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Process: PROTOCOL #1 in Pencils, Inks, and Colors

It’s like lights, camera, action, but for comics.

SCAMTHOLOGY Announced, Featuring a Short Story by Josh Flanagan

And now, a self serving, yet informative post.

BOOM! Behind the Scenes: SUPERBIA #2 Breakdowns, Inks, and Colors

Breakdowns! Inks! Colors!

BOOM! Behind the Scenes – HYPERNATURALS Character Designs

Here’s one way comic book characters are born. When a writer loves an artist very much…

Interview: Ryan Stegman on I DRAW COMICS

Ryan and his partner Matt Marracco of I DRAW CARS are Kickstarting this unique way to get better at drawing comics.

#Tweetfolio Reviews 1.5: Erick Arciniega & Coloring

Another installment of #Tweetfolio, with a manifesto on the importance and future of comics coloring.

#Tweetfolio Reviews 1.4: Jaime Salangsang

#Tweetfolio continues, including notes and advice for ALL aspiring pencilers.

#Tweetfolio Reviews 1.3: Dan Glasl

#Tweetfolio returns, reviewing the work of newcomer Dan Glasl.

#Tweetfolio Reviews 1.2: Amancay Nahuelpan

#Tweetfolio Reviews continue with a review of the work of soon-to-be breakout artist Amancay Nahuelpan

#Tweetfolio Reviews 1.1: Ibrahim Moustafa

The inaugural #Tweetfolio Review with up-and-coming artist Ibrahim Moustafa.