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WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca & Carmine Di Giandomenico

Size: pages
Price: 4.99

Depending on who you are, and what type of reader you are,
you will either like (if not love) or dislike (if not hate) this comic. Me, I
couldn’t tell, like the balance of yin and yang, part of me loves this issue
and part of me didn’t.

So I’ll start off with one thing I didn’t like. There is only 1% of Iron Man at
all in this book, .5% being a photo of Tony in the News and the other .5% being
fake Iron Man suits. The rest is all Mandarin. This is Mandarin’s first
appearance sine Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D, and there have been some changes.

Now this is where you may love it or hate it. Fraction take a step back from
the Knauf Brother’s IM:DoS.H Mandarin. No longer is The Mandarin the Business
Savvy-Strategic-Charismatic Mandarin, but he is back to his roots as the
Flamboyantly Dress-Chronic Liar-Diabolical Mad Dictator. In other words Kim
Jong Il if he had super powers and better fashion sense. I was put off at
first, but then I figured this may have taken place in the past, but really
it’s in continuity, since they mention Tony’s Braid Dead and rebirth stage. And
As I said, Tony never shows up once in this book, which was disappointing,
since I was looking forward to a Iron Man vs Mandarin fight, based off this
Nope. As far as we know Tony may not even Know the Mandarin is back (since all
he saw was a burnt up shell in DoS.H)
This issue felt very much like a Joker’s Asylum book, which isn’t a bad thing.

They story is about Mandarin kidnapping a Film Maker to make
a Film about Mandarin’s “Life” as he tell it, a film pack full of Ego
boosting Self Delusion on how he came to be. While this is going on, the Film
Maker uncovers the truth about Mandarin past. So for people who don’t know
anything about Mandarin, this is a good thing to pick up.

The art was very nice and fit the tone of Mandarin’s distorted view about
himself. Giandomenico also nailed facial expressions to fit the mood of the
cast. Plus I love how Mandarin had a new wardrobe every other pages. (really
Dr. Doom, still wearing last years Cloak and Tunic, get with the times).

Over all, I had issue with this comic, but at the same time I enjoyed it by
looking at it from a different angle. I can’t speak for you but I hope this
review gave you some insight if you where on the fence about this issue.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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