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I initially had no intention of picking this up for the pretty strightforward reason that I don’t like the big three (batman is okay if written well but Superman and Wonder Woman generally bore me to tears) but I came across them in a local used book store that just recently started selling a few comics.  They had 1-3 so I picked them up mostly to support comics in my local store. I was happily surprised.  I thought the experiment of telling the story from two different points of view was interesting.  Actually I enjoyed the backup story better largely, I think, because it started out in a different spot and intersected at the climax of the primary story.  I’m enjoying seeing the Flash, G.L. and the League pop up and thought those characters were done pretty well (those Flashkins need killed or de-aged back into diapers or something though cuz they have killed the Flash title completely…but I digress) *spoiler* Did the “let me out” voice of the universe remind anyone else of the D.C. Universe Zero?  And if the indication is that the Narrator/voice of the universe in DCUZ was Barry Allen then…Is this also Barry begging to be set free?  Does that then tie this in with Final Crisis?  Huh?  Who’d of guessed it…I’m interested. 

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I’m guessing by your review that you didn’t intentionally rate this book as "poor"?

  2. no sorry was in a hurry and missed that bit.  i’d give it a 4 on story and a 3 on art.  competent but not exceptional. 

  3. You can edit your review and change them you know. 😉

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