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Well we’re what, part five out of eight with this storyline? Overall it has been great dont get me wrong. This totally dominates any Wolverine story in the past 10-15 years. But after closing this book all I kept thinking was: ‘Can we get on with it?

Again I love this storyline, Millar has giving me enough Marvel Porn and dramatic story to make me love this. But this whole reveal of why Logan doesnt put the claws out; didnt need a full issue on it. I for one am not squeemish on violence in a comic, nor do I care for censorship of any kind. It just seems to me however that this issue was just showing us gallons of blood and very little story. Now sadly I did no the reveal of this issue before I read it; it’s hard to not accidentially hear or read spoilers in that span. But really after the first couple of pages, you could tell what the reveal was before we got that gory splash page.

The art, as usual, by Steve McNiven is crisp and nicely detailed. Although at some points the gore got a bit over the top; the level of detail never shutters within the pages. It might make me a morbid type of person but that image of Beast without his legs just made me laugh. As annoying as it is that this is constantly delayed with each issue; you still have to marvel at the gorgeous panels that McNiven provides.

So where am I getting to this? On one hand I think it’s a pretty soild issue with some more great Marvel porn inside. But on the other hand the lateness of this issue made it a bit annoying considering the whole issue of ‘Why Logan doesnt fight anyone’ didnt need a full issue in my eyes. If I can say, this might be the worst issue that Millar has done on this run. But having said that I still want to know where this story is going and it’s only ‘the worst’ because I just felt this part of the plot was unnessicary. Still a good idea to pick this up though.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 5 - Excellent

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