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  1. Nice review Tork.  I think you were better able to highlight a few of the points I made in mine.  This definitely was a frustrating issue.  Hopefully, it’ll pan out better.

  2. True, this issue might have been light on substance, but seeing the Vision’s head explode was pretty damn cool.

  3. I think the entire point of this invasion is that it IS "vague and mysterious", and that Reveal A or Action B COULD be pulled back at any time.  If you don’t like that type of storytelling, than this series is not for you.

  4. Just throwing in my opinion.  I just find it’s become vague to the point that I just don’t care anymore.  I can’t trust any moment to be true so why be responsive to it?  I think Bendis could be more concrete in some of his revelations (the Jess/Skrull that took a month to finally confirm itself, etc) then some of the others could be actually gripping.  Yet, with practically everything just floating in a "Or is it?" mode, it just makes it too much to care, which means next issue might be my last if I don’t get some concrete happenings soon.

  5. I disagree.  The Skrull/Jess reveal was pretty clear when it was revealed. It’s just that everyone insisted on not trusting it.  Still, it didn’t leave a lot of question. 

  6. Fury can fire his "Liefelder" rifle because:

    1) It’s made by Glock, so its got a lot of lightweight composites taking up the bulk, and;

    2) He’s Nick %#&*@! Fury. 

  7. @bcmiler– But that’s kind of my point.  It was clear enough to be obvious, but vague enough to where nobody believed until Mighty Avengers 14 or even until now.  Heck, I know some people who STILL don’t believe Jessica is Veranke.  Same with Tony and this new development.  I just don’t care anymore.  What little interest I had is just being eaten up by not getting any straight answers.  If I can’t trust just about ANY of what I’m seeing anymore, then I just can’t get excited.  It’s vague to the point of ridiculousness for me.  I’m not saying this book outright stinks.  I’m just saying that I myself am getting annoyed by too many "mysteries" popping up and not enough real substance to keep me grounded in the story.

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