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I’m quite surprised by how much I am enjoying this series.  Despite being a fan of Geoff Johns, I’ve never cared for his writing for the Superman books in the past.  Nor have I been a fan of his handle on the Legion.  Which makes it all the more surprising that I liked this book.  There’s something sweet and charming about the way the characters are portrayed.  You see how the way that Clark’s efforts to maintain his secret affect his life and it’s a little sad.

Despite that, I find it sometimes difficult to wholeheartedly recommend.  I do not care for the way Gary Frank draws the young Clark.  He looks like, to quote a friend, “the love child of Gullom and Chris Reeves”. It is almost repellent, to be honest. Also some of the figures looked poses rather than people in action and it’s distracting. Overall, I’m enjoying the story but suffering through the art.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average

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