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Written by Kyle Higgins
Art by Eddy Barrows, Ruy Jose, & Eber Ferreira
Cover by Eddy Barrows

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99


-I sort of liked the twist with this detective by the end of the issue. It looked as though Higgins was going to go to the obvious route when it came to the twist. But he doesn’t and he actually adds some depth to the guy. Would have been nice to see this in the last issue though…

-While Higgins isn’t executing all of the plot perfectly, at least he’s trying to make this book more then just a beat ’em series. He’s got to deal with a frame up, trying to make Gotham a better city, and deal with the villain of the month. Again not all of it is that compelling but at least Higgins is trying which is more then I can say about other 52 books I’ve read recently.


-We have a new artist to fill in for Eddy Barrows with Andres Guinaldo. It’s not all bad, but man this is such a step down from what we’ve seen lately. His work just looks very bland to me and nothing really stands out. The action is very dull and sometimes it is hard to follow. (Seriously, the sequence where Paragon kills his henchmen I couldn’t figure out how he did it.)

-I’m gonna bring back the Detective here because while I like the reveal at the end I wish Higgins could have worked into this earlier. Why wasn’t this guy a foil for Dick since issue 1? The idea of Nightwing being framed for murder has been around for issues now but not him. I’m not saying it would make this series a definitive ‘top 5’ comic but it would certainly have improved it.


-Not a bad issue but certainly nothing to really write about. Paragon is an okay villain but I feel we won’t be seeing him much in the future. The Detective is a nice foil for Nightwing but Higgins rushed to get him into the story to make him relevant. Finally, the art by Guinaldo is not up to snuff from what we’ve seen in this series. I know this is a word hated by many but it’s the best to sum it up: “Meh”.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Agreed. Not a lot about this issue sticks in my mind after reading it only a day ir s ago.

    (that says more about the comic than my mind – I hope … )

  2. The issue kept the story going and the Detective twist was a pretty good one. However, you are right, the detective should be made and should have been made a stronger foil earlier. The art really suffered too this issue. There is one panel where Dick Grayson looks like he melted while talking to the banker. Good series, but this one had some stumbles but showed promise in the storytelling.

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