Review by: TheNextChampion

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

Let me preface by saying that:

A) I wanted to try this out because of the amazing cover by Skottie Young

B) Never realized this was an ‘All Ages’ book until I saw it on the upper corner.

Not to give reasons for trying this; but if I knew this was more of a childrens title I would wait for trade. Having said that, I think this could be a nice special for kids to read. Especially if this is sorta taking the idea of the first film and mixing the Marvel U continuity. I’ve always like the Marvel Adventures line; cause it’s them really trying to get kids into reading their work. Cause, and I know we could debate this for ages, but I really don’t think any regular Marvel title right now is appropriate for kids.

It’s just a simple story, right now, of Iron Man losing all of his armor. He’s going to have to fight his own armor and he’ll have to fight his current rouges gallery. I love the Crimson Dynamo and it kept me interest through out the issue. Then you end this with a badass cameo….and you got me hooked for another issue. The art in this is a bit off putting though. Not so much because of Skottie Young’s superior cover, but because it’s just fugly. Sometimes the action looks great, other times it looks awful. Maybe they are a bit laxed with the art because it’s aged for kids…Still it didn’t make me smile when looking at it.

Even if it is a kid’s book, I wanna keep reading this. I would’ve loved to have seen a line like this for Marvel when I was a kid. Maybe there was, but then again I only focused my time on Batman Adventures and regular Spider-Man comics. If there’s one thing to get everyone on board: Look at the next cover for issue 2. God that looks gorgeous.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average

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