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DC Relaunch Week Four – By the Numbers

How did the last week of #1 issues from DC Comics fare amongst you?

What’s Wrong With You: DC Comics Relaunch

It wasn’t worth the risk to actually go after new readers.

A Marvel Guy Rates The DC Books: Week Three

New takes on old characters meet fresh eyes for the third time, and burnout sets in right on schedule!

Challenges of Character

Mike discusses the benefits (and frustrations) of keep characterization consistent.

DC Relaunch Week Three – By the Numbers

The third week of DC ruling comics comes to a close, and this is what the iFanbase thought. In numbers.

The Digital Age: Better Late Than Never

We’re about ten years behind, but we finally have that future you ordered.

A Marvel Guy Rates The DC Books: Week Two

Can you get something out of these books if you brought nothing to the table but your Hulk Hands?

DC Comings & Goings: Palmiotti, Gray & Igle on THE RAY; Rozum Off STATIC SHOCK, Krul Off GREEN ARROW


DC Relaunch Week Two – By the Numbers

We’ve gathered the data from the second week of DC’s #1 initiative, and here’s what the iFanboy numbers have to say.

A Marvel Guy Rates The DC Books: Week One

Which books will connect with a new reader who’s not exactly a new reader?