ROBIN #177

Review by: stuclach

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After seeing the real cover to this issue I was excited, but a little concerned that Jason Todd (the walking talking mistake) would be featured prominently thus ruining the book.  To my surprise, despite the fact that Jason Todd was present, the book was very good.  Jason Todd is actually put in his place fairly effectively in this book. 
Tim Drake comes off as highly skilled and likable.  The line “yes, I know that makes me Cindy” was quite good.
The only real issue I had with the story was the inclusion of the Spoiler storyline.  I really couldn’t care less about her.
The books leaves you with a few questions.  My favorite being simply who is in the Red Robin costume.
The art was quite good as was the story. 
If DC could get their solicits in order I think they would have a real winner on their hands here.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I flipped threw this title actually for the first time. It seemed pretty good and a 3 or 4 would be about right. It’s weird that this series has actually ran for 177 issues though….I didnt think Robin was that popular of a character.

  2. I know what you mean. I halfway believed DC only kept this in print to foster Conor’s love of the character.

    I only started picking it up for the RIP tie in (which I thought was quite good).   think Robin (Tim Drake) is going to become increasingly important during the RIP fallout.

  3. Robin rules!  And Tim is the only person I could accept as Batman other than Bruce.  Richard Grayson would be better, but I like him as Nightwing.  Makes better sense for him to be his own man.

  4. And any comic that makes a Brady Bunch reference wins IMO.

  5. This book has always been very good (with the exception of the issues right after Dixon left the first time and some of the Bill Willingham run), but everything else (100+ issues) have been great. 

  6. @ Nate – That is good to know.  I do plan on picking up Robin:Year One, but I don’t know if that is from this Volume of Robin.

  7. This was a really solid issue, though it doesn’t seem to be tying into R.I.P. anymore (which I think is for the better).  Williams’ art was awesome, and Fabian did an excellent job making Todd relevant to the story and his characterization of Tim was perfect.  Great issue.

  8. @Neb – Certainly not a RIP tie-in, but I do think we are seeing snippets of the aftermath in this issue.  Tim does mention that Batman isn’t around.

  9. @stuclach :Robin: Year One is not part of the regular series, but very good. The Dixon stuff (1-100) is the best stuff. As is Nightwing: Year One, also by Dixon and part of the regular series.

  10. Thanks Nate.  I’ll check those out.

  11. This review is pretty much an exact replica of my own thoughts on this issue.

    stuclach, are you a martian who read my mind & then posted this?

  12. @WadeWilson – Martian, yes, mind reader, no.  You know what they say: great minds think alike.

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