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WRITER: Craig Kyle & Chris Yost
PENCILS: David Finch
INKS: Kirk Jarvinen
COLORED BY: Tim Eldred
LETTERED BY: Fabrice Sapolsky
COVER BY: Adi Granov

Size: 48 pages
Price: 3.99

What a happy surprise. I was not totally thrilled with the idea of this book, but after chasing Hope through the time stream for what seems like years, I knew I was committed to seeing how this all turned out. The art was lovely, and while a few of the X-men look distractingly similar (x-23 and psylocke) others really shone in this book (pixie and hope) and I am saying for the first time since my nascent comic collecting habit, the coloring really caught my attention, even moved me.

If I had any nitpick it would be this; I want hope to be more of a bad-ass at this point. I mean Cable has been training her for 17 of her years right? Shouldn’t she have the instincts and skills of an absolute killer and amazing soldier? But then maybe that’s what is in store for us as this story arc moves forward.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Hope did take out two members of The Right, one by directly shooting and the other by cleverly running towards them and drawing their own fire on each other. So that is at least moderately bad-ass. Sure, Cable out bad-assed her, but for goodness sakes: Just look at how many pouches he has. She can’t compete with that.

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