sort of subzero head gear. Did Snyder’s Mr Freeze have a cold bubble on his head? I can’t remember. I was mildly frustrated with Freeze’s revamping, so I must have deleted it from my memory.

  13. Tommy Elliot aka Hush?

  14. A young or middle aged Earth-2 Alfred could make for an interesting Batman. I just wanna see Booster Gold on Earth-2 for any reason and have him mention the events of Flashpoint to this new Batman.