THE SHADE #1 (OF 12)

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Variant cover by CULLY HAMNER

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  1. “If only Robinson had been allowed to treat the JLA this intelligently during his recent run, imagine how magnificent that book could’ve been.”

    I’m a big fan of Starman, too. But I doubt that it is reasonable to blame the editors whenever JR does not reach this book’s high level of quality. It just might be that he isn’t one for the team books. Even his often praised “JSA – The Golden Age” had some serious shortcomings.

    • You may be right about Robinson on team books, although I do hope that the new JSA book disproves the theory! Personally, I liked The Golden Age – it set a foundation for the later JSA title (under Robinson, and later Geoff Johns) to build upon.

      I had such high hopes for the JLA under James Robinson, and there were hints of what could be possible (the Starman/Congorilla one-shot for example), but overall the run it was quite a disappointment. What combination of author & editorial made it so, I couldn’t possibly know. For now, I’m just glad of a years worth of Shade to look forward to!

  2. @ ckl – I totally agree with you. I loved THE SHADE!! In fact, it was far better than most of the New 52’s #1s. To me, reading a James Robinson comic book centering around his *Starman* characters (or JSA ones) is like drinking a delicious cocktail in a cozy bar surrounded by your best friends. There is something about this tone/setting/set of characters that just makes Robinson’s writing shine like no other. I do not feel the same way about his recent JLA work – so I am so grateful to whomever strongarmed Robinson into returning to Opal City. DC already has my $32.89 for the next 11 issues, and can take even more money from me should they find a way to convince Robinson to continue past that. Happy happy joy joy.

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