iFlashback! August 25th, 2004

It’s time for an iFlashback, a weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago printing at a sodapdf software.  Why nine and not ten? Our Mondays and Wednesdays used to sync up, but 2004 was a leap year so we are off by a day.

Jog down memory lane with me. The date is August 25th, 2004 the number one film at the box office is Exorcist: The Beginning and these are some of the books that are on the stands at your local comic shop.

amazing spiderman511

The Amazing Spider-Man #511

By J. Michael Staczynski, Mike Deodato Jr., Joe Pimentel

DC presents JLA

DC Comics Presents Justice League of America #1

By Peter David, Harlan Ellison, Marv Wolfman, Joe Giella, Dustin Nguyen, Richard Friend

avengers 501

The Avengers #501

By Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki

fllash 213

The Flash #213

By Geoff Johns, Howard Porter, John Livesay

sleeper season2 3

Sleeper: Season 2 #3

By Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips

astonishing xmen 4

Astonishing X-Men #4

By Joss Whedon, John Cassaday

ult. elektra 1

Ultimate Elektra #1

By Mike Carey, Salvador Larroca, Danny Miki

venom vs carnage 2

Venom vs. Carnage #2

By Peter Milligan, Clayton Crain


We3 #1

By Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely

That was the week that was in comics. Did you read anything that came out this week? If you did be sure to let us know what you thought of them.


  1. ASM, Whedon’s X-men, WE3, Avengers Disassembled, and I think the Flash. I liked most of those from what I remember. That Venom/Carnage comic looks like a potential mess story wise, but the Crain art looks more cartoony than usual. When’s he gonna do a book again?

    Oh, and how was Carey’s Ultimate DD?

  2. Ah Sins Past, quite possibly my least favorite Spider-man story of all time.

    • A story so bad, I stopped reading Spider-Man and have still yet to come back around. Granted, I was never a huge Spider-Man to begin with, but I enjoyed the heck out of JMS’ run up to this point.

  3. We3 is up there with All Star Superman, New X-Men, Batman and Robin/Gothic and JLA among my all time favorite Morrison stories. Might be my second favorite Vertigo title behind DMZ and yes I’ve read and truly love Preacher.

    • We3 is awesome, the last comic I remember that almost made me cry. Which i didn’t, but still; emotional stuff y’know?

    • Dude just looking at the cover make’s me feel emotional. Also the way he nails the dialogue of the different animals is borderline perfect. I actually use the logic of the dogs communication on my own when I’m trying to figure out what there thinking. Also Quitely’s splash pages are borderline perfect in that book. He’s amazing but those are unlike anything he’s ever done.

    • Agreed on all counts. Id reread it again this week, but I have this thing about rereading sad stories more than once in quick succession; I don’t do it. I just can’t, I hate the way they make me feel. But the book is awesome. Its amazing Quietly made a book about pets in robot suits so gory and violent. I think that book made me more uncomfortable than the first Kick-Ass book.

    • Yeah but it also kind of sort of has a happy ending. I actually didn’t really feel anything when I read Kick Ass. This one hits me every time.

    • I know, but I can’t stand seeing people hurt animals. The ending is great but when Rabbit died it got me good. The ending was perfect for the book.

    • Yeah that Rabbit seance is tough. I remember the first time I read it just thinking “No, NO, NO, NO” Morrison actually said the book was a response to Vaughn’s Pride of Baghdad and how he got so emotional watching the animals die in that book that he wanted to write one about them that had a happy ending.

    • We3 is a heartbreaker. I wept.

  4. What’s that shit dripping off Wally’s forehead? Is that always part of the suiting up process?

    • Sometimes, for awhile Wally changed into costume by just tapping into the speedforce which made it appear on his body. I don’t remember alot about it, the science behind it was sketchy I think. But it looked cool as sh*t! Now the Flash just pops his uniform out of his ring.

  5. Aaaaah “Sins Past” Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!

    The Horror, the horror

    • That was one of the many things in comics that seemed like some sort of cataclysmic travesty, but in the nine years since, has it even come up again? There’s a lesson to be had in there somewhere.

    • It got “One more day”ed didn’t it? (New 52’ed?) As with most of Strazynski’s run?

    • It has actually come up again, though not often, and is still cannon. Gabriel Stacy (Norman and Gwen’s son) made an appearance in the American Son story and there have been some other brief mentions of it in Dark Avengers and the Spider-man books. OMD really didn’t end up erasing anything other than Peter and MJ being married. I’ve read though that JMS wanted to use OMD to retcon Sin’s Past but got shot down.

    • Marvel should just make an statement that says “Sins Past never happened. That is all.” It’s what I and probably most fans have already done mentally anyway.

  6. Yeesh, only WE3 for me… Any of that other stuff worth checking out?

  7. Ah Sin’s Past. The first dent in the armor of JMS’s run on Spider-Man. I know we used to argue about it like crazy; but I still think JMS’s run was pretty damn good. But ‘Sins Past’ and ‘OMD’ really tarnished what could have been a classic run for the character.

    Here are some other big events, births, and deaths to occur on August 25th:

    -1944: Paris is liberated by Allied Soldiers during WWII.
    -1981/1989: Voyager 2 makes it’s closest approach to Saturn; then Neptune 8 years later.

    -1530: Ivan the Terrible
    -1930: Sean Connery
    -1931: Regis Philbin

    -1227: Genghis Kahn
    -1776: David Hume
    -1984: Truman Capote
    -2000: Carl Barks
    -2012: Neil Armstrong

  8. I bought everything that week except the JLA special and Venom vs. Carnage.

    Oof… seeing that We3 cover, though, is still a bit of a punch to the stomach to this animal lover: “I gud? I gud dog?” *sniffle*