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I don’t really write many reviews on here anymore, mostly because of time constraints, but I just had to weigh in on this issue. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve never seen a Superman book like this before. (Or any other superhero book like this, for that matter.) I think it’s also safe to say it’s pretty clear why – it’s incredibly dull and boring. Look, Superman wants to walk around the country and do nice things for “everyday people”? Fine. I get that. Doesn’t mean I want to read about him doing it. I assume he’s taken Lois on a few really nice dates throughout their relationship, probably folded the laundry or did the dishes when it wasn’t his turn a time or two, maybe sent her flowers or candy for no reason whatsoever. All nice, awesome things that I’m sure she loved and appreciated. Doesn’t mean I want to read about them.

If he’s feeling such a disconnect from humanity, shouldn’t he just put in some more “Clark time”? Maybe do a human interest story or two? That seems the obvious solution, so that must mean he needs to do this AS Superman. I guess I get that he’s probably supposedly “sending a message” to people that “Superman is a hero for everyone” or that “every day people can do Superman-like things just by helping people in every day life” or something along those lines. But really, if it’s the first scenario, and if people come to rely on Supes to clean up their closets and fix their cars, then Luthor was right all along. And if it’s the second scenario, where he’s “setting an example” by doing ordinary stuff, isn’t a cop or firefighter or someone, at some point going to stop him and say, “um, dude, I got this… I would have had this even if you hadn’t been walking around. Why are you not punching Darkseid in the face or preventing a nuclear holocaust or doing something that ONLY YOU CAN DO?” (I realize this is what the last conversation in the book addresses, but Superman’s argument was just stupid there. “I dunno if I’m a ‘hero’ or not…” Um, yes, you do know that. Otherwise, you’re an idiot.)

Also, we find out Supes will support suicide (and presumably euthanasia) in certain circumstances. Maybe not technically “support” or “condone,” but he won’t stop you from doing it. I found that interesting. I’m sure it’ll be debated a lot amongst people who really care about that issue one way or the other, with both sides claiming he really would/wouldn’t have let the lady fall. Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. What I did think was ridiculous, and downright unforgivable, though, was that Superman had a 6-12 year old boy give a message to some drug dealers for him. “Um, yeah, I know you’re all probably super mad ’cause Superman just burned all your drugs and houses and I’m sure you lost a lot of money with that and now you’re probably all in DEEP trouble cause in all likelihood, you’re not the top rungs on this heroin/cocaine ladder, but Superman told me to tell you to get out.” I’m sure that went well. I’ve seen “The Wire.” Philly ain’t that far from Baltimore. How about you just stick around another 15-20 minutes and deliver that message yourself, Supes? Where were you going anyway? Had to make sure to get to that traffic light in time to stop those teenagers from running a red so they could get to school on time?

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  1. I’m gonna disagree with most of your take on this issue.  I’ll grant you that Superman having some kid relay his message to the drug dealers was pretty silly, if not downright dangerous.  However, I’m quite happy having Superman doing a walk across the country or the world, and doing more human-type stuff sounds just fine.

    Writers over the last 10-15 years have really keyed in on the idea that in order to humanize Superman, they need to focus on his connections to other folks and that in spite of what he does, there are some very real consequences to his actions.   Defeat Brainiac to save the world?  Pa Kent dies.   Bring back Kandor?   Unleash a Nazi-like race of super-beings on Earth.  Defeat the forces of both General Lane and General Zod?  New Krypton explodes and Chris Kent is locked away in the Phantom Zone.

    All that’s well and good for the reader, but how do you continually ratchet up worse and worse consequences?   I’m not sure you can…at least not without doing something like killing Lois Lane or destroying the Earth.  So give us six months or a year of human-level stories where he reconnects, build up more of his relationships with other people, and reset the storytelling a bit.  I’m sure by this time next year Supes’ll be facing another cosmic level hero that will have disastrous consequences on his life.  

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