NOVA #20

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For once I would love to see Abnett and Lanning do a comic or prose book without sci-fi theme.

Everytime DnA does a moment or issue that deals with more conversation instead of fighting; it’s gold. Here we get a semi-reunion of the New Warriors and if anyone is clamoring for a return of Flamebird; well here ya go. I dont know how or why DnA is good at these conversation peices, but for a sci-fi book it works here. But when we have to go into the fighting or more fantasy elements of the title, it’s gold as well. I love the new Nova Corps and they all have a peice of personality that would work well for their own title. Having said all that, let’s hope those corny catchphrasing never come back for this title. Speedball’s dialogoue had me cringing at the wrong moment, but it’s just for a flashback so no worries there.

When we want to know who is the best artist for 2008, Alves should always be in the conversation. He just adds a touch of flare to each page, even if the majority of this is just people sitting around. Maybe it’s because his designs for the characters are never off-model and always look different from one another. But when, again, we get into the fighting it’s just as good. Alves does great panel layouts for fights and although it is a short one in this issue, it’s a blast to look at.

There will be a time when this title will be awful. But thankfully as long as Abnett, Lanning, and Alves stay on the title; this will never happen. For the first time in probably Nova’s history, he has a purpose to the Marvel U. All thanks to these men. Oh and one more thing; this title serius has the best endings in comics. How can you not want to come back for more after that ‘planet sized’ (get it?) two page spread in this?

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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