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  1. Good review. The story definitely merits a 3/5. I am not sure that Yu’s art is at the 5/5 level, but we all grade on our own curves.


    I feel that the fatigue with this story (as in many crossovers) comes from the "and now back at the ranch" phenomenon. Jumping from one story to another without much contextual tie-in is often boring. The best crossovers are the ones in which there is a main group story that is only lightly development on the peripheral stuff AND peripheral stories which provide nuance and dimension to the main story. Aside from the panels with the Skrull Queen and Tony Stark (and perhaps Nick Fury’s gang at the end), this was really a group of disconnected tales.

     I actually liked last week’s Ms. Marvel better as a supporting story that provided much more insight into the Skrull Invasion. I wish that there were a limited Nick Fury series to support this as well. Despite the fact that I don’t normally read the Young Avengers and Avengers: Initiative titles, I will probably try to see how they fit in with this crossover.


  2. My reasoning for the 5/5 for the Yu art was the progression. Comparing this issue to his New Avengers ones you see a world of difference. You’re right though, taken by itself it’s probably a 4.

  3. Ugh, oh I hope Tony’s not a skrull (and I don’t think he is). I personally find him a MUCH more interesting character now, post Civil War. But, hey, that’s just me. 🙂


    Also: I’m thinking the Nick Fury reveal is supposed to be a big WTF moment if you haven’t read Mighty Avengers. I mean, there’s a long history of comics having a big cliffhanger ending where a new group arrives and no one knows who they are. So I don’t think you need to have read MA to get this. In fact, it might even be better if you’re NOT reading MA, because then you truly do get the whole — "Wow, Fury’s back and…who are all these people?" moment.

    The problem will come NEXT issue. If Bendis doesn’t let new readers know who these new characters are in the next issue, then I’ll agree it’s a problem that he made MA required reading. 


  4. The reason we could understand the Skrulls saying "He loves you." is because when they said it, they were talking to the humans. When they were speaking Skrulleese, they were talking to each other. It’s like that with any war with foregniers/aliens. When they speak to each other, they speak in their native language so that the enemy hopefully won’t understand them. When speaking TO the enemy, you want to be understood.

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