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Conflicted Superman. How much better does that get? This run, albeit in it’s infancy at two issues, conjures up all the things I always like about Superman. This powerful yet conflicted character that really doesn’t fit well into his world. The story feels almost like a reboot for Superman. Placing him in a different well lets the writers and the readers really get to reexamine the character of Superman.

Robinson and Rucka have created a very alien and interesting world for the examination to take place. This is a world in which Superman needs to make compromises, not ones of which glasses best hide his identity or which beautiful woman he should pursue with a name starting with an L but one with simple human consequences. He must compromise and not just work with but work for a man he disagrees with on a moral level. For anyone won who has worked for a jerk in a bureaucratic field they feel for Supes here.

But Robinson and Rucka won’t let Superman’s morals be compromised either which sets up this wonderful ideological showdown between he and Zod as well as maybe a showdown with all of Kryptonian culture as the world of New Krypton begins to look like one teetering on revolt.

The art is amazing. Highlighting the story well with sharp clean pencil work and bright strong colors.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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