SCAMTHOLOGY Announced, Featuring a Short Story by Josh Flanagan

This is totally self-serving. I’m at peace with that.

It’s been a long time coming, but ComixTribe have finally announced SCAMthology, which is an upcoming anthology book, featuring the characters of Joe Mulvey’s Scam series. Scam is about a crew of superpowered con-men, well, confidence persons, and three issues are currently available from ComixTribe, with the fourth and final issue in November, all written and drawn by Mulvey. SCAMthology hits in December.


But that is not all. Way back in the fall, I was contacted to pitch some ideas for this anthology. Joe has all these characters, and in the course of four issues, it’s hard to flesh them all out. I took a couple swings at one of the characters, and it wasn’t working out, and then, in the shower obviously, a story about Pint, popped into my head, nearly fully formed. Pint’s deal is that he gets super strength from being drunk. All the stories were ostensibly supposed to be about pulling a scam, or some kind of con job, and I did the best version of that I knew how. I teamed with Doug Hills, an artist and friend I’ve done a lot of work with (much of which no one has seen yet, and he turned in what are the best pages I’ve seen from him to date. In short, we can’t wait for you to read “My Name is Pint”. It’s sort of my time to put my money where my mouth is, with all of this Make Comics talk. Well, this is my first work being published by someone else.


But my short is not enough reason to buy a book like this. You’ve also got work from Ben McCool, Joe Eisma, and Nick Pitarra, among others. Make sure to check out anything Paul Allor has to contribute, just for example. Watch that name, among others in here. These are folks who just want to make comics, which is, after all, the best reason to make comics.

It might be possible that you can pick up this story along with some other Pint stories at New York Comicon this fall. You’d have to go to the show to be sure…

Watch out for more on SCAMthology over at the Tumblr site.


  1. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Cool. Wasn’t aware of this title. Looks like a fun concept.

    I see issues 1&2 are on Comixology. Any news on when this Anthology will be available, Josh?

  2. I’m excited for this anthology. Big congrats to Josh and everyone else involved. This really is a nice group of younger guys from the Image world plus some other really cool up and coming indie creators that are worth paying attention to. I’m sure this book will be awesome.

  3. Josh, Doug, and color artist Hugo Froes’ SCAM story rocks! (And attendees of this year’s New York Comic Con may get an advanced look at it.)

    SCAM #1 – #3 sold out at the distributor level (but is still on the shelves of finer comic shops.) Double sized issue #1 is on Comixology for less than a buck, #2 for $1.99, and #3 will also be on there this coming Wednesday. So, definitely get caught up in advance of the double-sized SCAM #4 Finale issue, which will be in the September Previews, out in November…and then SCAMthology!

  4. Wow, thanks, Josh. I really appreciate that shout-out (do people still say “shout-out?”).

    Looking forward to checking out My Name is Pint.

  5. Congrats! I certainly start feeling like a superhero after about 4 pints.

    The cover looks interesting, except I noticed that the names at the bottom alternate between orange text and yellow text until you get to Picciotto and Eisma. I will now spend the rest of the day trying to break this mysterious code.

    • Ha. Don’t stress over that one, Master Destructo… SOMEBODY was up until the wee hours in the morning getting the copy of that done in time for the announcement, and just goofed…

      OR DID HE?!!!

      There may be additional creators on the project who have yet to be announced…stay tuned!

  6. Love this. Josh is making comics! Awesome news!

  7. Great news! At the risk of being obvious, another post when this is actually available for purchase would help me get this in my hands.

  8. As much as I liked “Make Comics,” it’s a lot more exciting to see Josh actually making comics. Congrats!

  9. Right on Josh! I can’t wait to read this on my Kindle Fire HD 8.2!!! 😉

    Get’s super strength from being drunk? Have you been watching Jackie Chan films bro? Drunken Master is awesome and yeah, Jackie is just your normal everyday dude until he downs a jug of sake and suddenly becomes, well, a Drunken Master and starts kicking ass all over the place!

    I’m also reminded of the late great Six Pack from the Garth Ennis “Hitman” series. This “always drunk” dude was the leader of the legendary super team “Section Eight” who’s members included Dogwelder (who welds dead dogs to the villains he is fighting!) and Bueno Excelente (whos super power is, uh, lets just say hes your “backdoor man”)


  10. Josh’s story is KILLER!

    For anyone who’s ever listened to The Make Comics Podcast with Josh and Andy as they talk about the entire process of making comics, you will get to see Josh tackle his craft with every bit of enthusiasm and skill he has. Josh is a great comic talent and the “My name is Pint ” story he did with Doug Hills is a prime example. For all of Josh’s friends and fans this is going to be a great book and story.

    I know I can’t wait to see more from him.

    SCAMthology is going to be rolling out a bunch of announcements and surprises between now and December. So stay tuned and thank for checking it out.

  11. I think you guys’ll like it. 🙂

  12. Damn, this about “Scam”? I’ve been asking my LCS if they’re ever gonna get any of these issues, no progress so far 🙁 .

    I remember hearing about Scam way back, still not read any issues yet. The marketing and premise sound sweet though. This is again on my radar.

  13. I dunno. Sounds like a scam.


  14. Congrats on this josh! Looking forward to reading this when it comes out.

  15. Sweet! I flew through Astro Van in two days, loved that story, so Josh has a good track record going between that nd the articles he writes on here. His name on the cover will sell a copy o me!

  16. Good for you, man. Please remind us in December so I can grab a copy.

  17. Very cool Josh! I look forward to checking it out.

  18. Wait, getting super strength after drinking a couple of Mickey’s Big Mouths doesn’t happen to everyone?

  19. Congrats Josh! may this be an indicator of things to come 😉

  20. You guys are swell.

  21. Living the dream, Josh. Cheers!

  22. Good luck!

  23. I’m really psyched to have a story in here along with Josh, Doug, and so many other talented folks! Looking forward to this one!

    • Rich’s story is fantastic and it will be drawn by Morning Glories artist Joe Eisma. SCAMthology is going to be something you definitely don’t want to miss.

  24. Looking forward to this coming out.

    I can only imagine how difficult it was to write though, going from the perspective of reading and rating comics weekly, to actually producing one and being on the other side of the table must have been tricky to say the least.