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  1. Agreed.  This book totally rocked this week.  I agree with you about Tony.  I’m not sure if it’s true and either way I’ll buy it.  YU’S ART BLEW MY MIND IN THIS ISSUE!  I wish his art had looked this awesome the whole time he’d been on New Avengers.

  2. Well put. I still don’t think he’s really a Skrull though…

  3. i agree completely, great review .

  4. Thanks foro the comments, all.  If Tony ISN’T a Skrull, then we’ll have that great moment of realization where he realizes this and kicks some butt.  If he IS a Skrull, then eventually the real Iron Man will show up… and kick some butt.  Either way, we will eventually get to see Iron Man the hero kick some Skrull butt, and that is something I am completely down for.

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